Monday, March 18, 2013

You Know it's Love "Wen"....

It's about this time of year my husband and I begin to prepare our annual "marriage enrichment classes" for church. We've used the same material for more than five years now and felt it was time for something fresh so we browsed a ton of "marriage books" and finally came across a faith-based "small group" type of study we felt spoke to REAL couples living out this thing called marriage in 2013.{ REAL Marriage, The truth about sex, friendship, and life together by Mark & Grace Driscoll.} It's also about this time of year that we tend to get (feisty, cranky, self righteous) on each other's nerves a little quicker, have a little less patience with one another, and seem to disagree a little more often.... maybe it's just me, or maybe it's the content of the marriage books that bring out "the good, the bad, and the ugly" in both of us. Nothing's more humbling (or annoying) than realizing "you're not all that" and that you may have a few flaws to work through :) Regardless of the perilous preparation, we love presenting the marriage classes to couples at church and not just for their benefit... it helps us remain connected and keeps us teachable. We are real people working through a real marriage (yes sometimes it IS work) and these annual marriage classes are just the thing to keep us from becoming self-centered Divas while we learn to minister to our spouse and honor Christ throughout our marital journey. Does it really work??? Of course it does..... One night after the herd was all tucked into their beds and Grandma had retired to her room for the evening, we were laying in bed
together.... well, I was sprawled across the end of the bed playing candy crush on the tablet and he was tucked under the covers watching television through one eye (the other one was ""resting")...anyway, an infomercial came on for the 'WEN healthy hair care system'. I watched the infomercial for a bit and commented out loud that "I had always wanted to try that stuff to see if it really did all it claimed to do...." a few minutes later my husband slid out of bed and left the room, returning a moment later with the telephone in one hand and his credit card in the other. I stopped him as he began dialing the phone. "Who are you calling?" I asked (my heart swelling with love for this man who constantly surprises me in so many ways) "I'm calling to get you the hair stuff you always wanted...." he replied as he continued to dial. 'No, no, stop...I don't want it." I stammered as he looked at me bewildered (he looks at me like that often) "I thought you said you wanted it?" he offered. "No, I don't need was just something I wondered about and thought I might like, I really don't need it....thank you though - that's very thoughtful" He hung up the phone, shrugged and put his credit card back in his wallet and slid back under the covers..... "good night hon, I love you" he said. And I knew he did (love me) because he HEARD me..... I can't tell you how wonderfully loved that made me feel. That one incident spoke volumes to me.  He HEARD me, he really heard me - and he wanted to do something about it.... I LOVE that guy :)

~ Here's A Few Funnies From Our House To Yours ~

*The Baby noticed my heart tattoo on my chest when my shirt shifted to one side. She was very intrigued and asked if she could have it. I tried to explain to her that it was in my skin and couldn't come off. I could tell that she obviously didn't understand what I was saying to her because she excitedly shot back "Mama, you can take it off with scissors!"

* At 6 am I heard her (The Baby) calling so I stumbled out of bed and opened the door to her room. "I called you and you comed" she said incredulously "You love me!" hahaha

* Laying in bed with a cool cloth on her head, The Baby called to me. "Can you take my TENT A PUR?" she asked. (temperature)

* Latoya was busy playing a game on the tablet with her siblings hovering around watching when she announced "I really don't like people crowding around when I am trying to do something. That's how I get EXTRACTED." (distracted)

* On the way home from church I had to stop at the store for a few things. As I pulled out onto the road and began driving home I opened a flavoured water and set it in the cup holder. I noticed the quiet hush settle over the van and looked in the rear view mirror to see what the girls were up too. I noticed them staring at me with an odd look of concern in their eyes. Latoya and Little Susan were sitting close to each other whispering. As I contemplated their weird behaviour I grabbed the bottle of water and took a drink. Someone gasped! "Mommy, are you allowed to do that" Latoya asked sheepishly. "Do what?" I replied. "Drink and drive?" she questioned. "What???" I stammered. "What did Justin Bieber go to jail for? wasn't it drinking and driving?" she questioned me further. "Yes Latoya, but that was for drinking ALCOHOL and then driving. You can't drink alcohol and then drive." I quickly explained trying to hide my grin.  "Oh" She said with noticeable relief. "So it's okay to drink water, and milk, and pop, and juice while you drive but not AKAHUL." She summarized.

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*. I was showing Gabby my abs and asked if she could see the definition line starting (hopeful thinking on my part ) and she pointed to a stretch mark and said " No Mom, but I see this one real good".
Submitted by Veronica A. from Windsor

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Make the best of this cool weather and enjoy cuddling with the one you love!


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