Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Look Mama, it's sticking out!"

It must be because of the holiday..... but this week sure has been a blurr. I am behind in getting my blog out, behind in paper work and other things on my "to do" list, and the laundry keeps mulitplying. Just as I finish a load and get it put away, more dirty clothes appear. The mountain of laundry just keeps growing. I don't like that my goal for the day has become "squeezing just one more load of laundry in before bedtime." Maybe it's time to re evaluate a few things.... or maybe it's time to teach the kiddlings how to do their own laundry :)

"We go to da movie peter Mama?" asked Little Susan. Hmmm, that sounds like a great idea I thought, I needed to get out of the house and away from housework. We decided to take the kiddos to the movie theatre in Tecumseh to see "How To Train Your Dragon" (in 3D of course). This was the little girl's very first 3D movie so we knew it was going to be an adventure. The girls were shocked at how big the theatre was and they were very amused with the 3D glasses we got. It was mid week so we knew it wouldn't be busy, infact there were only two other families in the whole theatre .... no problem in choosing where to sit!
The lights dimmed and the animation began. We put on our glasses and watched the previews and advertisements. The girls "ooohed" and "ahhhhed" and reached out to touch things that weren't there. They shrieked and laughed at this new found discovery (and the boys just laughed at them - they were "experienced" movie goers... this was old hat to them.)  "Look Mama, it's sticking out!" Latoya screamed. Everyone giggled - even the other people in the theatre. Between folding themselves up in the theatre chairs, spilling pop corn across three seats, and popping the lenses out of their glasses .... they were having an exciting adventure .... until ...... the "scarey parts" started to happen (just high energy "catch you off guard" stuff but a little intimidating for young ones wearing 3D glasses.) I could see it coming, I had to swallow my mouthful of pop for fear of spraying it all over the family in front of us...... the dragon jumped up and growled and Latoy and Little Susan screamed and jumped up in their seats, throwing themselves back as far as they could, trying to squeeze through the fabric on the chairs - like osmosis. And it happened AGAIN and AGAIN!!!! I couldn't stop laughing it was so funny.... no one was watching the movie anymore they were watching our kids.... shrieking and hopping as far back into their seats as they could. Popcorn was flying.... I rescued their pops before they left the cupholders and hit the floor. "Take off your glasses!" I yelled above the noise and chaos, "Take off your glasses!" Little Susan heard me and ripped those things off her face and sank back down into her chair......chest heaving and eyes wild. Latoya was still making animal-like noises and she clawed into the teenager's arms trying to hide behind her. The teenager reached over and removed Latoya's glasses and wiped her tears... "I LIKE this movie Momma." Latoya said....Hahahahahahaha. Lord this was SO worth the expense of taking them all out :)
Both girls settled down giggling over how "scarey" that dragon had been, the other families in the theatre stopped snickering and turned back around to enjoy the movie (but I could hear them explode with laughter every so often and I KNEW they were reliving that moment in their minds...... it was worth revisiting.), my hubby and I exchanged wide eyed glances over the kids head's trying not to start laughing all over again ourselves. We settled back and enjoyed the movie trying to anticipate any upcoming "surprising" parts to avoid that scene all over again.

When the movie ended we decided to take the kids for dinner at the Mongolian Grill since it was close by (and a favourite eating place for our herd). We got into the vehicles (yes vehicles....we need both vehicles to fit everyone in) and headed over in that direction. As we approached the restaurant Little Susan began squealing "I SEE DA MONGO! I SEE DA MONGO!" then both little girls began chanting "Mongo, Mongo, Mongo, Mongo" They were very excited :)
The boys are big enough to eat from the stir fry buffet but the little girlies still order from the kids menu. Little Susan waited patiently for her "pizza that the cooker boys made for her" while Latoya had "polk-a-dots and fries" which translates to pogo dogs and fries :) And of course Daddy was the hero of the evening by winning stuffies for all of them from the "CLAW MACHINE" in the corner. Although he is good at it - they were still expensive .... but the experiences with our kiddos and the memories we're making are priceless.
*Special Thanks to Papa & Grandma K for looking after The Baby while we took the rest of the kiddlings out - we appreciate you!

