Wednesday, April 27, 2011

His name is Bruce, but we call him "The Worm Whisperer"

I am quite sure our local dog pound didn't even have a clue as to how special "Bruce" was when they put him up for adoption. If they had known how exceptional he was they might not have let him go so easily. Bruce is a six year old boarder collie we adopted from the OSPCA shortly after we moved to our new home. As soon as we brought him home we knew he was different. There was just something about him ... he was perfect..... almost too perfect!
As time went by we began to notice just how unique this dog of ours really was. He could hear a school bus coming a whole country block away and would alert us to the approaching bus. He likes to wait with the kiddlings for the bus, at the end of the driveway each morning. He seems to know when it's time for their bus to return them home in the afternoon too. He waits patiently by the door, ready to meet them at the bus and walk them back up the driveway to the house.
He is a big, lovable teddy bear of a pup that is until a stranger comes to the door - I am thankful he is protective of  "his" family :) He is obedient and loyal and walks through the house checking on his people in the night time. He doesn't sleep on the bed or steal the covers ... he prefers to sleep in our door ways or on the floor next to the bed - that way he can check out noises in the night without disturbing us unnecessarily (at least that's what I like to think). Bruce was quick to learn that "nature calls" were best handled outdoors ... hence the name "nature call", and that shoe laces were not put on shoes to keep him occupied. He doesn't chew up things... unless the kiddlings have used it to play tug of war with him ... then he assumes it is his property. Bruce loves the outdoors and has a passion for chasing birds. Yup, you read that right ...chasing birds. Any kind of bird.... flying at any height.... if it flies across "his" property, he chases it. He often gets so wrapped up in the chase that he forgets everything else. He enjoys the lilac bush in the front yard because I hang feeders there to attract birds. He waits until all the birds are happily chirping away, eating their seed... then he runs at the bush full tilt and barks wildly to announce his coming. Of course all the birds scatter before he reaches the tree and he takes off after them as they soar through the air (flying low at times to tease the dog I think). He has never actually caught a bird .... he just enjoys the thrill of the chase. He does have one bad habit though. Bruce steals the little girlies small toy animals and eats their heads off.  We have found an innumerable amount of "Littlest Pet Shop" animal bodies throughout the house.... but their heads have never been located - and I just don't want them back bad enough to look in the obvious place :)
The most amazing thing we've discovered about Bruce is his talent...... Bruce is a "Worm Whisperer." On any given day you can find him hunched over, eyes carefully trained on the ground, watching and listening...... then suddenly he pounces and jumps and paws at the earth and barks.... This is what he does..... all day long. Through out the winter months he did the same thing in the snow. He never tires of it - he seems to be very excited and satisfied all at the same time.... like he has purpose.... weird I know.... but he IS a unique dog. (I tried to get a short video clip of the Worm Whisperer in action.... but the goat got into the shot and spent a few minutes scratching her butt across the pasture gate (way too graphic), then the dog had a "nature call" against a tree..... I turned the camera toward the rabbits instead but you could still hear the dog watering the tree loud and clear..... so I chose not to post the video for obvious reasons  :) Although we like to joke that the dog is infact "hunting worms" we have come to the conclusion he is getting excited by the wind blowing the grass (or snow). When a breeze blows the grass sways back and forth and Bruce goes into Worm Whisperer mode.... on a really windy day you can find him in his glory, hunched over a patch of waving grass, pouncing and barking and pawing at the ground..... His name is Bruce, but we call him "The Worm Whisperer."

Attention all Fish Bowl followers ......
we have a Missing Persons Alert!!!!!

Have you seen either of these Pixies????
They have been missing from their usual hiding places since about the end of February. If you have seen them or know of their whereabouts please send them home immediately. We've missed playing "the game" and would like to continue :)
*In case you don't have a clue .... click here to read more about our Pixies and what we do with them. And yes, they really are missing.... someone who was playing "the game" has not been playing by the rules and now our poor Pixies are lost.... be a sport - send the Pixies home!

Here's a few funnies from Our House to Yours

* Daniel was a little frustrated at breakfast time. He was running late so Little Susan was trying to pray for him while he was trying to pray for himself. "Mom!" he loudly complained "Susan is praying on top of me!" (praying over/talking over)

*Latoya burped at the breakfast table. She turned to Grandma with a surprised expression on her face and exclaimed "I can still smell hamburgers from dinner!" (dinner the night before)

*My husband called around lunch time as he often does. One of the questions I can always count on from him is "Is there any mail for me?" To which I often reply "Nothing really, just some junk mail for you." Well today when he asked and I replied with the usual he surprised me by saying.... "junk mail? Why is all my mail called junk mail and yours isnt? Why can't you call it 'respectable mail'?" Hahahaha

*The Baby is still working hard on potty training. Today as she sat on the toilet "pooping and pushing" she excitedly said to me "See? Eggs." Looking down into the bowl she proudly proclaimed "Choc it eggs!" (She has been watching the hens laying eggs too often I think! LOL)

Here's a few funnies from Grandma's Attic

Now my children fully grown
All have children of their own.
As I see them one by one
I am having so much fun.
The cutest things they say and do
I’ve tried to write them down for you.

*What does Justin think about donating body parts?
“That’s sharing!” he says

*Rebecca’s day care teacher is named “Caro Lion” (Caroline)

*Jessica’s neighbour who gives her tomatoes is named “Smileen”

*Ricky found out he might like to be a singer now he can read and follow along with the words to a song.

*Kevin was born to be a star on stage.

*Justin read my shirt that said “Whatever” on the front of it and his mom got upset. Ricky informed me that his mom was going on about Justin saying certain “in phrases” that bothered her, like, “What the?!”
*Ricky was crying because he had to re do his homework because it was done improperly. His mom told him that 8 year olds don’t cry. Later when he was playing his favourite Nintendo video game he said “8 year olds don’t cry and Goonkie Warriors don’t cry but twenty-five year olds do cause mom does. It just means you have feelings, like laughing."

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Hope you had an amazing week and a faith-filled EASTER season!
Blessings to you - from my Fish Bowl to yours :)




  2. Hmmm, sounds like "Uncle Gussis" to me (well that's what the Baby calls him) I'll have to hunt him down and search him for pixie prints.... stay tuned....