Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I haven't burned anything in a very long time..... until those ribs

I don't think I could have fit anymore into the day if I tried. Little Susan went to school to meet her teacher for the first time. She was so excited! Little Susan and Latoya both started school a few days after all the "big kids" went back to school. They were beside themselves with anticipation :) The Teenager was recovering well from her recent surgery and was on her second day of high school (I've never wanted to re-live those days - I cringe at the thought of lockers, cafeterias and pep rallies) she was staying late for an event the school had planned for all the grade Nine students. Daniel had classes at Sylvan after school and my Hubby took Shane and Nicholas to the dentist for a check up.  We had a later dinner and were sitting in the backyard watching the kiddlings burn off some energy.... wondering where they get it from and why it seems to be self-generating. The sun was begining to go down and Daddy was playing a game of chase in the yard with Daniel. Daniel is so fast! Daddy has trouble keeping up with Daniel because of his speed but what Daddy lacks in speed he sure makes up for in noise.
 Daniel seems to feed off of Daddy's screaming, roaring, and laughter. The louder the noise the faster he runs. Around and around the playfort at the back of the yard. "You missed me, You missed me!" Daniel excitedly shouts over his shoulder. Hurdling the picnic table bench and leaping over sticks. Up the ladder to the top of the tree fort and straight through to the other side, reaching for the fireman pole to slide out of pretend danger...... but Daniel missed the pole ..... and landed with a loud thud on the hard packed dirt below. When Grandma later recalled the events she and the other children were stunned at how hard Daniel hit the ground. They said they saw a cloud of dust rise up from the ground when he hit. His head came down on a stink bomb (walnut) from the surrounding walnut trees and the nut exploded, squashing green sappy juice across the side of his hair and forehead. He had a small abraision on his head and shoulder. Daddy helped him up and he went to the porch to rest for a minute. He said his arm hurt. He was wiggling his fingers and could move everything fine it seemed but within a few minutes I noticed a familiar swelling on his forearm near his wrist. I had just been to the hospital with my nephew Daniel a couple weeks ago for a broken arm and this looked all too similar. On closer examination I could feel the break. We cleaned him up and put a sling on his arm and off to the hospital we went.
Triage for vitals, tylenol and an ice pack, off to xray to "get the proof" :) and then the wait....... the wait that causes you to ponder whether or not your injuries are REALLY that bad..... There was only one doctor there and so many people. I was more than a little frustrated at seeing so many "supposedly" sick and injured people there behaving like they would have at a beach party instead of an Emergency waiting room. Kids who looked completely well running around, climbing under and over chairs, laughing, yelling, playing..... not a cough or runny nose to be seen. Clearly there were many non-emergent cases that should have been seen at a doctor's office or clinic. Don't they know that the Emergency room is for emergencies only!?! I was so saddened and horrified to watch a young woman have a miscarriage right there in the waiting room.
She had been waiting just as long as the rest of us - and in the end she would go home without a baby in her arms :( Some people gave up waiting and left after being there for a few hours.  I didn't even want to get up to use the washroom incase we got called in and missed our turn. Papa and Grandma and James arrived to keep us company and brought us coffee and cinnamon buns :) What a treat after just sitting there for so long (Thanks so much for that!) After being there for four hours we made it into a room. Another gruelling wait for the doctor to arrive (two more hours) and a very sleepy Daniel was casted up and ready to go home. "Can I sleep on the couch?" he asked as we left the hospital parking lot. "Sure buddy," I said. "You can even stay home from school tomorrow if you want to."
On Sunday after church we usually have our family over for lunch. I planned a delicious lunch and got the barbeque fired up as soon as we came home. We were having ribs!!!! One of the kid's favourites :) (probably because they can eat them with their hands and get messy without Mom having a fit) As always, Sunday's are a little hectic. I am so excited to have adult company that I tend to neglect things here and there. My Hubby normally does all the barbequing and I do the indoor cooking. But he had plans after service so we were having lunch without him. The kids hollered to me off and on to let me know when the barbeque was smoking and I went out to flip the ribs, add the sauce, etc.... but then I got caught up chatting with "adults" and neglected the ribs...... those poor ribs :(
I used to have a problem with cooking - I just didn't have enough time to do it! LOL. So I would cook everything on high and often ended up with a burnt mess. You could always tell when it was dinner time. The smoke alarm would be beeping that annoying high pitched shrill sound and the kiddlings would all be announcing "Mom's cooking!" loudly from wherever they were in the house. I used to be concerned that if we ever did have a fire in our house none of them would respond to the smoke detector except to call out "Mom's cooking!" from their beds as they were burned alive. But I haven't had that problem in such a long time. I had learned to slow down and cook on Medium :) I haven't burned anything in a very long time..... until those ribs :( I don't even know how it happened but when I went to pull them off the barbeque all I could find was a charred mess. I understand the concept of cremation now ..... even the bones were disintegrating as I took them out of the barbeque. Those Charbeque Ribs weren't even edible :( but the Teenager and Papa tried to salvage some of it.... they looked like they had been chewing on charcoal by the time they gave up on the challenge. (well actually I guess they were chewing on charcoal weren't they?) All was not lost - the barbeque was still hot so we threw some burgers on ... lunch just took a little longer than expected. I was just very thankful that I hadn't invited anyone else over for lunch .... how embarrassing would that have been?
Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:
*Daniel was in the backyard by himself one day and Grandma overheard him singing this song;
I just get in trouble by myself
I'm gonna be in trouble by myself
I don't know why, just I get in trouble and I'm gonna go to bed
'Cause I get myself in trouble
I don't know why!
*Daniel had come to church with me to set up things for Sunday school. When we were finished we got into the van and drove back home. When we pulled in the driveway, Daniel had a serious look on his face and a solemn tone in his voice. "I knew I wasn't allowed to drink in the van when we we're driving so I put my pop in the cup holder Mommy, cause only bad people drink and drive and I don't want to go to jail" He said.
*I was doing dishes one day and turned around to find The Baby pulling the bottle of dish soap out of the cupboard. Little Susan saw her and exclaimed "Baby, No! That's for when you say bad words!"
*Little Susan was missing Grandma the other day. "When's Grandma coming home with us? Her not coming home yet" She pouted.
Here are a few funnies from Grandma's Archives:
Golden Nuggets = nibblet corn
Snow Caps = cottage cheese
Silver Dollars = tiny pancakes
Skin Milk = that's milk with no fat in it - just skin.
Nerd = a name they call eachother. I think it's the same as dummy.
Doing a Hawker = jumping off the bars at school.
I wanted to include a video clip I created a while ago. My husband is a practical joker and needed to be taught a lesson..... so enjoy and have an incredible week :)



  1. Very funny honey! Im sure looking forward to your turn!
    Love you babe!

  2. As usual, the blog was amazing mommy! You always do a great job! I can't wait to read your next blog!