Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"GASP! We're having LION for supper?!?!?" Shane screamed.

I drove down the dirt road slowly edging my way toward the stop sign.I could hear the crunching of stones beneath my tires. `The grader has been out already this morning` I mentally observed. As I glanced left down the road, and then right I noticed it briefly out of the corner of my eye. The large black bird, a crow perhaps, sitting still on the post at the side of the road. `He must be enjoying the warmth of the sun on his shiny black feathers` I thought to myself as I pulled away from the stop sign and headed for home.
The very next day as I ventured back toward town I saw him again at the last minute as I drove past that corner . Resting in the very same spot as he did the day before. What a smart bird, he must be a creature of habit I mused. In the weeks that followed I occasionally took notice of the lonely black bird waiting patiently on the stump as I drove past that corner. Sometimes I saw him, sometimes I didn`t.... depending on how observant I was that day. One morning as I drove by that corner, my head swimming with the many items on my shopping list, I caught a glimpse of the big guy once again looking alert on his favourite roadside stump. I was amazed at how consistent he was. It didn`t matter what time it was that I happened to pass by this dirt road intersection, my feathered friend was faithfully waiting there. Surely he has a home of some sort nearby, why else would he hang around day after day, week after week? Then it dawned on me, one blustery winter morning as my vehicle approached the stop sign once again. I caught sight of my fluffy friend dutifully guarding his post as fat white snowflakes falling from the sky swirled around him. The snow was piled an inch or so thick on his head and atop his shoulders, there was a little mound of the white stuff collecting on his tail......wait a minute......WAIT A MINUTE..... THIS BIRD ISN'T ALIVE...HE ISN'T EVEN REAL..... HE'S PLASTIC! How could I have been so blind? Why didn't I see it before? It was so obvious...of course it was a fake bird...he had only been sitting out there on that stump every hour of every day for the past few months! Who in their right mind couldn't tell the difference between a real crow and a fake feathered piece of styro foam? Upon closer examination I was even more embarrassed at my lack of judgement, the bird was pathetic. His feathers were worn and weathered and he had an odd, white bald patch on his head where feathers had once been glued in place but were now no where to be seen. He was pathetic looking. So as I hung my head in shame (at having been duped by a fake) I spilled into the van and drove home, disheartened and grumbling and feeling a little silly about the whole bogus bird thing.
In the weeks that followed, each time I drove past the little fraud I felt a sense of disgust. "You may have tricked me before but look at you now" I seethed through the window. "You're pathetic! You're alone and falling apart, one feather at a time." Eventually the Baby picked up on my "relationship" with this counterfeit crow and began anticipating the drive past the corner, just so she could get a glimpse of him. "He's a pathetic bird, right Mama?" She loved to inform her siblings about the bird's lack of vitality. "He just sits there," she'd say "He's pathetic." One day as we drove past the phony yet again, the Baby piped up and said "Look at that pathetic bird, he doesn't even have any friends....maybe he's lonely?" We continued on to the mall and forgot all about our lonely, pitiful pathetic bird until while browsing through the dollar store an idea struck me. As I stood in front of the craft supplies I spotted an assortment of small craft-type birdies I giggled at the thought of fastening a little bird or two to the post that pathetic crow was stuck on....just to give him a few friends and make his pathetic existence a little less dreary.
I continued on down the aisle pushing my cart past crayons, scissors, chalkboard and the like as I ran the `morning after`scenario through my mind. Of course we would have to pull off this scheme under the cover of night. How else could you explain to the police or anyone else why you were securing little colourful birds to some stranger`s post at the edge of the road. And what would the home owner think waking up the next day to find that her pathetic bird had brought guests home with him? Would that homeowner welcome the sense of "mystery" the unexpected friends would create? I got giddy as I pondered the possibilities. This could be ALOT of fun. I turned my shopping cart around and retrieved the package of craft birds, smiling mischieviously as I set them in the cart. "What's that for Mama?" my little one probed. "We're gonna have some fun dolly, we're gonna make that pathetic bird a little less pathetic." I mused.
Later that night, armed with my bright little craft bird and my mother (every shady character who sneaks around in the darkness has an accomplice, mine happened to be Grandma Windsor) we drove over to that corner, a sense of anticipation filled the van. As I drove ever so slowly past the post Grandma leaned far out the window and fastened the little bird to the back of that old pathetic bird. "There," she said with a note of satisfaction in her voice as she settled back into the seat and clipped up her seat belt "That's what you call a drive-by birding." We sped away before we could be seen and giggled like school girls all the way home contemplating the reaction that home owner would have the next day upon discovering the new feathered friend who had taken up residence on the back of that pathetic old crow. 'You did WHAT?!?" my husband asked wide eyed and baffled. "WHY would you do something like that? Don't you know you could get charged with public mischief?" he challenged. "For what?" I shot back "for gifting someone with a cute little birdie? I didn't damage or steal anything, I left them a gift... you can't get fined for THAT!" "Honey, you can't just sneak around at night, touching other people's belongings...." he went on. "Whatever!" I countered. "I didn't do anything illegal, I just left them a present...and it felt great! We HAVE to do that again..... as soon as I find another cute bird..."
So that's how it began. It has grown into something bigger than I imagined. We typically try to plant a new bird every two to three weeks or so. My regular midnight accomplice is now my Teenager. She does the deed and I drive the get a way car. We sneak out to the Pathetic Bird (yes we all still call him that, but it has become his pet name now, not an insult) and fasten whatever new treasure of a bird I have found to add to our collection. No we have not been caught.... yet, and yes the home owner LOVES this charade. How do we know for sure? Well, the bird post was getting a little crowded. We were trying to find creative ways of securing the birds with limited space when we drove by one day and realized the home owner had made an adjustment to the post. She had taken two squares of wooden parquet flooring and secured it to the top of the post and fastened the birds on top of that, giving them more room, and leaving us with more room to add more feathered friends.
We were very excited upon discovering the improvement. The only problem was, when The Teenager tried to staple a new bird to the board in the darkness one night she realized the wooden squares were flimsy and not very secure. She did manage to secure the bird but we vowed to make a better platform for this pathetic bird and his friends. A few weeks later when the Teenager strolled in from work late in the evening I excitedly guided her to the garage where I had been preparing for a midnight car ride to a dark side road. My loving husband helped me cut a new pine plank to use as a base for Pathetic Bird and his buddies, (so much for worrying about our criminal records) he even helped me get the screws started into the wood to make the Teenager's task a little easier in the darkness, after all, a cordless drill, staple gun, and new bird are quite the armload to carry into the shadows at the side of the road, while trying to be discreet and unseen. We discussed our plan and loaded the tools into the vehicle. As we approached the dirt road intersection I turned the corner and pulled off the road to our "usual" place. I instructed the Teenager to go to the post and remove the old parquet planks, birds and all and bring them back to the vehicle so we could fasten them to the new board before securing the new board to the post. It seemed easy enough.... but the traffic was a little heavy that night, pretty odd for an old dirt road after midnight, and the Teenager kept having to drop the tools and run for cover into the bushes until the cars passed by. I wondered aloud what was taking her so long as I pretended to use my cell phone while pulled over at the side of the road, hoping no 'good Samaritans' would stop to ask if I needed help. She eventually came creeping through the tall grass to the side of the vehicle. "Get in quick, what took you so long?" I whispered. "It was stuck, really stuck." she complained. "I had a hard time pulling it off the post, and then all the crazy traffic kept me diving back into the bushes, where the heck did all those cars come from?" Ok, lets just get this done fast, before we're discovered." I rushed on. We removed the birds from the old board and reassembled them onto the new board, securing them with staples and wire.
We added a new bird to the group and then the Teenager went out into the darkness armed with the family of birds on the new pine plank and power tools. "Be careful!" I whispered after her. Quite a few minutes later she throws open the door breathlessly hissing "That was close! The traffic is still bad, and that drill is so LOUD!" We drove off down the side road basking in the adrenaline rush we've come to enjoy after "planting a new bird" in the night. "I have a great idea for our next one..." I sigh as we head for home.

