Thursday, April 7, 2011

So back down the stairs I went looking for some missing, whining child after I thought I had counted seven already!

We were shootin' for "Parents of the Year." I mean how much more thrilling is getting your very own horse, to a teenaged girl?!?!? (Disney World is a close second but you can't live there... you gotta come home sometime) THIS was going to be the present of all presents.... this was IT!
Since she began riding lessons at 6 years of age all our little cowgirl has ever wanted was her own horse. Not a pony like most little girls beg for... but a full sized horse.
Well our little girl is a mature, responsible (good student, caring and considerate, intelligent, respectful, beautiful, capable, pleasant, generous, helpful, accountable, levelheaded, a leader not a follower, competent, did I mention how beautiful she is?  *yes we do think very highly of her) Teenager who has been riding for years and just loves horses. We decided years ago that we would one day get her a horse of her own (as soon as we found a farm suitable for our whole family) and make her "The happiest Teenager alive" *Then we would be titled "The Best Parents Ever" (at least in her eyes - and that's all that counts) and life would be grand :) Well we moved into our new country home in November and the planning began.
Once the snow melted the kiddlings were eager to help Daddy get the pasture fenced off in preparation for a large four legged friend (obviously in hopes of getting to ride it on occassion ..... after all their big sister "The Teenager" is a generous girl who knows how to share ... surely she would let them share in her joy.)
So the work began.....
"Daddy, Can I help?" they all ambitiously asked. The boys were a bit more helpful than the little girls but they all pitched in to lend a hand. For a little while. Until they discovered the empty 6X6 shed. "Mom, can we play in here?" Nicholas enquired. "This is COOL!" chimed Shane. "This can be our club house guys"Daniel excitedly added.  "Okay boys - you can play in it FOR NOW, just becareful - and let your sisters play too." I instructed.  Off they went into their "fort." and all thoughts of "helping Daddy" vanished. That's okay, I think he got more accomplished once they were out of his hair anyway. Uncle Al came to help Daddy and the two of them did a fine job getting the fence posts up. Almost ready for a horse....
Speaking of horses ..... We found a horse for our Teenager! She was thrilled. He was 16 hands high (thats TALL in horse lingo) and very nice looking. Daddy took her out to see him one afternoon and she fell in love. She rode him for a bit and promised to return each weekend until our own pasture and barn were ready for him.
The Teenager could hardly get through the week. All she could think about was that horse - HER horse. She was beside herself anticipating her next trip to see him. She bought a new riding helmut and a treat for her horse. When Sunday came the Teenager couldn't wait for church to end so she could ride her new best friend again.

Daddy took the Teenager and Papa and Uncle James to the farm where the horse lived. The Teenager was so delighted to saddle up her horse and get better acquainted with her new equine friend. As she reached up to put the horse's bridle on he bent down his massive head and bit the Teen's inner thigh. OUCH! A horse bite covers an area of the size of an adult mans hand - a very large Owie to say the least. The Teenager reprimanded the horse and finished getting him ready to ride. She put on a brave face and didn't let a horse bite stop her from enjoying HER horse. She mounted the horse and rode into the pasture. The horse was being a bum and wouldn't co operate today.  He tried to disengage his rider (the Teenager) a few times and was behaving very badly. Finally she'd had enough and dismounted. The owner suggested they take a carriage ride and see how well he behaved with the carriage. The owner hooked up the carriage. So Daddy and the Teenager joined the owner in the carriage. They set out on the shoulder of the road and travelled donw the street. UNTIL.... a truck appeared. It was heading in the opposite direction and as it approached the horse and carriage the horse became antsy. He bolted to the side and headed toward the ditch. He went down into the ditch and up again and the Teenager was thrown from the back of the carriage and landed in the ditch ... on her arm.
My Husband and a neighbour (who happened to be driving by) pulled her from the ditch. It was obvious she needed to be seen by a doctor so they headed home immediately. On the way the Teenager  said "Daddy, I don't want THAT horse." "Don't you worry honey, we aren't getting THAT horse - we'll find you something better." He promised. Although she'd been bitten and thrown from the carriage she was still heartbroken .... grieving over the possibility of what could have been ..... at least she has some lasting reminders of what "actually was" .... a large black bruise on her inner thigh (and a tetnus shot because it broke the skin), soft tissue damage in her elbow, a sprain and a possible fracture.  And a little advice from Mommy .... "if it bites you before you even get on the thing... WALK AWAY honey!"

Here's a little funny from Our House to Yours
* Daniel: "Teenager, Can I pray for you?"
   Teenager: "Sure Buddy."
   Daniel: "Dear Jesus, make the Teenager feel better, make her arm not hurt. Don't let that bad horse come back and break her other arm. Tell him he is a bad horse. Bless her as use to my body, in Jesus' name, Amen."
  Teenager: {Was he planning on eating me or something?}

* One morning Little Susan was in the washroom with me. My Husband's clothes were all laid out, ready to wear after his morning shower. Little Susan pointed to the clothing on the counter and giggled and covered her eyes. "Mommy, I see Daddy's pull ups" she said. (after we shared a good giggle as I explained the difference between boxers and pull ups.

*One evening as we sat around the dinner table the kiddlings were discussing "what they wanted to be when they grew up." "I want to be a figure skater" Latoya excitedly stated. "I want to be a VEGENARIAN when I grow up" declared Nicholas. "That means you can't eat meat!" Shane quickly informed him.

Here's a little funny from Grandma's Attic

After a rather hectic day and an evening of homework with the kids, dinner for the little darlings, making sure chores were done properly, a bit of playtime, some minor argument settling, sharing lessons, potty training tactics, time outs, etc. pajama time and Ok finally BEDTIME Yeah! Check the kitchen one last time for any forgotten food left out or unseen spills, ok peace and quiet time ....  or so I thought.
Suddenly I heard a faint child's voice, repeating itself, "I want to play, play with me" etc, and "Mommy I'm tired." I thought it was Daniel having sleep issues so I went downstairs to his room quietly to check. Nope - he's sound asleep. The little noises seemed a bit louder! "Oh! The vent from the girls bedroom" I thought. Maybe Little Susan was telling Latoya to go back to bed because she was tired, back up the stairs to check on the girls - Nope, all quiet there, they are all sleeping or doing a good imitation of it. I sat on the couch and could still hear a small voice. I listened at the vent for the basement and KNEW it was coming from there! So back down the stairs I went looking for some missing, whining child after I thought I had counted seven already!
Finally after listening ever so closely I discovered the culprit in a plastic toy box - half covered with legos - a talking baby doll, laying on it's tummy (that activates the voice when pressed) he pressure of the lid on the container was pushing the doll down on it's tummy, and the only one there to laugh at me besides Myself was Bruce the dog.
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