Like I mentioned at the start this week has been a blurr..... preparing all the young kiddlings for their dance recitals, classes, costume fitting, Church events, my Hubby and the Teenager's trip to Israel and our upcoming missions trip to India. So much drama and "stuff" going on I just don't know which end is up anymore :) One night on my way out the door AGAIN, I grumbled "I wish there were more hours in the day" and Shane said, "Ya, like ten or eleven." ....... "What? There already are twenty-four hours in a day buddy.... I need a few MORE, like twenty-seven or twenty-eight." So here are a few highlights from my week...... funnies from our house to yours:
* We recently celebrated our seventeenth Wedding anniversary and my darling hubby had given me roses. I had them displayed on the counter in the kitchen. Little Susan came in and admired them, "New flowers Feautiful Mommy, soft and Feautiful flowers."
* I was opening a box of chocolates I'd received as the vultures began to swarm around me. (I swear the smell it through the packaging.) They began arguing over who was going to get my chocolate. I told them "I'll give my chocolates to whoever I choose to."  Suddenly Little Susan runs over jumping up and down raising her small hand "Choose me Mommy! Choose me! Choose me!"
*While discussing the voracious appetite and the incredible skinniness of a dog, I mentioned that perhaps he has a tapeworm and if left untreated, he will eventually die. Poor Latoya got tears in her eyes and looked up at me startled, "Me?" she questioned. "What? No, not you - the dog silly." I assured her. "Oh," she said wiping the tears away. "Daddy always calls ME tapeworm." (Her playful nickname because she has an usatiable appetite - Guess Daddy will have to find a new nickname for her :))
*Little Susan loves to go online. "Can I play the puter Mommy? I want dubbya dubbya dubbya dot com." Hahahaha
*Little Susan had been playing on the back porch and came into the house, she was very distraught. "Mommy my pet is gone." She whined.  (A little grey pill bug she had been rolling around and playing with - yes they do have normal toys.... she LIKES bugs.) "Oh? Where did he go?" I asked. "I donno, he's gone." She pouted. "Well maybe he had to go home?" I suggested. Her eyes lit up. "I know!" She said excitedly. "He had to go to church!" LOL, spoken like a true pastor's kid :)
*My Teenager came home from school more than a little frazzled the other day. She told me all about a June bug that flew down her top at school - in the school yard .... *gasp* .... where all her friends were! The bug hooked itself to her "undergarment" and didn't want to leave. I can only imagine the horror. My hubby and my Teenager have a "extreme dislike for creeping creatures" in common. I can just picture her jumping up and down, flailing her arms, squealing and trying not to scream. Not wanting to draw attention to herself and cause a scene she would quietly but urgently be trying to flick the little guy out of her clothes while wiggling all over the place. Hahahaha. What a kodak moment that would have been! She tells me that after she got the June bug out of her shirt and brushed him away he flew right back at her and hit her in the neck. She was still squirming as she shared this with me. Have fun in Israel my Hubby and Teenager, I hope one of your friends is available to protect you both from the giant "foreign bugs" they have over there - I'll be praying for you :)
*Latoya is our "Drama Queen Extreme." If there's drama going on you can be sure she's in the middle of it. Latoya came rushing out of the bathroom the other day and banged her hand off the door frame. The sharp pain stopped her in her tracks. She had scraped a tiny bit of skin off the top of one knuckle. She was fine.... until she saw it...... a small flap of skin was sticking up. She screamed like someone was torturing her. I hugged her sob wracked body and kissed her boo boo while she moaned and wept. I washed her hand and put tissue on the finger to "protect it" from any further damage :) The to top it all off a tiny drop of blood appeared.....and the sobbing got louder and louder. Once I wiped the spot of blood away and assured her that her finger was not going to come off - she skipped out of the bathroom with excitement on her face ..... and ran off to "show everyone" what happened to her. When little Susan saw it she said "Awww, poor yiddow fewwa."
*The teenager woke up on Saturday morning (well probably more like afternoon...) and laid on the couch. She said she wasn't feeling well. "Oh dear, looks like we have a sickling who needs prayer - can I get a volunteer?" I asked. Daniel ran over to her and laid his hand on her head. "I will ." He said. He bowed his head and closed his eyes and prayed "Dear Lord, please make my sister feel better and bless her as use to our bodies, in Jesus' Name, Amen" *Oh my goodness - they really are food driven aren't they? LOL
*Sitting on the back porch having lunch, Little Susan was upset that a bee kept buzzing around us while we were eating. Daddy tried to get him with the fly swatter a few times but he kept flying out of reach. Suddenly little Susan stood up and pointed toward the back of the yard and hollered "Daddy! Here he comes Daddy, you hafta die him!"
*While driving down hwy 40 on the way to my sister's place Little Susan piped up from the backseat, "Somefin smells weird in here." "That smell is a skunk outside Susan." I replied. "No, it's stinky IN HERE Mommy." she insisted. (hahahaha) "It's outside Susan, it just smells like it's in here" I explained. "I don't like it" she said. "We don't have skunks at OUR house, only squirrels." she said matter of factly.
Just a reminder: Avon Campaign 15 has begun. Check out my Avon Business page or my Avon Website for links to view the brochures online and let me know if there's anything I can get for you! The next order will be placed on June 8th.
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Monday, May 17, 2010