~Here Are a Few Funnies From Our House To Yours~

* While Grandma was preparing supper Daniel wandered into the kitchen. He gasped loudly and exclaimed "POISON SAUCE??? You're putting POISON sauce in our food?!?!"
(the bottle said Hoison Sauce)
* Nicholas approached me one afternoon, "Know what I don't understand Mom? People call other people 'Red Necks', when they don't even HAVE a red neck.... what colour is YOUR neck Mom?"
* While discussing our family tree it was mentioned that Daddy's Grandma died back in 1982. "Was that back in the black and white times Mom?" inquired Shane.
* The Baby can't have gluten or dairy. "I'm allergich" she tells people.
* While discussing seasonal allergies with Nicholas, Little Susan contributes "My nose is runny am I allergic to summer?"
* While getting dressed in the morning I reminded the Baby to change her panties. "Why?" she questioned "Is there butt juice on them?"
* As Grandma prepared dinner one evening Shane happened into the kitchen. "GASP! We're having LION for supper?!?!? He asked with wild excitement. "What?" said Dad, a little taken aback. "LION, we're having LION for supper" Shane screamed again as he pointed to the package of PORK LOIN on the kitchen counter. hahahaha
* I think my grandchildren are; how should I put this? "getting used to" the fact that Grandma has a lung condition. To them my oxygen is just a part of Grandma and who she is. This was confirmed at dinner the other day when (Daddy was out) grand daughter Susan had asked me if I had made anything 'crafty' for Father's Day like she had. I replied "No, because my daddy is in heaven with Jesus." Grandson Nicholas asked innocently "What did he die from?" "Well," I replied "He had kind of the same thing that Grandma has." Astonished and puzzled he questioningly stated "Arthritis?!?"

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* Elijah was learning about the "Bubonic plague" at school today and he said it was called the "Platonic plague" I guess they were really close friends! Lol
Submitted By Cherie B, Chatham

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Lucy :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

"OH LOOK! He's having babies on my fries!"

I was sitting in a local restaurant with Grandma, the Teenager, and The Baby. The sun was shining brightly through the window blinds, warming up the table top while we waited for our lunch to be served.  The baby was happily feasting on her french fries that had already arrived when I noticed an all too familiar sight. There was a fly buzzing around the table and it kept landing on her fries. The Baby thinks that all flies are her friends. She has ALWAYS believed this, from as far back as I can remember. They seem to follow her everywhere (especially in her earlier years when she always smelled like poop)  So, flies are her friends and she often gets upset when we swat them away. She gets down right nasty when we pull the fly swatter out! "Don't kill it!" she yells "he's my friend, he loves me."
There is one fly in particular who travels in the van with us, he sits on the ceiling near the Baby's car seat and she talks to it like it's her best buddy.  Anyway, in the restaurant this "friendly fly" kept landing on her french fries. I swatted at it to shoo it away. "Don't kill it!" she yelled loudly as everyone turned to look at us. "Don't let him land on your food baby." I reasoned with her. A few minutes later she squealed with delight. "OH LOOK! He's having babies on my fries!" My eyes grew wide as I stared at my Teenager next to me. 'Oh look it - there's one..." the Baby cooed.  Oh dear Lord! If it wouldn't have been too obvious I would have crawled under the table right there to escape the scrutinizing stares of the restaurant patrons. "Alright girls," I managed "it's time to go!"

~ Here's a Few Funnies From our House to Yours ~ 
* "Aunt Kim drives an ambiance" says the baby.

* "Was that a BJ?" asked the Baby. "That WAS a BJ!" She squealed. (found out later a BJ is a blue jay, Oh silly Mama)

*The Baby just finished brushing her teeth. "Smell my BRESS (haaaaaa, she suddenly breathes in my face) it don't stinks, it smells tasty!" she states.

*Nicholas was learning about 'political parties of Canada' at school. On his paper he wrote: John A Macdonald, 1815-1891, Conservative Party. Then he looked up at me in all seriousness and asked "Mom, did John A Macdonald have a farm?"

*Grandma had been rubbing The baby's belly on the couch. The baby was appreciative but a little concerned. "Grandma your hands are all ripped up." she informed her. (rough and dry)

*Grandma and the Baby were sitting on the couch together. When Grandma would stretch or move her ankles would crack or her neck would crack. Grandma claimed it was her "old bones." The Baby became alarmed and said "I have calcium chews for strong bones, I don't want to be Grandma."

