Friday, October 8, 2010

"Look at THAT!" Nicholas hollered - his eyes wide. I saw it. And froze .... horrified....

FINALLY!!!!! Our house is SOLD :)
And all it took was a change in realtors.... can you believe it? What a difference that made - I am so thankful we found the best!!! Thank you Angela :)

It feels like we've been waiting forever for the house to sell so we can move forward. The house we've had our eye on for a year now was surprisingly still available and WE BOUGHT IT! We are all so excited about our up and coming move..... it sure has been a long time coming.
We moved in here over eleven years ago. There were only three of us at the time. My Hubby, myself, and the Teenager - well she wasn't a Teenager way back then .... she was barely three years old. All she wanted was "a house big enough to play hide and seek in." We lived in a mobile home prior to that and space was limited. That was a long time ago and we've grown since then. There are nine of us now and we need just a little more room :) Our new home is large enough to accommodate all of us. It has plenty of room to add on (Hmmmm, I feel a spring project coming on) and a few acres of land for the kiddlings to run and play.
Our moving date is November first so we have plenty to do in the next couple weeks. I am slowly being surrounded by walls of boxes - very satisfying and overwhelming all at the same time. I am decluttering as I pack and I am amazed by the amount of "stuff" we've accumulated over the years. The kiddlings keep asking if we're taking "our tv", "our pictures", "our clothes", "our beds", etc .....keep in mind most of them are former foster kiddos - moving to them is just packing a bag and leaving - this is all new to them and although it is exciting ... it is a little scarey too :) I keep reminding them that we have a nice big pool to swim in (next summer of course) and lots of room to run outdoors .... where you can boot a soccerball in any direction and it WILL NOT go into a neighbours yard putting a tragic stop to the game.
My Dad and his wife and my little brother are moving as well. It wasn't planned this way - but it just so happens that they are moving on the same day that we are moving.....Hmmmmmm, how will we divide up the help? I guess I should bake something yummy to entice our family and friends to come to our place to help load boxes onto the truck ... who am I kidding? I can't bake ..... Looks like you'll have plenty of help to move you Dad .... or should I say "Bobby Crocker?" LOL
Speaking of my little brother .... we recently held a funeral in our yard for his dearly departed pet hamster, "Superman."
James called me late one night to let me know that upon arriving home he noticed that "Superman" had died and was "stiff and hard" in his little hamster house. He said when he shook the house to wake him up, he just slid out head first instead of clinging to the door like he usually does :)  He asked if he could bury him in our yard. I told him to keep him on ice and bring him by the next day after school. My Hubby performed the funeral for our furry friend and all the kiddlings participated by throwing some dirt into the hole to help bury him.
My beloved recently attended a Pastor's conference
and was away for a few days. I spoke to him each night on the computer (isn't technology wonderful?) and was blessed to hear about his day. The one night as we spoke he told me that he got pulled over by a police officer on his way to the conference earlier that evening.  He said he made a rolling stop because he was in a hurry to get a parking spot and get into the conference - he "wanted to get a good parking spot because they filled up quick." Anyway .... He got pulled over. The police officer walks up and my Hubby says "I didn't stop completely." The officer said "No you didn't. Where are you going in such a hurry?" My Husband told him that he was gong to the Pastor's conference .... blah, blah, blah ..." The officer asked "Are you a pastor?" and Hubby says "Yes." So the officer says "Well Pastor, What should I do with you?" My Hubby says "Maybe pray for me Sir?" The officer says "How about YOU say a prayer for ME and I let you off with a warning?" My Husband says "Yes Sir, what's your name....?" :)
Now I am not saying prayer will get you off the hook all the time - just be ready in season and out of season for the opportunity to pray :)
Our precious Baby has an odd habit. She likes to rub soft things on her lips ... weird, I know.
Lint, dust bunnies, dog feet, her teddy bear's ears, fuzz from her diapers, etc....
I recently discovered a hole in the couch that one of my little darlings must have picked at and made bigger ..... of course no one knows who did it - nevertheless The Baby found this hole..... within a few seconds she realized she had found "the mother load" of soft fluff!
Stuffing...... all she could ever dream of. More than enough fluff to keep her lips happy for a lifetime :) It took me longer to re-stuff the couch than it took her to rip it all out .... with some black duct tape and a little prayer maybe the couch will last us a little while longer :)
Daniel is a great source of joy and entertainment to our lives..... he is always doing something that causes me to run for my note book giggling "That will make some great blog material!" He recently got his plaster cast off and had it replaced with a sweet looking camouflage one.  I had a panicked few moments at the hospital when the doctor asked him what colour cast he wanted. He was so excited to find out that they came in a variety of colours. BUT he struggled to choose between pink and purple! I was able to convince him that Daddy could easily take him hunting with him if he chose the camouflage cast ..... and that pink would just scare the geese away!
Daniel is a sensitive little guy. He cries over Disney movies and needs a hug to get through some emotional songs at church. Daniel recently got a "bug cage" and was capturing insects in the yard. He caught a tiny moth and showed it off to everyone. By bedtime, I convinced him to let the moth go. Well he did let it go - as he stood by crying. He ran to me and burried his face in my side. "I wanted him to stay!" He sobbed as the moth fluttered out of sight.
Daniel has obsessive compulsive tendencies that can be a great source of frustration at times - but when it comes to doing chores .... I always know his chores will be done to perfection ... it may take a while longer to get it done (because it has to be perfect) but I know it will be done well :)
When he does dishes, every piece has to be lined up and stacked just so - before it even gets put into the drawers and cupboards .... I've come to love this quality in him :)
After school one day Daniel and the other kiddlings had finished their homework and were watching television. All of a sudden Daniel hollered "WOW a Bald Eagle!" Everyone in the house ran to the patio door to see the bald eagle sitting on the fence. It turned out to be a black cat (with a white patch on his head) sitting on the fence ..... LOL. The little kiddlings were looking all over trying to find the bald eagle but the silly cat must have been in the way. Hahahaha.
Daniel passed gas at the dinner table. There were lots of giggles and a few "Ewww's." Nicholas burped, rather loudly, at the table ... followed by the Teenager. (she would have made her Daddy proud if he had been home) I scolded them for their rude behaviour and lack of table manners. Little Susan piped up and said "I have really good table manners right Mama?" As she bent her head down to the table and licked off the salad dressing that dripped off her plate. LOL