"Mommy, Daniel did something inappropriate at school today!"

The bedroom curtains were closed and a hint of sunlight was just peeking in. We were snuggled together under the blankets, our minds still fuzzy from a sound night's sleep. We gazed into eachother's eyes and spoke without saying a word. Then he broke the silence, "Happy Anniversary Honey" he whispered as he kissed me..... his kisses still make me weak in the knees.... even after seventeen years.
And then ....... the bedroom door flew open and a herd of giggling children invaded our space. "Happy Anniversary Mommy & Daddy" they said as they bounced on the bed and shoved eachother out of the way trying to get the "best spot" on top of the pillows. My husband drew closer to me and with a hint of sarcasm in his voice said, "Hey Babe, I have an idea, let's have seven kids!" Then he rolled over and pulled the covers over his head. So much for romance....... Hahahaha. One thing we lack in our home (besides closets) is privacy.
Our day was long and uneventful. My hubby went to the office to work on his sermon for the next day - like I said, lack of privacy...... it's quieter there and he can think without interruption..... Hmmmm, where can I get an office like that? He called me in the afternoon and asked what I was up to? "Oh nothing, just looking over our marriage certificate......." I said. "What? Really?" he asked. So I said "Yes, I was just looking for the expiry date.... but I can't seem to find one." :) Hahahaha, I don't think he was impressed.
For dinner that night we went to our favourite restaurant, Rossini's. We traditionally eat here every anniversary (that's "our table" in the picture.... the one on the left in the corner) .... maybe because it's the ambiance, maybe it's the staff, maybe it's the guy in the corner playing the classic guitar.... dimmed lights, candles on the tables, a dozen pieces of silverware at each place setting......this is a "kid-free zone", you won't hear a baby crying or overhear an embarrased mother scolding her child under her breath, no kicking under the table, no fighting over who has more crayons, no warning about blowing bubbles in the milk through the straw, no wiping up spills or squirting ketchup on fries or wondering where Latoya got that bubble gum from? No kiddlings to be seen. An incredible adult-only dining experience ...... Gosh is it ever quiet in here. I was a little taken aback when we got to our table and there were no flowers??? He ALWAYS has a dozen longstem yellow roses waiting on the table for me...... the look on his face told me he did not forget - he was wondering where they were as well. After we were seated one of the ladies delivered my flowers .... Yes, I AM spoiled (but I'm worth it *wink) We exchanged cards and made small talk over our bruchetta (the BEST ever). I mentioned that seventeen years ago at that very moment, we were enjoying our reception.... "Oh yes, at the Blue Bonnet" he added. We reminisced for a bit remembering the highlights of that celebration...... then I asked a loaded question "Thinking back over the past seventeen years, after all we've been through, knowing what you know now.... would you do it all over again?" As the depth of that question sank in and we both stared at eachother ... remembering.... seventeen years of history. If we were superficial people we might have embraced passionately and said something like "Of course my darling, you know I would endure anything for you!" then the scene would fade and the credits would roll..... but we're not like that. We're "real" and only an honest answer will satisfy THAT kind of question. There's alot of history there. The