*At the dinner table on night the Baby exclaimed "I have lots of broccoli in my bum .... I smell it"

*Daddy was sitting in his chair without a shirt on. The Baby began giggling and pointed at daddy. "I see you boobies! You got little boobies like me and Grandma!"

*While doing homework Daniel proudly exclaimed " I got Emma's phone number today." Nicholas looked at him with a weird expression on his face and countered "Why do you want a GIRL'S phone number? That's just creepy!"

* I overheard some of my kiddos singing a song rather loudly in the kitchen "save a horse, ride a cowboy...." The Nicholas hollered to me and asked "Mom, what does that even mean? Why do you want to save a horse and how can you ride a cowboy?!?"
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* I just told the kids they could go visit our elderly neighbour down the street. Nick says "I am surprised she's still alive" Gabby says "Don't you know people who are really nice live for a long time?" Nick says "It doesn't mean they are nice, they are just healthy!"

Submitted by Veronica A. Windsor, Ontario

* Penelope (our cat) is in constant heat. The kids ask why she makes that noise and is always rubbing against things? I just nicely tell them that its because she wants to have babies. They have adapted and move on.

Today she was being particularly affectionate toward the 24 box of KD, and purring like crazy to which Harley replies "No Pennel, you cannot have Kraft Dinner babies. You won't know if you should eat them or love them."
Submitted by Roxanne Lock Chatham, Ontario

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

There are few things more humbling than getting naked in a public change room....

There are few things more humbling than getting naked in a public change room..... hey, here`s one of those things.....
We like to take our whole herd of kiddlings to the YMCA on Friday nights. (Well `like` is a strong word, we have determined to take them each week might better describe our intention) As much as we`d love to have an out-of-this-world adventure with our little ones each time we pile into two separate vehicles to go anywhere fun, outings like this are never what you imagine them to be and fun isn`t really the word I would choose to label it. Before we even leave the house the tension level is high....and climbing.
"Do you have your bathing suits and towels? Leave your brother alone! Did you remember your swipy card thingy? Don't forget a hair brush girls, oh and  pony tails to pull your hair back. Did you get The Baby's towel while you were getting yours? Stop hitting your brother! Do you boys have deodorant in your gym bags? Clean underwear! Don't forget clean underwear! I said STOP hitting your brother! Where's your father anyway? Why do you still have wet clothes in your bag from last week? Nicholas! Remember to bring your ear plugs honey. Oh dear Lord, did I forget to shave again!?! If I have to tell you to leave your brother alone again you're not coming! Don't forget your locks, let's go, Dad is waiting in the driveway. Does everyone have their gym bags? Are we ready? lets go!"
{Divide seven children and all their gym bags & swim gear up between two vehicles. The boys ride with Dad in the Jeep of course....way cooler than the mini van}
The lady behind the desk at the YMCA pasted on her best "Welcome to the Y" smile as she saw the herd approaching....but you could see the fear in her eyes. "I get to swipe my card first!" whines one,  No I do!" shouts another. "Mine doesn't work!" cries a boy...or is that a girl? "Turn it around" corrects Dad. "No fair! He swiped his card two times, I only got to do it once, I want to do it again!" says the short blonde haired boy. "Give. me. those . cards,  I'll  . do  .  it!"  I hiss through gritted teeth. "Whose bright idea was this anyway?" I think to myself as I swipe each child's membership card through the card reader.
The kind lady behind the desk continues to smile (perhaps it's a grimace) as we gather the children and head toward the change rooms. Dad takes the boys and Mom takes the girls, although they have a "family change room" we couldn't handle it...... someone would get hurt.
"Okay hon, I'll see you in the pool in a while, you can handle the kids can't you? I want to get my work out in first" I add quickly as I disappear through the doorway into the ladies locker room.  Once the girls are changed into their swim suits and showered I usher them toward the swimming pool to find Dad and make a hasty retreat to the gym. "Ahhhh, peace and quiet." Well if you consider a couple dozen sweaty, grunting people huffing and puffing their way through their personal workout programs solitude.... I do. I no longer have the energy to chase my wild 4 year old through the house when she's on a terrorist mission but I can kick butt on the elliptical for 30 minutes with a smile on my face.
And before you know it my work out is done and I have to wander back to the swimming pool area to join my Husband and children. What's this? The kiddlings are toweling off and heading to the change rooms. "Oh dear, that workout took a little longer than I expected." I coyly whined to my husband, "I'm sorry I couldn't join you guys....did you have fun swimming?" The "are you kidding me" look he shot back spoke volumes. "Come on girls, let's go shower and change" I said brightly as I redirected the girls to the locker room.
The Teenager, Little Susan and Latoya can take care of themselves in the change room. The Baby on the other hand requires hands-on supervision at all times to restrain her from climbing under bathroom stall doors or bursting through plastic shower curtains scaring unsuspecting ladies in mid-shower. So into the shower we go. Together. She is mildly entertained by the water rushing down the drain and the shampoo bubbles splattering on the floor. When she looks up and takes a step back with a wide grin on her face I know I'm in for some pre schooler scrutiny. "I see your bum." she says matter of factly. "It looks funny." "Thanks Baby," I reply "I grew it myself." She laughs at me as she inches closer with the loofa sponge. "I'm gonna wash you" she says with a smile. "No thanks hon, I got this" I inform her as I grab the loofa and put shampoo in her hair.... that will keep her busy. Minutes later in the locker room we are drying off and trying to wiggle our still damp bodies into our clothes when I notice Latoya watching me dress with an odd expression on her face. I turned my back to her and continued to manipulate myself into my clothes. I was having difficulty with my bra when I noticed her staring again. "Latoya, don't stare, it's rude!" I chastened. "Mama, can I ask you something?" she said in a somewhat embarrassed but awe filled voice. "Sure honey, what is it?" I casually replied, still fussing with my undergarment. "Are they supposed to do that? she said in wonder.
I readjusted myself and looked at her and realized she was staring in horror at my bra."Are what supposed to do what?" I inquired. Cautiously she said "Are they supposed to fold back up like that when you put your bra on?
Well..... what can you say to that?

~Here's a Few Funnies From our House to ours~

Shane approached me in the kitchen and said "Mom, my glasses feel really soft (light." "What do you mean Buddy?" I replied. "I can't even feel them on." he said excitedly. "You don't have them on....." I informed him. "Oh." he said as he reached up to feel for them and noticed they weren't there.

