Monday, April 12, 2010

Hiding in the Neighbour's Flower Garden - Just Like a Garden Gnome

      "Be still and know that I am God." Lord, how I wish all my children could read! This is the sign I have hanging on the fence in my backyard above the garden. My precious kiddos just don't seem to know HOW to "be still." Although it is one of my favourite scriptures, I find this sign amusing - the scripture reference on this sign is wrong. It should say Psalms 46:10, not 47:10 *there is NO 47:10 in the bible. I received it as a gift - I wonder if it was "on sale" Hahaha!
        On Sunday afternoons we usually have a large gathering at our place for lunch and fellowship. There are usually a dozen or so children running through here so we "encourage" them to play in the back yard since our house can get a little crowded with five or six families roaming around here. We don't all fit in one room so everyone is kind of scattered through out the house. You can often find a group of people hanging out on the front porch, some on the back porch, a few teens upstairs (or bugging to go for a walk to the store). Usually you'll find the ladies in the kitchen talking pink and the men in the livingroom with way too much blue going on in there! The younger kiddos roam throughout the house looking for opportunities.... any opportunity...... to get treats, to get pop, money, to get the keys to the car..... they ask all sorts of things when adults are deep in conversation hoping to get that "yes, whatever" kind of answer adults give when they're too involved in their own conversation they don't even think about what they're agreeing to. "Lucy! You gave them each their buckets of Easter candy to take outside ?!?!" The hubby hollers from the recliner. "Yes dear, they'll share with the other children don't worry.... and this way they won't keep running in and out of the house bugging for "one more candy." (Actually, I had hoped to have them eat it ALL so I wouldn't have to listen to the stupid rabbits calling my name from the crisper drawer in the fridge at night) But since we have seven "little blessings" we have an unusually large amount of chocolate, jelly beans and other assorted Easter goodies that this group of kiddlings just couldn't finish it all.
          "Sorry kids, the cherry cheese cake is just for the adults.... go eat your chocolate bunnies!"
Little kids hyped up on sugar are hillarious! They can also be fearless and thrill seeking..... little girls punching eachother in the playhouse to get the buckets full of candy, boys doing some interesting Tae Kwon Do moves on top of the picnic table, other boys doing tricks and riding a Rip Stick down the middle of the road - WHERE WERE THE ADULTS TO SUPERVISE THESE PRECIOUS CHILDREN? Well let me tell you where the "adults" were....... adults on sugar act very much the same way as children on sugar do.....

SOME of these mature, responsible adults were chasing eachother all over the front yard, across the road, behind cars, and down the street - with rubber band shooting - wooden pistols. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard just thinking about it. Grown men rolling across the lawn in stocking feet 007 style, hiding behind tree trunks half the width of them, crouching behind parked cars trying to get a good shot without getting hit themselves. Way too much fun for one afternoon. The neighbours never even came outside to see what all the commotion was.... I think they were frightened. We did lose a kid. One of the teenagers. She got chased down the street by a wooden pistol wielding adult and vanished for a long time. She eventually turned up and we discovered she had been hiding in the neighbour's flower garden - just like a garden gnome.

         Sometimes I wonder if other adults have as much fun as we do?  I can't remember exactly how it began or when for that matter but my hubby and I have been playing an odd kind of game for the past couple of months. We have too many kiddlings to all fit into one vehicle so when we got out together we need to take both vehicles. As I was pulling out of the driveway one day I motioned to my hubby to roll down his window - and as he did, I threw a little pixie dolly (obviously one of the girls left in the van) into his window and quickly rolled up my window. *We have electric windows instead of manual crank up ones, so you can imagine the adrenaline rush as every girl in my van shouted and hollered to encourage the window to "roll up faster! roll up faster!" Phew, we made it. The hubby sat there looking at me like I had lost it...... he looked at the pixie doll and looked back at me and shook his head. So this has become a great strategic game between the two of us. Sometimes we allow the kiddlings to help us by being our look out or distracting the parent while we cunningly devise our plan of attack .... where will I hide the pixie next? Hmmmm, in the visor looks good - then he'll scream like a girl when he pulls the visor down and the pixie falls on his lap. One day he drove to work while sitting on the poor pixie and he never even knew it ...... he came home and asked "why in the world I would go across town to his workplace to hide the pixie in his vehicle and not even stop in to visit him?" He did feel a little foolish I think when I explained that I hadn't left the house all day and he had obviously sat on the poor little thing, drove all the way to work and never even felt it. The last time I hid the pixie he didn't find it for a week and a half (he thought I had stopped playing the game) but I had hid her so well he didn't find her until he wanted to change the cd in his stereo. Who says adults can't have fun? 
 I am running out of creative places to hide the pixie on my hubby's vehicle. If you have a good suggestion comment on this blog below and share your suggestions. I don't know that he will appreciate it, but I will :)  
 Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:

*It was "one of those days" in a rush getting into the van my hubby grumbled, "Boy, I am so bloody stressed anymore!"
From the back seat little Susan pipes up and says "Ya, I'm stressed too daddy."
*I overheard my hubby tell little Susan to "go tell mommy that daddy says she is "hot & sexy" - so being obedient, Little Susan marches into my bedroom and announces "Mommy, dad says you are "hot & spicey." (I laughed off and on all day whenever I thought about that)
*Bless you Abundantly ~ Have a ridiculously fun week!
*Just a reminder, AVON orders are placed tonight - email me right away if you still need to place an order. Thanks!

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  1. Well Mrs Lucy - you made my night! You are so funny.. well you AND your family :-)
    mmm I'll have to sleep on where to hide the pixie girl. I was thinking the toaster, but no, she would melt before she popped up :-( how about in the door of the freezer on a string and then go ask him to get you some ice cream or something.. or taped to the inside of the back of chips and when puts his hand in and pops the chips in his mouth, in goes the pixie girl... blah.. I guess she'd get kinda messy after that one. I'll sleep on it. the toilet seat did come to mind. lift the lid in the nite and there she is.. that would wake you up wouldn't it!
    I wish every adult had as much fun too!