good times were very good, and the bad times were very bad, what a roller coaster it has been. From infertility and adoption to losing children and all the other little private hells that no one else will ever know about ...... If God took me by the hand and said look what I have in store for you..... BUT look what you're going to encounter along the way ....... *sigh* Would I CHOOSE to experience it all over again? That's a good question :) Sitting at that table in the corner, we both agreed that we're so thankful that God doesn't always show us what's ahead.... sometimes he just keeps us guessing. If we knew what we might have to endure, it might scare us away from ever taking the chance..... Happy Anniversary Babe, there is no one else I'd rather have shared these past seventeen years with......and I look forward to many more adventurous years with you ~  I love you :)
"Mphyyyyyy, Mphyyyyyy," There it is AGAIN! That noise I keep hearing..... What IS that? "Mphyyyyyy, Mphyyyyyyyy!" Then late one night I got it! I KNEW what the haunting sound was...... I knew it was familiar - but in a "different" sort of way. It was the cry of the bunnies......calling me from the crisper drawer in the fridge. And I thought they'd left me alone and stopped torturing me but NO ...... they were there all along .....  I just couldn't hear them.......... cause they had no heads. They are a mangled mess of body parts begging for escape from their coffin-like crisper......they know their fate.... and they intend to go out fighting. The plan: for every ounce of chocolate bunny an unsuspecting person eats, one pound of fat crops up on his or her backside. Sneaky aren't they? Do the math people...... a one pound bunny is sixteen ounces ..... that is  sixteen potential pounds on your caboose .... per bunny! Amazing ... they really do mulitply! And as I sit here and finish up this weeks blog entry.... I am munching on a bunny butt - I need help - I know it - I'm not proud.
Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:
* I got in the way while the boys were doing the dishes. Nicholas bumped into my backside and said in surprise "You're bouncy Mom!" (Darn you bunnies!)
*Something exciting caught her eye, Little Susan shrieked "Mom, Mom! Look (pointing to the window at the side of the house) there's a FUR BEETER on the window (bird feeder).
*Latoya had been watching TV in the livingroom. She came into our room with a strange look on her face and exclaimed "Mommy, my leg is doing this....." (and she puckered and un puckered her lips a few times) - I understood her to mean that her leg had fallen asleep and she was now feeling that pins and needles sensation.
*Our friends the Reltub's were visiting at our place. All the kids were playing quietly upstairs when Hannah announced that Shane (7 years old at the time) had "kissed her on the tongue when they were upstairs and now they are boyfriend and girlfriend." She and Nicholas used to talk about getting married when they grew up but Hannah says "they have now broken up and she likes Shane now."
*Nicholas helped me take all the Christmas "Orbits" off the tree this year. (ornaments) His favourite "Orbit" was the horseshoe one...."It was from the horse "of" right Mom?" (hoof)
*Nicholas:"Mommy, Daniel did something inappropriate at school today."
 Mommy: "Oh? What did he do?" (Daniel's eyes get wide and he squirms in his seat)
Nicholas: "Daniel made a snowman and he put boomies on it."
               (I look at Daniel with eyebrows raised.)
Daniel: "It was a girl."
            (I suggested that next time he make long hair for it or put make up on it to distinguish it from the boy snowmen.)