The Baby announced loudly "I got cheese in my butt and I'm gonna fart!" Little Susan clarified it for the onlookers by explaining that the Baby had too much cheese the night before.

The Baby was laying in her bed looking at books during "quiet time" (her alternative to nap time). Suddenly I heard her belting out "I'm sexy and I know it...." in her loudest singing voice. {Where do they come up with this stuff?!?}

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Too funny.... The doctor just told gabby she wanted to check her nerve so gabby says "what's a nerve? Is that the thing inside you that gets you angry?"
I think she has heard me say you are getting on my nerves a few to many times.
Submitted by Veronica A from Windsor

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Lovin' the sunshine today, be blessed!

Monday, March 18, 2013

You Know it's Love "Wen"....

It's about this time of year my husband and I begin to prepare our annual "marriage enrichment classes" for church. We've used the same material for more than five years now and felt it was time for something fresh so we browsed a ton of "marriage books" and finally came across a faith-based "small group" type of study we felt spoke to REAL couples living out this thing called marriage in 2013.{ REAL Marriage, The truth about sex, friendship, and life together by Mark & Grace Driscoll.} It's also about this time of year that we tend to get (feisty, cranky, self righteous) on each other's nerves a little quicker, have a little less patience with one another, and seem to disagree a little more often.... maybe it's just me, or maybe it's the content of the marriage books that bring out "the good, the bad, and the ugly" in both of us. Nothing's more humbling (or annoying) than realizing "you're not all that" and that you may have a few flaws to work through :) Regardless of the perilous preparation, we love presenting the marriage classes to couples at church and not just for their benefit... it helps us remain connected and keeps us teachable. We are real people working through a real marriage (yes sometimes it IS work) and these annual marriage classes are just the thing to keep us from becoming self-centered Divas while we learn to minister to our spouse and honor Christ throughout our marital journey. Does it really work??? Of course it does..... One night after the herd was all tucked into their beds and Grandma had retired to her room for the evening, we were laying in bed
together.... well, I was sprawled across the end of the bed playing candy crush on the tablet and he was tucked under the covers watching television through one eye (the other one was ""resting")...anyway, an infomercial came on for the 'WEN healthy hair care system'. I watched the infomercial for a bit and commented out loud that "I had always wanted to try that stuff to see if it really did all it claimed to do...." a few minutes later my husband slid out of bed and left the room, returning a moment later with the telephone in one hand and his credit card in the other. I stopped him as he began dialing the phone. "Who are you calling?" I asked (my heart swelling with love for this man who constantly surprises me in so many ways) "I'm calling to get you the hair stuff you always wanted...." he replied as he continued to dial. 'No, no, stop...I don't want it." I stammered as he looked at me bewildered (he looks at me like that often) "I thought you said you wanted it?" he offered. "No, I don't need was just something I wondered about and thought I might like, I really don't need it....thank you though - that's very thoughtful" He hung up the phone, shrugged and put his credit card back in his wallet and slid back under the covers..... "good night hon, I love you" he said. And I knew he did (love me) because he HEARD me..... I can't tell you how wonderfully loved that made me feel. That one incident spoke volumes to me.  He HEARD me, he really heard me - and he wanted to do something about it.... I LOVE that guy :)

~ Here's A Few Funnies From Our House To Yours ~

*The Baby noticed my heart tattoo on my chest when my shirt shifted to one side. She was very intrigued and asked if she could have it. I tried to explain to her that it was in my skin and couldn't come off. I could tell that she obviously didn't understand what I was saying to her because she excitedly shot back "Mama, you can take it off with scissors!"

* At 6 am I heard her (The Baby) calling so I stumbled out of bed and opened the door to her room. "I called you and you comed" she said incredulously "You love me!" hahaha

* Laying in bed with a cool cloth on her head, The Baby called to me. "Can you take my TENT A PUR?" she asked. (temperature)

* Latoya was busy playing a game on the tablet with her siblings hovering around watching when she announced "I really don't like people crowding around when I am trying to do something. That's how I get EXTRACTED." (distracted)

* On the way home from church I had to stop at the store for a few things. As I pulled out onto the road and began driving home I opened a flavoured water and set it in the cup holder. I noticed the quiet hush settle over the van and looked in the rear view mirror to see what the girls were up too. I noticed them staring at me with an odd look of concern in their eyes. Latoya and Little Susan were sitting close to each other whispering. As I contemplated their weird behaviour I grabbed the bottle of water and took a drink. Someone gasped! "Mommy, are you allowed to do that" Latoya asked sheepishly. "Do what?" I replied. "Drink and drive?" she questioned. "What???" I stammered. "What did Justin Bieber go to jail for? wasn't it drinking and driving?" she questioned me further. "Yes Latoya, but that was for drinking ALCOHOL and then driving. You can't drink alcohol and then drive." I quickly explained trying to hide my grin.  "Oh" She said with noticeable relief. "So it's okay to drink water, and milk, and pop, and juice while you drive but not AKAHUL." She summarized.

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*. I was showing Gabby my abs and asked if she could see the definition line starting (hopeful thinking on my part ) and she pointed to a stretch mark and said " No Mom, but I see this one real good".
Submitted by Veronica A. from Windsor

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Make the best of this cool weather and enjoy cuddling with the one you love!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby Jesus in the Cheese Grater.

