Friday, April 2, 2010

Daddy Taught us to Use His "Cellophone"...

Happy Good Friday!
In discussing the Easter story with my kiddlings this morning I asked them what Easter was all about. I know, a loaded question. I half expected to hear about chocolate bunnies and decorated eggs but was pleasantly relieved to hear them talk about Jesus. Jesus is always the answer..... (well that and "squirrels", but that's another story to blog about at a later date.)
I probed a little further and asked Latoya to tell me what she knew about Easter. She said, "Easter is when they killed Jesus. They put Him on a cross then He died and they burried Him. Then "free" days later He came alive again - cause He's got power! And then He came out of the hole." "Ya!" hollered Susan, "He came outta da hole." Hahahahaha, I love it!
So to summarize my kiddo's Easter message: Just like Jesus,
You're not dead anymore, You've got power, Come out of your hole!"

I got a special gift this week. My darling hubby couldn't wait to give it to me. (It was supposed to be for mother's day - NOW what am I going to get?) Last year I mentioned that I might like a family ring with all our kiddos birthstones .... and yes I am spoiled :) Thanks honey, you're the best!
I tried to tell the kiddlings just how special this ring was to mommy and I attempted to show them which stone represented each one of them but they really weren't that interested. The girls thought it was "shiny and pretty" and had "nice coloured beads on it." The boys thought the "little rocks" were nice but their enthusiasm only lasted a second. "Can we go play outside now?" Shane asked.  Oh well. It may not mean anything to anyone else but to me it's a treasure.

Maybe it was the cost of the ring, or the fact that we have seven mouths to feed ..... I don't know..... but my hubby said I had to earn my keep (just joking - he would never dare say it, he might think it maybe, but not actually say it) so I am now an independent Avon sales representative.  I am selling Avon  products but am also lookng to recruit anyone else who may be interested in joining my sales team. In the next few days I will have a link to my online store front for your viewing pleasure. If you'd like to see a catalogue instead, contact me. My next order goes in on Tuesday April 13th. Don't miss out on the great Spring deals!

What beautiful weather today! My hubby took two of the boys to the river to test drive the boat and make sure it's all ready for this season. Before they left I went over my "motherly check list" with my hubby to ensure the utmost safety and care is taken of our precious offspring while out on the water away from my  protective arms. Life jackets? Check. Plenty of gas in the gas tank? Check. Oars or paddles  incase the motor fails? Check. Where are you launching? How long do you expect to be gone? You know, the usual stuff. I also asked him to be sure he taught the boys to use his cell phone incase he falls overboard - so they can call me for help. He gave me one of those "you've got to be kidding" looks and lovingly reminded me that if that were to happen his cell phone would be in the river with him as it is attached to his belt. I don't know why the poor guy puts up with me and my over protective idiosyncrasies - but I am thankful he does :)
The boys just called me. "Hi Mommy we're in the boat on the river. Daddy taught us to use his "cellophone" to call you. We are having fun Mom."

UPDATED: Oh my goodness!!!!!! Before I even got this blog finished up to post the phone rang....... it was my wonderful hubby .....  the conversation began like this:
Hubby: Hi Babe, can you do me a favour?
Me: Sure hun, what's up?
Hubby: Can you go to the garage and get the gas can and the boat motor oil-the kind you mix with the gas...
Hubby: We are in the river near the bridge at Keil and Bloomfield, across from Tim Hortons......
Me: Alright, I'll be right there...... *sigh - never a dull moment.
Here are a few funnies from our home to yours:

Latoya: "You changed your brain right Mama?"
Mom: "What?"
*And then I figured out that she meant that I had "Changed my mind" about something.

"Mommy when we were playing sandwich the boys almost killed my life!"
(Daniel tearfully complained about being squished between two boys while they played "sandwich")

After eating a turkey dinner the boys noticed the wishbone on the counter and asked why there was a bone on the counter. My Husband told them it was a turkey bone and that you can plant it in the ground to grow turkeys. All the kiddos bought it except for Daniel. "Noooooo, you need to plant turkey SEEDS to grow turkeys not bones!" he smartly replied.
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Have a blessed Easter weekend :)

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