   I just wanted to remind you that the next Avon order will be placed on Tuesday May 25th. If you need anything - you know how to reach me :)
Have an incredibly blessed week!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Please repeat the command......Sorry no match found."

I thank God for my cell phone...... it has saved my bacon on more than one occassion. I enjoy the modern convenience of "being connected" to anyone at anytime especially while on the go with a van load of kiddlings in tow. I also respect and applaud the new laws prohibiting cell phones and other handheld devices from being used while driving..... and who wouldn't? You had better know Jesus personally (or you'll wish you had) if you ever even consider having a car accident with me while texting..... those are MY BABIES in the van, don't you DARE put their lives at risk because you can't pull over to take a phone call. The best solution ever invented was the hands-free blue tooth device for your visor. What an excellent little gadget to use with your cell phone on the road ... hands free cell phone use to keep drivers less distracted ..... but I wonder if these sweet little devices are the number one cause of road rage in Canada? I have a sneaky suspicion that they are .... at least in my neck of the woods. If you were a fly on the wall (or window) in  my van in the middle of the afternoon, this is the kind of conversation you might be privy to over hear:
Me: (pressing the hands-free button)
Blue Tooth: "Say a command"
Me: "Call Aunt Ree"
Blue Tooth: Beep Beep "Did you say Call Pizza Pizza?"
Me: "No! Call Aunt Ree"
Blue Tooth: "Please repeat he command"
Me: "Call Aunt Ree!" (adding a different voice fluctuation to the last syllable of her name)
Blue Tooth: "Did you say Call CIBC?"
Me: "NO! Call Aunt Ree!!! What the heck - can't you understand english?"
Blue Tooth: "Sorry, no match found"
Me: (pressing the hands-free button a little more forcefully this time)
Blue Tooth: Beep beep, "Say a command"
Me: "Call..... Aunt.... Uh.... call.....GRRRRR....forget it, you won't understand anyway!"
Blue Tooth: "Please repeat the command"
Me: ("ahem", clearing my throat, rolling up the window to reduce outside noise, and shushing the kiddlings) "Call Aunt Ree"
Blue Tooth: "Did you say call Aunt Bonnie?"
Me: "NOOOOOO, that's NOT what I said! I want to call Aunt Ree, Aunt Ree...not Aunt Bonnie - what is wrong with you?  Can't you understand what I'm saying??? Why do you always do this to me?!?!?!"
Little Susan: "Mommy, you're silly..... they can't hear you." (giggle)
Blue Tooth: "Please repeat the command."
Me: "I'm tired of repeating myself, just call anyone, I don't care who you call I am no longer interested in talking on the phone"
Blue Tooth: "Did you say Call Home? Home.... calling....."
Me: NOOOOOOO, don't call home! Don't call anyone. Hang up! I'm DONE"
Blue Tooth: "Did you say Call Mr. Sun?"
Blue Tooth: "Please repeat the command"
Me: "Never mind..... I don't want to make a call anymore .... we're already here"
Blue Tooth: "Sorry , no match found."
Me: *Sigh* stupid technology......
Yes, that's really how it goes. Ask my dad. He is doubled over with laughter throughout the whole one-sided conversation with my device. Nothing's more frustrating than not being understood.... even by an expensive piece of plastic.