I walked the kiddlings to school the other day - It was a cool and misty autumn morning. All the vehicles we passed had condensation on the windows. One van in particular caught the boy's attention. "Look at THAT!" Nicholas hollered - his eyes wide. I saw it. And froze .... horrified. Someone had used their finger to draw on the window of the van. There before my children's innocent little eyes was a giant.... Ummmm ..... was a very large ..... Hmmmmm ..... part of the male anatomy ....... I held my breath and stared in disbelief. All the boys stood still on the sidewalk gawking at the enormous ________ with a look of awe on their faces. Then Nicholas hollered again. "Look at that giant DOG BONE on the window - that's so huge!" All the boys marvelled and agreed that it was the biggest Dog Bone they had ever seen and Daniel added that "Someone sure was a good draw-er." I gathered up my kiddlings and hurried on my way - thankful for their sweet innocence.
Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:
*The boys were going around smacking each other in the foreheads saying "I could have had a V8!" After a while Nicholas looked at the Teenager with confusion and asked "What's a V8?"
*Little Susan sat on the edge of the bed playing with her feet. After a while she turned to me and said "This is my middle finger toe. If I hold down my other toes and put up this one it's a bad word right Mama?"
*Daniel brought home the "Guiness Book of World Records" from the school library the other day. He sat down with Little Susan to look at the book. He showed me a picture of a man with his shirt off and said "Little Susan can't look at this right?" to which I replied "Sure she can. Men are allowed to remove their shirts."  He came back again a little while later and showed me a picture of a very large man without a shirt on. "Is this inappropriate for Little Susan to see?" he asked. "No, not at all. This is not inappropriate Daniel." I replied.  He came back a while later and announced "Little Susan can't see this but I can right?" It was a picture of a lady with way too much cleavage showing ... the title was "World's Largest Augmented Breasts."
*I had to send a note to school in his planner: Miss Dundas, Please do not allow Daniel to take out any Guiness Book of Worls Records Books from the library. He and his brothers are far too interested in the woman with the largest augmented breasts - what a record to hold! Hahaha.
And here are a few funnies from Grandma's Archives:
*Questions the kids have asked -
(Annette age 5) "If people could shrink would everything inside shrink like their  manners and all that stuff?"
(Renee age 7) "Teachers go to school and work, and kids go to school and work; why don't the kids get paid like the teachers?"
(Renee grade 3) "Can I bring an apple to school for my teacher? He doesn't have a wife to make him a lunch so he gets hungry you know."
(Annette age 6) "School is stupid. Why do people have to learn to read? I don't want to read anything. I can just ask you what something says."
(Annette age 7) "Is there a cat heaven? Cause if there is that's where Cole is."
(Melissa age 6) "Can I get an operation so I can't have babies? Kids are too noisey!"
*(1989) At fourteen years old, Melissa feels sorry for cows because people milk them by tugging on their uterus."
*(1979) Dad took a bath and shaved - put on after shave - got called into work and proceeded to kiss the girls good-bye. He bent down to kiss Melissa. She kissed his face and stated "Mmmmm.... Daddy you taste good."
*(1979) The girls decided they would rather have a house to live in than presents for Christmas. So much so that they all put their pennies together into a can which Renee marked "House Fund" and gave it to Daddy as he came in one night. Their change added up to about $1.78 but being old enough they realized that wasn't quite enough so they started listing jobs they could do in the neighbourhood to make money for the cause.
*(1979) We all went down to the river to see the boats. The kids questioned what the red things floating in the water were. We told them they were buoys. Every since then, every time we drive along the riverfront the girls have been talking about the "peoples" in the water.
*(Dec / 79) Annette came home from school all excited and glowing. "I have buck teeth, I have buck teeth!" "Oh." I said "That's nothing to be thrilled about." "Yes it is." She said. "They are loose and if they both fall out at the same time I'll get TWO BUCKS!"
*(1979) Sambo, our great big sissy fluffy loveable cat ran away. Annette was quite upset as she had always thought of him as being "her" cat. After a day or two with no sign of him I suggested that maybe we could put an ad in the newspaper for him with our new address and phone number. Annette looked at me and giggled. Then she blurted out "You silly Mama - Sambo can't read!"

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