The holidays are upon us. I don't even know where the past two months went. The last thing I remember was preparing for the harvest Party at church at the end of October and suddenly Christmas is here and the New Year is right behind it. Where does the time go?!?!? I want to take the opportunity to wish all my Fish Bowl readers a very Merry Christmas season. I pray an abundance of blessings, wisdom, health and happiness for you all in the New Year.
Having seven kiddlings, I need to be very organized and extra stealthy at this time of year. Every present brought into the house must be wrapped and gift tagged immediately then hidden away from little prying eyes. I thought this year was going to be the very best yet as I finally had a CLOSET, not just any closet but a SUPER CLOSET! When we had the addition built we had a large closet put in along the length of one wall to house all our clothing, especially all my Diva's (Oops, I mean my husband's) clothes, and to provide a little more storage space.
This would be the perfect place to hide the little darlings Christmas gifts....or so I thought! I was amazed at how much stuff I was able to neatly stack in the closet. The shelf is wide and much room! But during lunch one afternoon Grandma and I sat in the kitchen chatting over a sandwich when suddenly...CRASH!!!! "What the heck was that?!" We both hollered as we ran toward the bedrooms. She darted to her room and I investigated mine. I threw open the closet door to find...... a mess!
I am not sure if it was contractor error, organizer error, or a combination of the two but I was not thrilled with having to re wrap and re organize my stash of gifts.
I woke up at 5:45 am one morning to an odd sound in the distance. "Clink, clink, clink, clink." It was a soft metallic type of sound and I couldn't quite figure out what it was. I slipped out of bed and quietly crept down the hall toward the source of the sound. My heart sunk when I noticed the Baby's bedroom door was ajar. The gate was still locked but she was not in her room. Someone had forgotten to chain her door at bedtime and she had climbed the gate and escaped. I ran for the source of the noise knowing whatever it was, she would be the cause of it. As I rounded the corner into the kitchen I saw her. Sitting on the floor in the dim light of the early morning, her back against the cupboards, and the bottom drawer pulled all the way out.
She was dropping plastic nativity scene figures, piece by piece into the cheese grater. "Clink, clink, clink...." The rhythmic sound of the plastic hitting the metal of the grater was soothing to her and held her attention. In her left hand she held a small wax birthday cake (that's been in the family since I was little). When she looked up and noticed me she held the wax cake out as if offering it to me. "I bit it" she said "here, smell my breath."  I giggled to myself and breathed a sigh of relief. She could have wandered anywhere in the house getting into all sorts of trouble as we slept but instead here she was safe and sound in the kitchen playing with baby Jesus in the cheese grater.
I felt very grateful (no pun intended). That seems to be the theme for me this year... gratefulness. For all the things I have AND for all the things I don't have, I am grateful.
I'm sure I am not alone in my mindset this time of year. This is the season to look back and reminisce and then to look ahead and dream. At least it is for me :)
In my reminiscing I went back throughout the past two years in my blog posts and spent a lot of time laughing out loud over the memories stored there. I thought it would be fun for my Fish Bowl readers to "go back" there too and share a few laughs with me so I designed another cool CONTEST!!!! Yes, you heard it right... the final Fish Bowl CONTEST of 2012. Win a Napoleon Dynamite DVD!!!!!
Here are the details:
* The contest will run from now (Monday December 31, 2012) through midnight of Sunday January 6th, 2013.
* The contest winner will be notified of their win and will receive their prize immediately. Their identity will be published in the next Fish Bowl blog post.
* Listed below are ten phrases. Each phrase can be found in one of the previously archived Fish Bowl Blog posts. The archived listing of posts can be found on the right hand side of the page under "Archives".
* Search the past Fish Bowl posts to find the 10 phrases listed and let us know where you found them (either the title of the post or the date the post was published). Example: 1. "Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, Across the carpet. BANG." your answer would be #1. December 6, 2012.
* Post your answers in the comment section below or email them to me. Be sure to include your name and email address.
* To win, you must find all 10 phrases and their correct locations All correct entries received by the deadline will be entered into a draw for the Prize (a Napoleon Dynamite DVD). The draw will take place on January 6th, 2013 at midnight.

Phrases to Find
1. "Mom, come quick!  Susan and Latoya have their pants off and they're pooping in the snow!"
2. "Mom did it .... I saw her." Shouted a little one. "Daddy's gonna be maaaaaad."
3. I didn't even say those bad words that pop into your head and out of your mouth before you can hold them back in situations such as this.
4. A "pack of children" is much like a pack of wild dogs. They move as one. When one of them gets a bright idea, they all move together to carry it out.
5. It was the same kind of look in his eyes that he had the morning after his "big operation" when he bent down to clean himself and realized "something wasn't quite right."....
6. "Ewww, that's so gross! They're spreading germs!" and another screams "Look - he's eating her face!"
7. "....I wouldn't have changed a thing about how I became their mom, I am just so thankful that I am."
8. What I really would have preferred was a quiet sunrise in a dew covered duck blind cuddled up next to My Hunter waiting with great anticipation....
9. then he'll scream like a girl when he pulls the visor down and the pixie falls on to his lap.
10. My husband drew closer to me and with a hint of sarcasm in his voice said "Hey Babe, I have an idea, let's have seven kids!" Then he rolled over and pulled the covers over his head. 

*Here's a Few Funnies From Our House to Yours*

* Teenager: Baby, you need to eat your food! Hurry up!
   The Baby: (sticks pointer finger at the Teenager) Don't you get lippy with me lady!
   Teenager: Eat your food Baby!
   The Baby: Don't raise your voice at me Teenager!

*The Baby comes home from school and announces to everyone that she likes to play the P-NANO now. (piano)

*The Baby likes to cuddle with Daddy. One day as she sits on his lap gazing into his eyes she points to a small skin tag on his eye lid. "It's a nipple!" she squeals with glee.

* Our dogs were recently breeding and the Baby happened to catch a view of the action. She got very excited and cheered them on. "Good girl Emma! You're doing it! Look it! Good boy Buzzy!  He's helping her get the babies out." she explained

*The Baby noticed that a light bulb had burnt out in the kitchen. :Mommy, the batteries runned out!" she exclaimed.

*The baby was sitting with Daddy. She reached over and patted his belly. "You've got a big belly Daddy." "Yup." he said flatly. "You gonna have a baby?" she inquired innocently. 

*As we wandered down the produce aisle I pointed out several fruits and veggies to the Baby. "Do you know what this is?" I asked as she shook her head no. "It's a zucchini" I informed her. "I have a zucchini" she said with animation "it's my bathing suit."

*The Baby was talking to Grandma while eating. She began pointing and giggling. "Grandma you have crumpled faces" she said as she pointed to the wrinkles around Grandma's lips. 

Subscribers Stories

Introducing a new area of the tank.... Subscribers Stories! Do you have a funny or or cute story to share? Want to have it included in the "Subscribers Stories" section of The Fish Bowl? Just email me your story and I 'll include it in a future edition of The Fish Bowl. Please include your name and email address with all submissions.