Speaking of frustrations........
The big kids came in from school and went about starting their homework. The little ones kept coming into the kitchen and getting underfoot while I tried to prepare dinner. Aunt Ree and Papa were having a tea with me while I directed traffic in the kitchen. I was all ready to make shepherds pie for dinner when I reached for the glass baking dishes under the sink...... there was only one there. Where in the world did the other one get off to? I thought. I opened cupboards, checked the fridge, looked under the sink again.... nothing. So I called the kids into the kitchen (since they do the dishes most nights as designated on our "chore chart" hanging on the fridge) "Where is the other glass baking dish?" I asked no one in particular. Every child stared back at me blankly. I raised my eyebrows further and still no response. "Shane, Nicholas, Daniel..... have any of you seen my glass baking dish?" I asked them. "No, I didn't wash it last" said Shane. "I think Daniel dried it last time" offered Nicholas. "I did not!" said Daniel. "Did anyone break it?" I asked. "No, we didn't even wash it." said Shane. "Alright" I said. "Since you're the only ones who do the dinner dishes, and now one of the dishes is missing, you're going to stay in the kitchen until it's found. Now look for it please." The boys all moved together to each cupboard and took turns opening doors, pulling out drawers, liftting tea towels...... no glass baking dish. I was getting frustrated. I couldn't remember the last time I used it..... but I knew it wasn't where it was supposed to be (Yes, that's a very big deal to me.... everything has it's place.... but that's another subject to blog about someday) "Please find the glass baking dish," I sighed "I need it to finish preparing dinner." "But we don't now where it is and we've looked everywhere!" whined the boys. "What about the drawer under the stove?" offered Papa. "No, we don't use that drawer at all." I answered as I slid it open to reveal an empty drawer. "Well, could it have gotten forgotten in the oven?" Asked Papa. "No..... I don't remember the last time I ....... (opening the oven door)...... "Oh my goodness!" ........ (staring unbelievingly at the glass baking dish *filled with a turkey pie of sorts* in the oven) ...... "Ewwwww, that's so gross!" I caught a whiff of something rancid as I pulled the baking dish out of the oven. "How long has THAT been in there?" I wondered out loud. I couldn't remember when I had baked that meal.....what a waste. I often cook two or more meals at a time and freeze or refrigerate one for another day - I guess this one never made it to the fridge. The boys wanted to examine it closer and were all grossed out by the carrots staring back at them through the bottom of the dish. I explain how poisonous this pie is since none of us even remember when it was made..... and they "ohh" and "ahhhh" and "ewww" as I dump it out into the garbage pail. My sister reassures me that "this sort of thing can only happen to me" as we're a busy family on the go. I know this will one day be a topic of conversation at the dinner table when my kiddos are older and they come home to visit..... "hey Mom, remember when you forgot that meal in the oven and it started rotting...."
We're making memories our kids will treasure for the rest of their lives :)
Here are a few funnies from our house to yours......
* One night we were watchign movies with the kiddos and the little girls started screaming..... "a Bean Bug {June bug} came through the Scream {screen} and into the living room and the girls were afraid it was going to bite them and bleed them {like mosquitos do}. Hahaha
* One the way to school one morning Daniel stood still sniffling. When the teenager caught up to him and asked him what was wrong he started bawling and pointed to a crispy squirrel squished flat on the road. "That poor squirrel, that poor squirrel, he is dead now...." The teenager quickly pointed out that the squirrel had been there for well over a week now and he wasn't in any pain.
* The teenager came into the kitchen rolling her eyes. "What's up?" I asked. "Daddy..... he told me that "Hambush" joke again ..... that's three times I've had to listen to him tell it now." "Why don't you remind him that he's already told you the joke?" I offered. "Oh Mom, he's so excited to tell me everytime...." she said. Hahahaha.
* One of our boys takes medication regularly. Sometimes his ears get very red and the children used to comment about it. To keep the other kiddos from teasing him, we explained that when his ears got red when he needed to have his meds. One day Little Susan came up to me, very concerned. In a serious voice she informed me that "Daniel needed hims pills, him gots red ears again."
* While driving to Aunt Ree's house along highway 40, Little Susan was facinated by the road construction going on. She asked "Why the sign boys are there Mama?" She was referring to the guys who hold the signs and direct the traffic. I explained what they did and why their jobs were important. On the way back home she randomly blurted out "They need to eat their lunch!" "Who needs to eat their lunch?" I asked. "Them sign boys, they need to eat their lunch." (She had noticed one of them had a blue and white cooler on the road next to him.) As we drove by she hollered out the window "Thank you sign boy."
* On our way home from Aunt Ree's house last week we had stopped by the side of the road to watch a couple wild turkeys in the field. As we drove out there yesterday Little Susan asked "Where da turkeys in da field?" I told her I didn't know and she said "They're hiding wif da deers in da trees cause my daddy's gonna shoot them and I'm gonna eat them. Yum, Yum." (She makes her daddy proud.)

