Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Am an Addict with an Allergy ..... That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It :)

I hope your Easter celebrations were as meaningful and funfilled as ours.
The kiddlings woke up and dragged themselves downstairs .... and then saw all the chocolate and jelly beans waiting for them.... everyone was suddenly awake and full of energy!  Before they sampled their treasures I overheard Daniel praying and thanking Jesus for his chocolate. Wow, I thought. That's great that they even want to give thanks for treats..... then I overheard this conversation;
Nicholas: Daniel, Jesus doesn't give us chocolate!
Daniel: Yes He does!
Nicholas: No He doesn't!
Daniel: Well when Mommy is eating our chocolate she closes her eyes and says "Thank you Jesus for chocolate."
Hahahahaha, hence the bi weekly visits to my dietician!
We attended church in the morning (I just can't stay away from that church - the pastor is so cute!) and then after church service we spent the day with family and friends at our place - we had a full house. (well, what Sunday don't we have a full house?)
What a fabulous day (almost as "fabulous" as Rachelle). Everyone contributed to the Easter meal, the kiddlings had a chocolate egg hunt in the backyard (wow those little ones sure can get mean when chocolate is at stake.....don't get in their way!) but after the meal is when the real fun started ..... the food fight! I am not sure who really began it but I am told it was Papa (and that is totally believable and quite probable). Veggies were flying from the back deck into the living room and back out again. Some silly adults were even using children as human shields! It was chaotic and at times a little rough - especially when Miss Cathy got poor Papa in a head lock and scrubbed his hair with radishes..... he will never look at her the same way again.  I am just glad I found the broccoli that was under the couch before little Latoya did - she would have eaten it and thought it was a treasure hidden just for her ... at least that's what she thinks those hidden gobs of bubble gum are out in public. (Eewww)
This time of year is so difficult for me personally. No, not because of the sentimental stuff or anything like that .....  it's the CHOCOLATE. Honestly. I have a problem that I am not proud of. I think it's like a drug ..... I mean, after all I AM allergic to it - you would think that would be enough to keep me away from the stuff ... but it's not. (Yes, it is possible to have a chocolate allergy. No, I have not been tested .... but I know an allergic reaction when I see one. After consuming large amounts of chocolate I swell up (over time) and get the shakes, I get a rush of energy and a euphoric feeling washes over me....if that's not an allergic reaction I don't know what is.) Anyway ..... having 7 kiddlings in the house just means 7 times the temptaion and Oh dear Lord.... 7 times the CHOCOLATE!!!!!! But it is usually this time of year that I start losing my mind (probably also a reaction to that darn drug) ..... I start hearing things. Really. Late at night when everyone else is in bed I hear it.... "Luuuuuucyyyyyyy, oh Luuuucyyyyyy" I hear voices calling my name..... and the closer I get to the fridge the louder the voices are. Oh I KNOW what it is and I KNOW I should just ingore those voices and NOT open the door - but the sweet promises they speak of......*sigh* ..... so I open the door, and the crisper opens and out hops my friend (who sticks closer to my thighs than my jeans) a 1 lb solid milk chocolate bunny "I've been waiting for you" he whispers.... "Hello Bunny, I say...shhhhh, let's not wake anyone......"
Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:

Daddy was talking about hunting at the breakfast table one morning. Little Susan piped up and said, "Daddy, I go huntin' too daddy?" Daddy said, "Sure baby, you can go hunting with me - I'll even buy you your own gun." Little Susan excitedly replied "A pink one Daddy, I want a pink gun!"

Nicholas told Daniel he couldn't bring his "empty 3" player to school or he would be in trouble. (Hahaha, MP3 player)

Little Susan gets upset when our rather large and clumsy hound hovers over her while she's eating. One morning I could hear Susan yelling at the not-so-bright dog ... "GET! - You have stinky "breff"!" Then she started chanting "Stinky breff, stinky breff" ... possibly trying to shame the dog into leaving perhaps?

Our darling little Latoya thinks the "f*ckles" on little Susan's arms are pretty cute. (FRECKLES) "Oh look, Mommy has lots of f*ckles too!" {and this is why we seldom take our children out in public.... too many uncertainties.}

And just lastnight as we gathered the herd up to go for an evening walk Daniel (oh so proud of himself) announced that he "KNEW what tree that was in our front yard..... it's a PUSS-O tree" I could hardly contain myself ....  "A what????" I asked. "A PUSS-O tree," he proudly stated ..... "we learned about them at school. Or maybe it's a PUSSOWILLIE?"
Hahahaha, he meant a pussy willow but it didn't matter .....  it was a weeping caragana ...... we're just going to call it "that tree."
Have a blessed week,
remember .... the AVON order will be placed on Tuesday April 13th..... contact me about that if you haven't done so already :)

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