Monday, November 22, 2010

"I heard the big kids talking Mom and that was NOT a big dog bone!

I snuggled deeper under the comfy blankets and shut my eyes tighter against the invading light coming through the bedroom window. As sleep receded and the last fragments of a dream became too fuzzy to enjoy I smiled as I heard the familiar pitter patter of MANY little feet scurrying around upstairs. All the kiddlings were waking from their slumber one by one - there is nothing quiet about morning time in our house :)
I could hear the rhythmic rise and fall of my Husband's breathing and knew he was still fast alseep. I stretched and yawned and rolled over to the edge of the bed flopping my arm over the side of the bed to pet my old guy "Buzzy" (a ritual that has been going on for more than a few years now.) I blindly felt around for my fuzzy little guy. When my hand hit the large cardbard box tucked into the corner where the dog bed should have been I felt nauseated and sad all over again. Buzzy passed away yesterday - he wasn't curled up in a warm little ball next to "my side" of the bed anymore .... My little old Shih Tzu had been "unwell" for a long time now but recently seemed to be going down hill quickly. A trip to the vet revealed that Buzzy had a serious bowel disease and he probably didn't have too much time left. Medication and changes to his diet didn't help at all and Buzzy inevitably succumbed to his sickness and died :(  The small funeral service we held in our backyard was becoming far too familiar. The Baby hollered "Bye Bye Buzzy" and waved as he was lowered into the hole. The kiddlings shed a few tears and shuffled silently toward the house.... "Can we play outside with the soccer ball!" Nicholas asked enthusiastically? "Yeah!" Hollered Shane "I want to play outside too!" he stated loudly. "I get to go first" challenged Daniel. "No Way! It's MY ball...." argued Shane. So much for the solomness of the occassion .... dying pets and intimate funerals was becoming blas'e to my babes.

Speaking of occassions...... my dear Hubby recently accomplished a long time desire of his ... to serve in minsitry as a Chatham-Kent Police Chaplain. He was sworn in on Tuesday October 19, 2010. What an exciting day. The kiddos were so excited to see their Daddy "working with the Police." Congratulations Babe - it's as if you've reached Super Hero status in the wee one's eyes when you don your uniform ....  We're so proud of you :)