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Have an incredibly blessed week - I look forward to sharing about our upcoming anniversary with you next time :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"What's in Your Pocket Susan?" Sheesh, I shouldn't have asked!

Ever hear the phrase "pack mentality?" Well after this past weekend I think my children have certainly coined that phrase. In our household Sunday's are somewhat of a blurr. They begin with the hubby sneaking out at 5 am to get to church early to prepare for service, then the kiddlings waking up one by one from 7:oo am on .... then the usual routine follows..... breakfast, get them all dressed, brush teeth, wash face and hands, look presentable, change a diaper on the way out the door, gather up the bibles and diaper bag while waiting for grandma to pick up one lucky child .... (who will it be? Let's see, who gave me the least amount of grief this morning..... you - yup you, grab your bible and go with grandma..... see you at church baby, be good!) and hopefully get to church on time - well at least before worship starts. Once service is done we round up all the kids and head out again..... girls in one vehicle and boys in another..... "no you cannot sit in the front seat again, it's your brother's turn." By the time we get home the dogs need out, the baby is cranky and sleepy and the other kiddlings are hungry. We often have people over for lunch  on Sunday.... and this week was no exception. We were blessed with a full house.... 31 people in all. 12 adults, 4 teenagers, and 15 children..... ya, really. It was during this meal that I began to understand the meaning of "pack mentality." All 15 kiddos were eating their meal outdoors....let's face it, there's just not enough room to feed everyone around the table..... 15 bright little individuals with promising futures finishing their meals in the backyard  ..... then it starts to rain ... ALOT. Do they come indoors to stay dry? NOoooo, they stay outside, abandon their plates and slide across the muddied grass on their shoes. It's a new sport..... for kids only ..... mud sliding. And they're pretty darn good at it. Every patch of green grass that WAS in the back yard has now been transformed into an unrecognizable mud slick just begging to be slid across. And then it happens.... a group of people (children in this instance) doing something similar together, when all of a sudden someone gets a bright idea...... and they all begin to move as one .... to act it out.....THAT`S "pack mentality." Mothers; to answer the age old question "If your friends all jumped off the bridge would you jump too?" The answer is "YES." A "pack of children" is much like a pack of wild dogs. They move as one. When one of them gets a bright idea, they all move together to carry it out. Hence the destroyed wagon and other riding toys in the backyard. Once the rain stopped the precious kiddlings began finding their way indoors.... all mud covered and soggy. They left their mark everywhere they went. Mud streaks on walls, across light switches and  on every doorknob within reach. "Dear Lord Daniel, what happened to your pants?" I asked incredulously. "I fell down" he replied...... "Over and over again?" I ask.
After the "umpteenth" load of dishes is done I realize our lives are much too busy and are in great need of change.... (Thank you ladies for helping tidy up and get the dishes under control - I appreciate you more than you know. Thanks Daddyo for bringing the steam cleaner over... my carpets thank you :)) There is a whir of activity going through my mind at any given moment.... sometimes I can't sleep because the humm of brain energy is so loud..... it really does keep me awake at night..... thanks God for melatonin or I'd never fall asleep. It's one thing to be busy entertaining and visiting with friends but it's quite another to "let it slip your mind" that it's your little one's 4th birthday....
I woke up  on Monday morning, quite spent from the previous day, and thought..... "I am missing something here"..... then I overheard the oldest boy say "Hey Susan, it's your birthday today, Happy Birthday!" My heart sank. Before I went to bed lastnight I thought about putting her presents out so she would wake up to a big surprise... but I was so drained .... I just fell into bed. And now I was wishing I had taken a few more minutes to get prepared..... I hadn't exactly "forgotten" her birthday, I just had so much going on in my head that it wasn't as much a priority as it should have been.  I quickly pulled out her gifts and asked the hubby to grab his guitar so we could sing our traditional "Happy Birthday" song. Thank God she asked for "hotdogs" for her special birthday dinner - that's somethng I can handle right now :) Cheap and quick.
Little Susan was so excited that  it was her birthday .... When I told her that my friends on Facebook were saying Happy Birthday to her, she said "Where? I can't see them? I want them to sing a song to me."