* We were in line at Shoppers and Gabby decides to run to the front of the store and redecorate their tree and "fix" the tree skirt. Of course I'm telling her to leave it alone and get back in line and she says "What are they thinking, they can't expect Santa to come unless the tree is perfect." (This is my niece and I had to share with all my co-workers)
Submitted by Corrine S, Windsor, Ontario

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~ Be Blessed,

Thursday, December 6, 2012

I move around with great stealth, like a ninja in my own home - trying not to be seen

I stretch and yawn and roll over in my bed still warm  and groggy from a cozy night's sleep. I slide out from under the covers and let my feet dangle over the side of the bed letting my eyes adjust to the darkness as I search for my well-worn wool slippers. I slip out of the bedroom soundlessly taking care not to awaken my husband. I NEED to stop in to the bathroom for a nature call, it IS first thing in the morning after all but how to do it without waking HER? 'Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle' across the carpet 'BANG' I hit the edge of the doorway with my knee! "Ooooooh" I moan inwardly as I feel my way along the wall, across the counter and sink and finally over to the toilet. I move around with great stealth, like a ninja in my own home - trying not to be seen.  "This would be so much easier to do with the lights on" I reason with myself. As I settle down onto the seat I peer out the bathroom blinds anxiously I can feel that familiar anxiety crawling up my spine. Listening so intently I wash my hands and creep out of the dark bathroom toward the kitchen. "BANG!" Stupid chair...who left that out? As I quietly creep toward the kitchen (rubbing my shin) I avoid walking past the windows. Ever so quietly I reach for the dimmer switch and pause. "I can't turn it on...she'll see it. But I need to be able to see to get the coffee going and the kids lunches made...." I compromise with myself and turn the light on 'just a little bit.' I listen intently and breathe a sigh of relief.... "Phew, nothing....." I'm feeling a little daring so I turn the light switch up a little more basking the room in a faint but warm glow. Just as I pull my hand away from the switch THERE IT IS! That noise that send shivers down my spine and wakes up every nerve in my body. From outside in the darkness the beast is stirring, the sound of nails on a chalk board might be more desirous than this.
It doesn't matter how quiet I am, how long I creep around in the dark (in my own home) and avoid turning on the lights or how still and away from the windows I stand, she always hears it and at about 6:30 am every morning she lets out those terrifying sounds guaranteed to send the wild coyotes running for cover. She's smart....she can tell time by watching the sun rise.... the slightest sound or movement from inside the house sends her into a frenzied fit of braying certain to wake up all the neighbours within a five mile radius.  I am hoping to catch my neighbours grand kids visiting across the road this weekend. I want to offer them some pony rides and "make friends" just to stay on their good side and head off any noise complaints. In any case, I will make a point of introducing them to Jenny, our beautiful miniature donkey in hopes that they will come to love her as much as we do and just perhaps politely tolerate her early morning wake up calls :)
I may hold off on letting them know that Jenny is pregnant and that sometime in July we expect another pretty little "noise maker" to join our family!

*Here's a Few Funnies From Our House to Yours*

* The Teenager recently had knee surgery. I had an audience of kiddlings while I changed her bandages one afternoon.  They ooohed and ahhed and gagged a bit here and there. When I was finished I overheard Little Susan saying to the Teenager "I miss your regular knee."

* The Baby was trying to befriend Buzzy, our young Shih Tzu pup. I scratched his chest and said "here honey, pet him like this..." and modeled how she should gently scratch him on the chest. She caught on quickly and was delighted that Buzzy sat still to receive her affection. "Look Mama, I'm rubbing his nipple" she said gleefully as she patted his pointy sternum bone on his chest.
Who taught her these words? Why can't she just KNOW them? Why does she have to USE them? I guess I am the guilty party. I believe in truth. Now don't shoot me...but none of my children believe in Santa either. I never could see the point of trying to convince my sweet innocent toddlers to sit on the lap of a fat old guy for the promise of gifts or candy... I mean we teach them NOT to sit on stranger's laps and NOT to take candy from strangers don't we? I guess I just figured I'd have a harder time convincing them that God is real if I lied to them about Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc.... So I guess you could say I am big on truth. I always taught my kiddos the "real" names for body parts instead of sugar coating it and making up fake names for "uncomfortable  appendages." Who wants their kid going to school and during health class innocently mislabeling their body parts "the flower", "the secret place" , or "the birdies nest"? I don't want my kiddlings to sound uneducated and I certainly don't want them being teased  for using odd names for body parts. So I choose to use proper names for body parts as soon as they start asking that all important question..."whats that?" But sometimes that "truth" backfires and causes embarrassment .... like the day we were having lunch at Montanna's in Windsor. The Baby overheard Uncle Tom talking to Daddy about "China." Well she got a funny look on her face and she started questioning rather loudly in a crowded restaurant "Why was Uncle Tom talkin' 'bout ginas?" She is persistent and we tried to ignore her but she wouldn't have it. She needed to know... "Gina? Gina? Why is he talkin' 'bout ginas?" Over and over again she questioned. Needless to say Uncle Tom hasn't invited us out to lunch since then.

* Little Susan and the Baby were playing with their chapsticks one day. I guess they were sharing with each other. "Mommy, our chapsticks are the same appetite (flavour) said Little Susan.

* I overheard Little Susan explaining an important life lesson to the Baby. "The Barn cat had kittens," she said. "The mama cat laid eggs and the kittens came out."

* Little Susan came home and told me about having her teeth checked at school.  "Mommy my teeth are good, they said I have no calories!" she proudly exclaimed.

* The Baby likes the smell of my "doty-rint" (deodorant)

Subscribers Stories
Introducing a new area of the tank.... Subscribers Stories! Do you have a funny or or cute story to share? Want to have it included in the "Subscribers Stories" section of The Fish Bowl? Just email me your story and I 'll include it in a future edition of The Fish Bowl. Please include your name and email address with all submissions.

*I'm sitting at swimming lessons when I went to smell the tube of hand cream that Hannah left in my bag and accidentally shot some up my nose. I don't know if everyone else is just being polite or no one noticed. Either way, i'm lol ing Good thing it smells good.
Submitted by Grace R

*Well I just discovered (a little too late, I might add) that one if my little angels covered the entire toilet seat with... Toothpaste!?!? As I went to investigate farther, I found that the other toilet seat was also a target, leading me to believe that this could have been a team effort. Unfortunately, my main suspect is in lala land already, so I shall take my minty fresh butt to bed so I can be all energized to deal with this in the morning. Regardless, they're all in for a good hand scrubbing before breakfast!
Submitted by Grace R

*The awkward moment when you take out the graham cracker crumbs that have been in the cupboard for over a year & you tell your teen daughter to 'put out your hand' and proceed dump some into her palm then say now 'taste it with your tongue'..... And she touches her tongue to it, just barely and then says with fright 'WHAT'S THAT.... Bug!!' and I haven't been able to stop laughing or crying since!!! Priceless!!! (don't worry family, the desserts made last week were from a NEW package. Tonight I was just trying to use up the old stuff.) this is a moment neither of us will ever forget!!! For completely opposite reasons... But that doesn't matter :)
Submitted By Kimberly L, LaSalle

Blowing Bubbles About....