A terrifying thing happened only seven days later ....
 On his way back to the office from a training session, my Husband phoned home in a panick. "I've been in an accident" he said as I answered the phone.  "What are you talking about? Where ARE you? I queried, and why are you calling me and not 911?!?" His reply was full of emotion "I've tried 911 but I can't get through. I've been hit by a transport truck. I am in a ditch on highway 40." "Don't move!" I ordered into the phone. My dad was visiting at the time and had overheard the conversation. He took off out the door and hopped into his truck to go find my husband. "Don't you move a muscle! I am going to hang up and call 911 - stay where you are, dad is coming to find you." I said as I hung up the phone and dialed 911. It took fifteen rings before anyone answered my call. There were terrible wind storms that day and the emergency services were busy. When I finally got through they took my information and let me know that there were off duty officers on sight and an ambulance was on it's way. I hung up and made arrangements for the kiddlings to be looked after (Praise the Lord for awesome in-laws!) then the police called me back and told me not to come to the scene.
They said it was too dangerous with the high winds but to go on ahead to the hospital and the ambulance would meet me there. Another Pastor on the scene called me to let me know how my Hubby was doing. He said he was in shock and being taken to the hospital by ambulance but that he would be okay :) My dad (who had beat the ambulance to the accident scene and checked on my husband) picked me up and drove me to the hospital. We waited at the ambulance's entrance door until the rig carrying my husband showed up. He was strapped to a back board to keep his head and neck immobilized. He was quite shaken but all in one piece. After xrays, ultrasound and a multitude of other tests the doctors concluded he had no broken bones or internal bleeding. They did however have to do a scan the next day to rule out spinal cord injury as he experienced a numbing sensation in his back, neck and arms immediately following the accident and now had alot of back pain. He was admitted to the hospital and after day two the doctors ruled out spinal cord injury .... just soft tissue damage in his back and neck and some whip lash :) He remained in the hospital for a couple more days and was released on a Friday.
I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and supportive friends ~ thank you to everyone for your prayers, messages and phone calls during that week ..... what an encouragement that was for us. Thankyou to Pastor B for filling in and preaching for my husband on Sunday morning and for all the men and women who brought over food and helped us move into our new home two days later ..... oh ya, you heard it right - we moved two days after he was released from the hospital! The running joke was "Well Pastor, if you wanted to get out of lifting boxes and moving furniture you could have picked a less dangerous way to do it." Hahaha.
Even in the midst of the storm we were blessed. We had a crew of men and women lifting furniture, hauling boxes, and loading and unloading trucks. It all seemed to be runing like a well oiled machine until ..... the phone call came. The lawyer called to inform us that something was wrong and the deal couldn't close today. "What?" My Husband hissed into the phone. "What are you talking about? We are almost all unloaded into the new house. What do you mean it won't close today?" "Sorry, the buyer is short on their finances and can't seem to come up with enough money to close the deal. They are going to try to get it together but can't guarantee anything." explained the lawyer. My Hubby called me to tell me the news. I know he dreaded making that phone call - I could hear it in his voice. My mother and I had just finished tidying up and sweeping through the old place when he called with the distressing announcement. I stared at the phone in disbelief. I had just come through an incredibly stressful week and couldn't even believe what I was hearing..... I didn't even have any tears left to shed - I just felt numb and empty. I slumped down on the porch and said a silent prayer "Well Lord, this is our house and we're moving in just like we planned - You're going to have to do something about this situation God because it's beyond our control." And with that, I picked myself up and finished loading up the van.
Later in the afternoon we finished unloading the van and went back into town to pick up the kiddlings from school. I had just finished explaining the financial dilema (regarding the house and our moving arrangements) to the Teenager. She prayed about it right then and there. We stepped out of the van to pick up the little kiddlings and my cell phone rang. Beads of sweat were already forming across my forehead. It rang once more before I had the nerve to answer it. "Hello?" I said apprehensively. "It closed" said my husband breathlessly. "What?" I replied. "It closed" He said "The lawyer just called and they got the rest of the money. It closed, It's done - I have to go pick up the keys." I breathed a sigh of relief so loudly that my daughter turned to look at me with concern in her eyes. I felt such a release of pent up emotion..... the stress just seemed to ooze from every pore until it no longer polluted my body. "Thank you Lord" I whispered. There was nothing more to say.
So we began to settle into our new home .... but the action didn't let up.
We moved in on a Monday and by Saturday night I was still washing cupboards, organizing drawers, etc.
It had been a long day already. My Hubby did a funeral in the morning and then a wedding at church in the evening. It had only been a week since he was released from the hospital and he was still quite sore so by ten o'clock he was all worn out and ready for bed. He was determined to preach the next morning and had just laid out his clothes before climbing into bed. Being a night owl, I had plans to whip the house into shape while everyone else slept. As I worked in the kitchen wiping down cupboards I heard some rustling arond elsewhere in the house. The noises didn't let up and seemed to get louder. I was just climbing off the step stool when I heard my Husband shouting for me from the bedroom. His voice was panicked and I wondered if a bat had gotten into the room or if something had caught him by surprise. He sounded more and more distressed as I neared the bedroom door. I flicked ont he light and saw him thrashing around on the bed holding his side hollering "It hurts! It hurts!" He was white and sweaty but his teeth were chattering and he complained about being so cold. I covered him up, put a heating pad on his side and tried to console him as best as I could - but the pain didn't subside. I began to wonder if there were internal injuries resulting from the accident. It took a little maneuvering and patience but I eventually got him loaded into the van and off to the hospital we went. They recognzed him in the ER and welcomed him back, giving him the same bed he had used the week before. After a quick assessment and a few tests they confirmed what they initially suspected the problem was - kidney stones :(   With our missions trip to India only two weeks away this sure wasn't the right time for all these complications! My Hubby stayed in the hospital overnight to have another scan and manage the pain - the doctor said kidney stone pain is comparable to childbirth ..... ouch! So much for preaching in the morning :(
I picked him up after church the next day and took him home. Between doctors, physiotherapists, lawyers, Insurance companies, and travel arrangements our days were full. I wondered when the peace and quiet of country living was supposed to kick in? That's when I began craving the eighteen hour flight we were about to embark on - and I am claustrophobic and have great difficulty with flying. I would rather subject myself to many dangerous and/or painful alternatives than get on an airplane again .... but after the month we've had around here I was actually starting to look forward to the flight ..... eighteen hours of nothing else to do but sit back and read, eat, and sleep. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?
Well we take off on Wednesday ..... everything is prepared ... my mother, mother-in-law, and step-mother are all working together to look after our herd of young'uns while we're away (I am so thankful for my family - how blessed am I?). I am packing suit cases this morning and realize we've corrupted our friends in India .... what is Sheba's heart's desire? What does she want us to bring her from Canada ....  "Just ask Sheba... anything you want" ...... "Oh brother, can you please bring me many many "Springonohs?" "Springonohs Sheba?" he questions. "Yes Brother "Springonohs" what we eat in your room in the hotel."
"Oh, you mean PRINGLES!" he says knowingly. "Yes Brother, PRINGLES.... many many PRINGLES please."   Hahahaha
Ok Sheba..... we're on our way .... bringing many many Pringles for you - see you soon!
Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:

* Little Susan hollers from the living room "Daddy? The TV is "poppy" can you fix it? (the channel is fuzzy and won't come in clear)
* As I changed The Baby's bum little Susan watched intently. "She's a girl right Mom?" she inquired. "Yes Susan, she is." I replied. "She has a little bum." Susan observed. "Yes, she does." I noted. "I have a bigger bum right Mom?" Susan stated. "Yes honey, you do." I said. "And you have a REALLY  big bum right Mom?" Susan remarked. "Thanks." I said flatly. "And Daddy has a penis cause he's a boy - is penis a bad word Mom?" asked Susan with wide eyes. "Why?" I queried. "Cause when I say "penis" grandma says "DON'T SAY THAT!"
* When I picked the boys up from school one day they were excited to tell me about some kid who wrote "evangelism" (vandalism) on the school wall. They said someone also spray painted a big dog bone on the wall too - then Nicholas said "I heard the big kids talking Mom and that was NOT a big dog bone! Come to think of it, I don't think that was a big dog bone on that van window a while ago either."  Hahaha
* We were at the Mongolian Grill in Tecumseh with all the kiddlings for dinner one night. The Teenager and I stood next to the grill watching a young fella cook up the food while waiting our turn. He approached us and asked what kind of oil we wanted on the grill and the Teenager replied "Hot chili's please." He looked concerned and informed her that it was quite spicey. "Oh, that's okay" she said "I like hot stuff." she grinned .... not even realizing what she had said until the young man blushed and turned red himself ..... then the Teenager ducked her head and looked the otherway. Hahahaha
* One day after school Shane was asking the Teenager about her literacy test at school. "Was it mopple opple choice?" he enquired. (multiple choice)
* Little Susan was admiring a police car as we waited at the traffic lights down town. The windows were rolled down and the officer grinned as she explained to me that "if you are bad, they throw you in the trunk!"
* Two of the boys had doctor's appointments after school. As I was preparing to go pick them up Papa called from the school to and asked "do you want me to pick up the boys for you?" I thanked him and let the girls know that we didn't have to rush out the door to get the boys because Papa offered to get them for us. Little Susan got her "awww-that's-so-sweet face" on and said "Papa is so kind for us. That is "spect" (respect) he is being kind and specting us."
* Shane hobbled across the kitchen floor in The Teenager's high heels one afternoon. "How can you wear these things?! I'd just wiggle." he said.
* After picking Daniel up from school for an appointment I asked if he had his lunch time meds at school. "Yes" he replied. "Well who gave them to you?" I asked. "I don't know .... Well, she has the same face as ours and she has arms and legs...."
* I was busy in my bedroom, making the bed, getting dressed, tidying things up and still unpacking boxes. I could hear Little Susan outside the door mumbling something. "Just a minute sweetie, I am in the middle of something." I hollered back. When I opened the door she was gone but a freshly picked flower was placed carefully outside the door - just for me :)  
And here are a few funnies from Grandma's Archives:
*After watching a Walt Disney special about Peter Pan. Annette wants to know if it is just a "Terry Fail" that people can fly.
* Renee and Melissa had been ill and off school at different times during two consecutive weeks (some flu bug). Annette got quite upset when she got up one morning quite determined that it was HER TURN to stay home. She could not see why I objected. She had no reason to stay home she felt fine but she stated "It's not fair that her sister's could get sick and she couldn't!"
* Daddy had just come downstairs after getting ready for work. Melissa jumped up on his lap and gave him a kiss on the neck and said "Gee Daddy, I like the smell of your cloam!" Annette giggled at Melissa's mischoice of words and told her "That's not CLOAM, it's deodorant." With this Melissa realized Annette was wrong also and laughingly stated "It can't be deodorant - that's what you use in the washer to clean clothes."
* Melissa and Jason stood up at Cyndy and George's wedding as flower girl and ring bearer. They made the perfect little couple - dressed exactly like the bride and groom. Only problem was we had a hard time convincing them afterwards that it was Cyndy and George that got married and that they could NOT go on the honey moon too.
* Upon crossing the boarder to visit Norm and Linda (Daddy's brother and his wife) Renee wanted to know why the man at the customs has to know where you are going and when you'll be back? She felt it was none of his business. We explained that some people from far away have to have "passports." Annette piped up and wanted to know "why do people have to get a great big truck like Dad drives just to go to another city?" (transport trucks)
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Have an incredible week.



  1. Great blog as always babe! Sure did stir up some emotions though :-) Love you! Keep up the good work.
    Your Hubby :-)

  2. Hi Lisa
    Oh my what a month you have had! You are amazing, I would have been done after the accident! After looking at your pictures only angels and the hand of God save Mike from more serious injury.. (I think he has two new angels now, one's that lift weights, he wore the other ones out :o).... And then Kidney stones.. poor Mike.. My daughter had those and it was horrible and yes she says it is worse than child birth!

    You new property looks beautiful lots of room for many animals.. and children!

    So it's off to India.. and long plane ride to eat and sleep lol I can't blame you wanting to get on that plane!

    I was just thinking we needed to go for lunch again or supper.. let me know when you are back..

    God bless you and Mike as you travel with His favour and grace.... and keep your family healthy and safe in His care.

    keeping you in prayer

  3. Lynn, I will contact you as soon as we get return! I have a gift for you :)
    Bless you.