When Daddy came home from work the kids all ran to the door to greet him. "Daddy! Daddy! He's home!" Running, leaping, clapping, oh the excitement. I often wondered why He gets the "heros welcome" when he comes home and I don't get so much as a glance after putting up with all their drama for the day? When Daddy walks in the door you know it .... me on the other hand.... I feel like they could take me or leave me, depending on the day of course. (Unless I am bringing home groceries... then they circle like vultures - no one offers to help carry them in, they just watch and wait to see "what I got for them")  I have chosen to be a stay at home mom instead of joining the work force outside of my 4 walls .... with the exception of my AVON business of course, but somedays I wonder what it would be like to come home to a cheering crowd of smiling faces all chanting my name?????? Oh well, one can always dream. With Mother's Day fast approaching I will hopefully  have my five minutes of fame in the eyes of my offspring, and maybe even a lunch that I don't have to prepare, cook and clean up after???? (HINT,HINT)
In honour of Little Susan's 4th Birthday this week, Here are a few funnies relating to her, from our house to yours....

*We just came in from a long van ride when out of the corner of my eye I caught Little Susan quickly stuffing something into her pocket. "Susan, what do you have in there?" I asked. "Nothing" she replied. "Nothing huh? Let's see it" I said, as she reluctantly removed her hand from her pocket and deposited a squirming little pill bug into my hand. Sheesh, I shouldn't have asked.

*Little Susan smacked a fly on the window and said "Look Mom, I died him wit my han'"

*Getting ready for a car ride one day, Little Susan puts on her shoes and notices that "Roo" our black & tan coonhound has come to stand next to her so she shouts at the dog... "NOT YOU - You no go for a ride - you don't know how to drive! After when you can talk you can drive!"

*Little Susan to Daddy: "Daddy I wanna go at movie Peter - flease. Flease Daddy, I wanna go at movie Peter.  (Translation = movie theatre)

*The teenager, at the dinner table asks, "Does anyone want to have my ham?" All the boys scream in unison "Me, me, me!" Little Susan pipes up and says, "I'l hold your Hand."

*Getting into the van in a rush (once again) I told Latoya to hurry. She was upset with me for something and decided to push my buttons by moving into her "slow motion" act. I was so frustrated I lost it and said "Just get into the van and don't you pull this crap!" (I know, I know - send the unsigned letters to my husband) Little Susan, with her innocent but self righteous attitude says, "I not pull dat crap, Mommy." (Lord, teach me to change my attitude and shut my mouth.....)

*Right this moment as I am typing this blog, little Susan came up to me singing and hugged my arm...... then she wrapped her hands around my upper arm and squeezed in rythm to her song and sang... "squish, squishy, squish squish, squish, squishy, squish squish." Thanks little one, just what I needed to hear....
Just wanted to let you know that I have a new AVON Website feel free to stop by and browse through a brochure. We are currently in Campaign 13 and the order will be placed on Tuesday May 11th.
Have an incredibly blessed day!