Thursday, April 21, 2011

Something strange is happening .... something almost paranormal....

Althought we've only lived in our new house for about six months, I have already begun to suspect that something strange is occuring around here.... something almost paranormal. Haven't you ever exerienced that eerie sensation, that stops you in your tracks and sends chills up your spine?!?
Well I guess I didn't notice it right away ... or maybe it just laid dormant for a while because it wasn't the right season.... the winter time tends to mask so much more than we realize. But as soon as the snow began to melt and the temperatures rose a few degrees it began to show itself. In subtle ways at first of course.
The children would disappear for short periods of time and turn up later with "that" look on their faces. You know the one.... where they look like they're sharing a secret with eachother - but we're not in on it. Ya, that's the look. Then they gradually started to spend more and more time away ..... "Where ARE they? What are they DOING?" I voiced to myself.  I knew there was a genuine problem when after returning from "wherever it was they disappear to" I overheard them whispering to one another in the garage. "I'm telling" Nicholas said, in a hushed but defiant tone. "If you tell we won't be able to go anymore" Daniel whined quietly. "Don't tell, you'll just ruin it." challenged Shane. "Ok, lets go back after lunch" Nicholas offered and they all agreed.
I sneaked back into the house before the boys and tripped over a soggy, dirty pair of sneakers. As they filed into the kitchen on their way to the table for lunch they stopped suddenly - seeing the waterlogged shoes in my hand. They stood silently staring at their wet socks as flames of fire flashed in my eyes. No one moved. No one spoke.
My voice trembled as I began to pronounce judgement on my miniature men. "WHY are your socks all wet and WHOSE muddy shoes are these and WHY are they left right here in the middle of the floor and WHERE have you been that you've gotten so wet and dirty and WHERE do you think you're going like this and WHAT were you thinking and  WHEN were you intending to pick these things up and HOW are you going to wear wet shoes out this afternoon and WHERE was your father while all of this was going on?!?!?" I paused to breathe. "Go get cleaned up and take those wet socks off. If you boys can't stay away from the water then you won't be able to play outside - you'll have to stay indoors!" "Yes Mom" they sulked in unison as they moped down the stairs to change. I was still breathing heavy by the time all the kiddlings got to the table for lunch. "Listen to me please," I comanded their attention and continued "NO ONE is allowed to go near ANY water outside ..... did you hear that? NO WATER! Stay away from mud puddles, water in the field, wet things of any kind.... just STAY AWAY FROM WATER! Is that clear to everyone?" I queried. "Yes Mom" they all chanted.
When lunch time ended and the little girlies were bedded down on the couch with blankies and stuffies for "quiet time" (my favourite time of the day) the boys prepared to go outside to play. "STAY AWAY FROM THE WATER!" I reminded them using my "I'm serious" tone of voice. "Okay Mom" they shouted as they ran off to play.
All afternoon I had that spine tingling feeling. My "Mommy senses" were telling me something (Spiderman's got nothing on me - *spidey sense*)
By two o'clock Daniel was at the door. With an urgency in his voice he watched out the window as he raced to tell me something before his brothers reached the house. "MOoOm, Nicholas didn't listen to you - he went in the water and got wet.!" Daniel gloated. Just then, Nicholas burst in the door hollering "MOoOm. Daniel was playing in the water when you said we couldn't" he tattled. "Look at you two!" I shreiked with frustration. "He went in the water first" argued Daniel. "Did not! He told me to go in" refuted Nicholas. "I don't care who went in first, you both disobeyed." I reasoned trying to regain my composure. Go to your room. You can spend some time indoors now since you can't seem to obey outdoors. "Where is Shane by the way?" I asked. "He's still out at the water." replied Nicholas.
Now for the paranormal phenomenon..... this same scenario played itself out at least five more times that week! Five times! They just kept doing it over and over again. With the same responses.... "So and so told me to", "So and so did it first." they couldn't even fake sorrow over being disobedient... it just wouldn't come. They were just blank - no remorse, no guilt - but I thought I saw a determination in their eyes.... to get back out there! It was as if they just couldn't wait to be released from the "bedroom of doom" to go back out to the water again - they just HAD TO get to the water again........ It was creepy and bizzare watching them go out doors..... they would start off way far away from the water. playing with a soccer ball or something. Then very subtly inch themselves over toward the water, while casually looking over their shoulders toward the house to see if I was watching. I was.... but I was far enough away from the window that they couldn't see me :)
Then one by one they would disappear into the pine trees with a smile on their faces and then they were gone.
And every single time they would return to the house they were wet, or muddy, or wet and muddy, or just unrecognizable..... you get the picture. Just what was the reason they were so drawn to the water? I couldn't understand it. What was the attraction? They were bewitched, enchanted, captivated, allured... I don't know..... it really is difficult to explain it. But  regardless of what you call it - they were all WET when they came home. And I was not impressed.
I don't think we need to call the Ghostbusters just yet - maybe a few days of sunshine and warmer temperatures to dry things up might be just what the situation calls for :)

Here's a few funnies from Our House to Yours

* "Mommy come quick - There's a Chicklet out of the cage!" screamed Little Susan. (we keep our baby chicks in the garage under heat lamps until they're big enough to move outdoors - one escaped :)

*"There's Tim Hortons!" Shouted Latoya excitedly as we watched the new DVD 'Insanitized'. "That's TIM HAWKINS not Tim Hortons" I laughingly reminded her.

*Little Susan and Latoya were crawling on the living room floor. Little Susan informs me ... "Mommy we're being doggies like Brucey, Ruff, Ruff. We're talking with each udders look Mommy - we're scooting our bums on the carpet like Brucey cause we're doggies! Scoot, scoot, scoot!"

*Little Susan watched Grandma Windsor putting recipies into her book with interest and then exclaimed "Gramma, you like to sort!"

*Latoya has informed me that "SOME" is the Spanish word for "a couple" ... "Like, Can I have SOME cookies" Hahaha

*Little Susan and Latoya were looking out the bedroom window discussing birds. Latoya said "I know Robins, they have a red tummy, like a bra, and black on their backs."

*Little Susan wonders if we have a "male" man or a "female"man who delivers our mail?

*Shane asked "Daddy, is a Jeepie S (GPS) only for a Jeep?"

Here's a little funny from Grandma's Attic
*Justin had good dreams about the “Harrow Farrow” (Harrow fair)

*I brought Justin to show him Nancy’s house. It’s our secret. I might be moving there. On the way down the road he said he thought I should stay at the apartment. I asked if he thought it was too far away for Grandma to move? He agreed so I said “Well, let’s go look, then you tell me what you think.” After a full inspection upstairs, downstairs, basement, yard, and garage, he said “This is a nice house and there’s gonna be enough room for all our toys Grandma.”

* Rick was concerned about Justin playing with a toy of his with string or a chain on it and explained “You can’t play with this you will get knots in it.” Justin quickly expelled “I don’t even know how to make knots!”

*Justin was trying to explain why he could not eat his lunch using his very vivid imagination. He said his stomach was like a movie theatre and all the seats were full. His mother said “That’s fine, but now it’s intermission time and the seats are empty…now eat!”
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  1. Great job Mommy :) I absolutely loved it! I cant wait to see what you have in store for your next blog!
    Love you lots.....
    The Teenager