Friday, May 13, 2011

"Oh I can save some of MY poop to help make the trees grow big!"

I was doing the dishes when I first heard the shrill screams coming from the little girlies room. I threw down the dish towel and raced toward the closed bedroom door bewildered as to what could be causing all this crying and screaming. I shoved open the door to find Latoya standing up, wide-eyed on the head board of the bed, Little Susan cowering in the corner of the room behind a pillow and The Baby frantically searching for something under the blankets scattered on the floor. "What in the world is going on in here? What's all the screeching about?" I questioned. "A Bug, a Bug!" bellowed Susan. "Where?" I emplored. "Where IS it? Where IS it?" the Baby chanted as she turned over discarded "peoples", pillows, and pajama's. "There it is, over there!" shouted Latoya pointing toward the edge of the Baby's bed. "Buggie, Buggie!" the Baby squealed as I took a step forward toward the invading insect and squashed him with my heel. "There. All gone!" I sang with satisfaction.(darn pesky box elder beetles .... all over this time of year) "Buggie?" the Baby queried. "It's okay now - he's dead." I informed her as I lifted my foot and showed her the dismembered beetle. "BUGGIE!" she sobbed as she reached for the offending bug and picked it up. With tears streaming down her cheeks she examined the dead bug and petted his tiny bug legs with an extended finger. "Buggie ert (hurt)!" she stated blaming me with her eyes. "It's a yucky bug kiddo" I offered back, "put it in the garbage." "MINE!" she shouted back at me surprising me. "Buggie MINE!" she bellowed as she snuggled the little vermin up close to her face .... and then began rubbing him across her upper lip. (Remember I wrote in an earlier post about how the Baby likes to rub soft things across her lip???? Well if you need to refresh your memory, check out the previous post about it.)
"Honey that's yuck! Give me the bug, it's garbage." I reasoned ...... (with a two year old - Hahahaha, what was I thinking?) "No! MINE!" she shot back as she clutched the tiny insect closer and ran to the other side of the room, hiding the bug in the corner between her and the wall. By the time I crossed the room and uncurled her little fist the bug was just pieces and crumbs.... with a few legs scattered here and there. The Baby looked at me like it was all my fault. "My Buggie! Dead!" she said incredulously. "Garbage now." she chirped and headed for the doorway with her crushed bug held out reverently in the palm of her hand. She found another one on the way back from the garbage and as I approached the living room I was stunned to see her on her hands and knees on the carpet pounding her fist on the ground barking "Die! Die! Die!" as she beat the little bug into the shag. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Buggie Die." she reply as a matter of factly. She then grabbed the green tupperware bowl she usually keeps her "peoples' in and thumped the lifeless insect even more. (Who knew Tupperware had so many uses!?)
"Baby, just put the bug in the garbage, stop playing with it." I said. "Play? Play?" She mimicked and she ran off to find another "playmate." After a short search she came back with the green bowl and proudly showed each one of us what she had in it.... it was another bug - but this one was alive. The Baby had a twinkle in her eye as she reached in the bowl for the little critter and gently scooped it out. The bug crawled on her hand and onto her arm. "No Buggie." she warned. "Here, tickle." she demanded as she sat down and put the bug on the bottom of her foot. (Did I ever mention that this girl has a thing for sensations? She loves to be tickled or to have you run your fingers through her hair, or over her back, etc) She had the bug running across her foot and tickling her. She kept trying to put it between her toes but it refused to stay there. When she got frustrated that Buggie wouldn't tickle her toes she shouted at the bug as she set it down on the tiles near the fireplace "Time Out!" She gave the bug a time out on the tiles. When the bug tried to crawl away she stomped on it with her bare feet and chanted "Die, Die, Die." The Baby realized the bug was dead and looked at it wondering what to do next.
You could almost see the gears turning in her head. She picked up the bug and layed it on the coffee table and squated at one of of the table and blew toward the bug. The bug slid across the table and came to rest close to the other end. The Baby was excited and grinned. "Play?" she asked everyone. So for a minute a few of the children played the "Blow buggie" game with her and she was thrilled. When she grew tired of the game she picked up the dismembered insect and rubbed it across her lips. "Ewwww! Don't do that!" I hollered.  Then she kissed the offending bug and smirked, "Mine!" she said.

Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:
*The Teenager was helping me out by fertilizing some of the trees out back. Little Susan wondered what she was doing and asked her. The Teenager explained that she was fertilizing the trees with rabbit/ chicken poop to help them grow. 'Poop!? Poop makes things grow?" Questioned Little Susan cautiously. "Yes, it sure does." replied the Teen. "Oh I can save some of MY poop to help make the trees grow big!" Little Susan offered enthusiastically.

*While I was brushing little Susan's hair one morning I was getting frustrated that she kept looking all over the place causing the hair brush to get tangled in her hair. "Hold your head still please!" I asked firmly. To which she quickly grabbed her face in both hand s and held it there. Hahaha

*Nicholas had to do dishes one night as his chore. He approached the Teenager in a very serious manner and asked if she could help him out for a few minutes as there were "Chinese plates in the sink, and didn't want to break them." he said. (we had used my good CHINA for dessert that night - he knew they were delicate dishes :)

*Little Susan came into the house breathless and sweaty. She had run all the way across the property to tell me about an amazing discovery. "Mom, Mom, we found two dead baby birds outside - they were boy birds - cause they had penises!" she uttered excitedly.

* Little Susan asked me if she could have a "Grammie Smiff" apple. (Granny Smith) Hahahaha.

*Little Susan was very vocal as the children enjoyed eating shrimp at dinner one night. "We cut their faces off right?  Cause we don't eat things while they're staring at us." she educated everyone at the table.

* Little Susan noticed Grandma wasn't wearing her oxygen hose at the dinner table. "Oh Grandma! You've got your hose off! Good for you!" she shouted. (like 'big girl!') Too cute.

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*One Saturday we were sitting in the Chinise restaurent in Kitchener after a great meal. Around 2pm in a full restaurant the waiter brought our bill and 4 fortune cookies. Me and my husband and cousin and 5 year old Grand-daughter Haylee watched as my husband Wayne opened his cookie. To his dismay there was no fortune:(  so he says "wow normally they give you two I've been jipped I didnt even get one" So Haylee opens her's and voila her has one.  as plain as day with a huge smile on her face she yell's " thank you Jesus he gave me one !" Well not only did we burst out laughing but so did over 100 people in this restaurant. Like my cousin said,  I can see what she hears all the time at home :)
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As I was on my way to 'yet another' medical appointment in London with one of the kiddlings I silently prayed.... "Lord, what can I DO to help him?!?!" I turned on the radio and listened in on some talk show. The woman speaking was sharing her frustration at having a high needs child and said "God gave me THIS child. God did not give me this child to FIX him, but that I might become more like Christ in parenting him."
What a revealation .... and just what I needed to hear :)
I Hope your Mother's Day was as blessed as mine was ......  Enjoy your week!

Blessings to you - from my Fish Bowl to yours :)

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