This week we're blowing bubbles about Grocery Shopping 4 You.
Located in Chatham, Ontario. Owned and operated by Kirk Dawes. 
Providing personalized grocery shopping and delivery from your favourite stores. We you don't have to! Serving the Chatham, Blenheim, Dresden, Ridgetown, Tilbury, Wallaceburg areas.
You can also check them out on Face Book.
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Merry Christmas ~ Be Blessed,

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You Have to Walk Over Poop to be a Man

Ring ring, ring ring....."Hello?" "Hello Madame, can I take a moment of your time to ask you a few questions for our environmental survey? As our way of saying "Thank You" your name will be entered into a draw for some exciting prizes including a trip!"...... (I should have said "No, I don't believe in surveys, or sorry, it's against my religion" but I didn't.) And sure enough a week later I had WON a super prize! A fabulous three day two night vacation for two at a five star resort somewhere in North America! "When is a good time for a representative to stop by and deliver your prize package Madame?" the overly enthusiastic woman chirped on the telephone. "Tomorrow morning at 11:30 is perfect! Oh, by the way.... Our representative will be bringing by one of our products to show you...just to get your opinion on...we're not trying to sell you anything, we just want your honest opinion on this product. So if it's okay with you, our representative will stop by at 11:30 to bring you your fabulous prize package?" (Why didn't I just lock the door, close the blinds and pretend no one was home?) Knock, knock, knock, knock.  "Hello my name is Scott from blah blah blah...." he began as soon as I inched the screen door open. He spoke so quickly I had a difficult time understanding him. He began unloading his large suitcases of equipment into the living room as I stood aside holding the door and silently wondering what I'd gotten myself into. He did all the right things. Complimented my home and it's cleanliness, pretended to adore children as my three year old proudly displayed each dolly she owned and asked him to play, feigned interest in my mother's health and the health of our children in order to win me over. He had a magic suitcase and from it he pulled out a machine that oddly resembled R2D2 from Star Wars. The machine was called "The Defender" (Try it again, in a loud, booming deep voice....THE DEFENDERRRR) This man's enthusiasm for this product was over the top. The more he talked about it the quicker he talked and the more animated he became. I half expected some furry circus animals to jump out of that magic suitcase and perform for us. The Defender is a "room air cleaner" that is recognized by the FDA as a class II medical device.... now that last part is very very important because being recognized by the FDA as a class II medical device costs about as much as a new mammogram machine!
It was about that time that my husband came in from work on his lunch break.  The salesman, obviously pleased to see my husband, went to work on charming the wallet out of his pocket. When my husband mentioned that he was only home briefly and couldn't stay long, the Salesman turned to him and in a serious tone of voice spoke to him man to man... "Oh certainly, I understand you have to go, but do you mind if I ask... is this the type of financial decision your wife can make on her own?" {WHAT?!?!? Did he just say what I think he just said?!?! I sat across from him with my mouth gaping wide open, looking like I just witnessed the rapture and got left behind.} My darling husband, noticing the insulted and dumbfounded look on my face immediately shot back "NO! She is not allowed to make financial decisions." The Salesman stammered and made excuses to cover up his rudeness and quickly went on with his presentation. My husband opted to stick around for a while instead of leaving me alone case I needed his support in making a financial decision perhaps? Hahaha.
My husband reiterated that we were not interested in purchasing anything at this time, and that the woman on the phone who called about the prize we'd won, said that we were not obligated to buy anything they merely wanted our opinion on the product. "Yes of course, but I think you'll agree that anyone who is concerned about their health or the health of their loved ones, anyone who cares about their children and their future, should own the Defender, or perhaps even two of them depending on the size of their home." he went on and on working us from every angle. Guilt, Pride, Medical necessity, an on and on.... He wanted to demonstrate the machine so we showed him to one of the girl's rooms. "Can you smell that?!?" he began. {"Oh God! Smell WHAT??? What did the Baby do now?" I panicked by myself in my head} "That's the smell of stale air most rooms have when the windows are closed tight..... blah, blah, blah," he droned on. He turned the machine on in one of the bedrooms and walked out to the living room to continue with his presentation. Knowing he was not making any headway with us in the sale of the Defender he went back to his magic suitcase and reached inside. A moment later he was fishing out another large piece of machinery that slightly resembled the first one.
"Hey, that's a Filter Queen...... HEY! He's a vacuum cleaner  salesman!" I thought accusingly to myself. His magic suitcase contained a dozen  or so parts and hoses and gizmos that attached to the Filter Queen Vacuum. "Good Lord! He's trying to sell us a flipping vacuum!" my mind screamed within me. My husband who had been pleasant and patient up until now turned to me and rolled his eyes. "I've got to get going" he mouthed silently to me while the Salesman fitted this new machine with some filters and hoses. My eyes grew wide and I sent him my own "unspoken" message "don't you dare leave me alone with this shark!" I said telepathically. He sighed and slumped down into the couch to watch the performance. "Blah, blah, blah ..... suction power vs air flow, blah, blah, blah, washable parts and changeable filters, blah, blah, blah...." and on and on he crooned. After looking over our vacuum and showing us all the bad points about it and telling us how ineffective and inefficient it was, he said to my husband "What would you do if I threw a handful of dirt in your baby's face?" to which my husband raised his eyebrows and slowly replied "I would show you the door." The salesman then countered with "Well that's exactly what this old vacuum of yours does every time your wife turns it on. So what should we do with it? {'Show it to the door' was the response the salesman was fishing for.} As time wore on and my husband grew more and more impatient for this "demonstration" to be over. He was already late in returning to work and would soon be late for a scheduled appointment. "Let's cut to the chase here Mr. Salesman, what is the bottom line? How much are you asking for this pair of modern must-have machines?" he queried. "Well Sir, what value would you place on your home appliances? If you had to replace them today what would you expect to pay...blah, blah, blah..." on and on with the reasoning, guilt and pressure.... when that wasn't working he got more direct and pushy I guess you could say. It turns out, after several calls to his "manager at head office" (any of you who have been in this situation before knows how ridiculous this all really is) and the already fabulous price of $2400.00 could be reduced to $1900.00 if we provided a large food donation to their food drive, traded in our old vacuum (since it was a piece of garbage compared to this miracle machine) and also supplied the salesman with the name and contact info for at least three "friends" (who are home owners and have a full time job) who might be interested in watching the same grueling three hour demonstration we just lived through. We (or should I say My Husband, firmly told him "NO, We are not interested in purchasing anything...." but before he could finish, the well seasoned salesman cut in with ANOTHER free gift offer! He pulled out a shiny sauce pan and lid and began telling us all the benefits of cooking with the complete twelve piece cookware set that we could receive FREE when we "referred three friends" who would watch his demonstration. The Salesman opened his mouth to speak and stuck his foot in it. "Come on, you're a know many people. I am sure there are some older people in your church that could benefit from these great products...." My Husband spoke firmly "First of all, I will NOT give out anyone's contact information to you - that's just not right. Secondly, I don't know anyone who could afford to pay $2000.00 for a vacuum/Air cleaner combo." When he wouldn't take no for an answer my husband had enough. He thanked him for his time and the "free gift" (which would likely cost us a considerable amount to actually use) and began to "help" him tidy up all his supplies. While the Salesman took his time washing out his vacuum, my now heated hubby shoved all the little parts and doodads back into the mans magic suitcase. As the man started trying to strike up another conversation (sales pitch) my husband carried his suitcase to the door and ushered the man out.
We watched the man load up his car and sit in the driveway on his cell phone....likely calling his "manager at the head office" to look for direction. The next time someone calls you to say "You've Won!" BEWARE..... nothing in life is truly FREE now is it?

*Here's a Few Funnies From Our House to Yours*

*The Baby said, " I saw a little bug named 'BeeBeeTots', it peed and pooped on the table. Then it fell and got hurt. It was a boy 'cuz it had a 'peenus' when it peed."

*Daniel: Teenager "I am sorry for my behavior and for lying to you."
 Teenager: "Good, now don't let it happen again!"
 Daniel: (looking upset and disappointed) "I'll try but I always end up doing it again!"

*The Baby: "I am!" (in a snotty voice)
 Grandma: "You owe your mother an apology for talking to her like that!"
 The Baby: "I'm sorry mommy"
 Me: "Thank you" I replied
 The Baby: "You have an apology for me?" she asked in return.

*The Baby: "Mom, what's wrong with your mouth?"
 Me: "What do you mean? There's nothing wrong with my mouth."
 The Baby: "You have words in your mouth!"

*The Baby was looking at a book and commented on the dog's fur in the book. She called it 'feathers.' "Do dogs have feathers?" I asked. "No" she replied. "Do goats have feathers?" I quizzed. "No" she giggled. "Do horses have feathers?" I challenged. "No." She asserted. "Do the chickens have feathers?" I teased. "No." She stated matter of factly. "Well who has feathers then?" I wondered aloud. "Little Susan has feathers! A big one." She answered excited. (Susan had found a sea gull feather and was keeping it in her bedroom)

*While walking through the barn Shane stopped to look at the goats. At that moment Annie brought up some food and started re chewing it (chewing cud). "Eww, she's chewing her CRUD!" "What?" I asked (thinking I didn't hear him correctly) "The goat just puked in her mouth and now she's chewing her CRUD!" Hahahahaha

* Little Susan likes to help with the animals in the barn. She especially likes to clean the germs off her hands with "handitizer" afterward.

* "Is 'contemplated' when you eat too much cheese and can't poo?" asks Shane.

* Daddy's voice was a little deeper and husky one morning because he had a sore throat. "Good morning." He said as he entered the kitchen. I jokingly said "Daddy's going through puberty right now." "What's that?" Shane queried. "It happens when your growing up," I answered "Your voice changes, your body grows hair, your body makes new smells...." Little Susan piped up "Eww, I don't want to catch THAT!"

* Grandma was scolding the Baby for causing mischief and tattling on one of her sister. "Mind your own business!" Grandma firmly told her. "I have a business?!?" the Baby inquired excitedly.

* Daniel told us that he and his brothers had made a boy's and girl's club. "The girl's club is for girls and the boy's club is for boys. But you have to walk through the poop first." (manure pile) he informed. "As kind of an initiation?" I asked. "No, to be a man." he replied. "You have to walk over poop to be a man."

* While driving home from shopping we always pass a few cows in the field. One day I teased the Baby as we drove past the beefy girls and said "Mmmmm, they look tasty, we should eat them" I taunted. "No!" she cried "that will hurt their feelings!"

Subscribers Stories
Introducing a new area of the tank.... Subscribers Stories! Do you have a funny or or cute story to share? Want to have it included in the "Subscribers Stories" section of The Fish Bowl? Just email me your story and I 'll include it in a future edition of The Fish Bowl. Please include your name and email address with all submissions.

Gabby: "Mom is there another way to get a baby besides getting married, Can you buy one?"
Me: "You can adopt one but I doubt they would let me without being married."
Gabby: "Can't you just lie and say your husband works alot?"
Submitted by Veronica A. from Windsor

Gabby found a dog treat so I told her to give it to her teacher in case he has one. "o, he's not married" I told her you don't have to be married to have a dog and how do you know he is not married?" "Have you seen how skinny he is mom, he's not married!"
Submitted by Veronica A. from Windsor

Gabby: "Here Nick have this piece of candy" a few minutes later "taste it."
Nick: "What did she say?"
I responded "She said eat it, it's good!"
Submitted by Veronica A. from Windsor

Blowing Bubbles About....
This week we're blowing bubbles about The Little Pig Farm Ontario
Located in Woodstock, Ontario. Owned and operated by Sarah Canfield and Maegan Spina. You can also check them out on Face Book. Many Thanks to Sarah and Maegan.... Our little Gracie was a recent resident at The Little Pig Farm :)

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Happy Harvest Season ~ Be Blessed,