Monday, September 13, 2010

"Elvis, Elvis!" She exclaimed. "It's Elvis and the Chipmunks!" (Summer 2010 ~ Part 1)

FINALLY....... the kiddlings are back to school and there's a little less commotion around here. Back to all the things I love..... cooler weather, predictable routine, and on occassion a little "me time" during the day. I honestly do not know where the summer has gone! I feel like this is the first time I've been able to sit and catch my breath..... but not for long I'm sure :) Let me tell you a little about summer vacation at our house.....

The Teenager had her scheduled knee surgery in August. She had a Fulkerson Osteotomy. A big fancy word for lots of pain :(
We brought her home from the hospital and got her settled into the recliner in the livingroom. Little Daniel took one look at her and ran to Grandma. He hugged Grandma and cried his heart out. Such big sobs coming from someone so small. "They didn't fix her leg Grandma." He sobbed "They made it worse - it's bigger! They just broke it more!" He was inconsolable for a few minutes until we were able to explain to him that although it would be swollen for a while, the brace and bandages just made it look much bigger than it really was.
Little did I know that the drama was just beginning...... no, not from Daniel..... from the Teenager! The first day home was pretty quiet and comical as she was still pretty sedated from the drugs she'd gotten after surgery. She was actually pretty pathetic :) I had taken my camera to the hospital with me to "capture the moment" for her (since I knew she'd never remember it anyway) when she woke up in the recovery room. We sure did get some beautiful footage of our Teen in rare form. Crying, confused and in pain yet still so agreeable...
Mom: "Hi Baby, how are you feeling?"
The Teenager: "I'm Okaaaaay. It hurts."
Mom: "I know. It will feel better soon."
The Teenager: "Okaaaay. But it hurts."
Mom: "I know. You just rest a bit and Dad will come get us soon."
The Teenager: "Okaaaaay. When will he come? It hurts." (closes her eyes and drifts off momentarily then wakes up startled and looks confused.)
Mom: "Hi Baby, how are you feeling?"
The Teenager: Hi Mommy, I'm okaaaay, it hurts. How are YOU feeling?"
Mom: "I'm good. (suppressing a giggle)  I love you."
The Teenager: "It hurts. I love you too Mommy. It hurts. Can we go now?"
Mom: "Soon Baby. Do you want something for the pain?"
The Teenager: "Okaaaay. It hurts. Yes please."
...... etc...... leaving the hospital was a unique experience. We didn't know how to get her into the van to take her home. She was in obvious pain and had her leg in a brace to keep it immobilized so it wouldn't bend. We had to handle her gently and with great care - especially since a crowd of on lookers gathered nearby to watch the spectacle. After a few failed attempts (I'm sure we looked like a comedy act) at trying to get her into the van we finally got her shoved through and resting across both the middle seats. Thank God for sliding doors on BOTH sides of the van - I don't know how we would have pushed and pulled her into place without them. Getting her out once we got home was equally challenging. We even had to stop part way up the sidewalk to rest for a moment because she felt dizzy - so we opted to carry her in instead ...... speaking of feeling dizzy.....
The poor girl couldn't have a regular shower for the first few days because every time we took the bandages off and tried to get her standing up to get into the shower - she'd passout! It was so odd because she has never fainted before .... the pain would overwhelm her, she would get sweaty and turn white and down she'd go. It became a family joke .... "Okay, let's try to get her cleaned up.... got the fan? cold compresses?" It took three of us to keep her upright the first few times.
During this time my workload got heavier and heavier..... my right-hand girl was now out of commission and ooking after The Teenager became a full time job.... she couldn't do much on her own and she had to be assisted at all times.  My mother came to stay with us for a bit to help out - Thank God for mothers! (Mom, if I didn't fully express how grateful I am to you for all your help - THANKYOU! You've made a difficult situation easier to contend with and I appreciate all your effort.)
Eventually the Teenager got an infection in the incision :(  Of course both her surgeon and her family doctor were away on vacation (not together ... at least I don't think so) at the time. It got concerning enough that Daddy took her to the hospital to have it looked after. A few hours later and a script for antibiotics and she was back home. All the while I'd been cleaning and preparing for an open house we had scheduled for the following day. Days were melting into nights and I couldn't even remember what day it WAS anymore..... and that's when the REAL chaos began......
"Latoya! Quit scratching your head.... what's wrong with you? Come here.... Oh my Lord!!!!! Please tell me I'm seeing things..... not now, not at a time like this......
(I think I'll continue this in the next posting as I'm sure this is going to be a long story) ......
Here are a few Funnies from our house to yours:

*After breakfast one morning Nicholas asked "Can I have a neckturn Mama?" (He meant a nectarine.)

* Little Daniel couldn't remember what those things were that he built in the winter time .... the things made of snow.... "Oh ya! The snow gloos." He blurted out excitedly.

*Dad and the boys were out on the boat fishing and eating their snacks when Little Daniel remarked "Mmmm, this tastes like oatmeal." (He was eating a Quaker oatmeal -to-go bar. LOL)

* Latoya got very worked up over a television commercial one night. She recognized a picture of Elvis and became very excited. "Elvis, Elvis!" She exclaimed. "It's Elvis and the Chipmunks!"

* We were watching a kids program on television one night and the question was asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" One child answered "a veterinarian." Shaned piped up and said "Oh, I know what that is.... it means you don't eat any meat." He said matter of factly :)

Just a reminder that the next AVON order will be placed on Tuesday September 14th - contact me if there's anything you would like me to get for you!
To be continued in the next posting ...


  1. Too funny as always Lucy! Great job! I am so pleased the kids are back to school now. Time for some slow down for you. I love you! I appreciate you! All you do! You are an amazing mommy and an incredible wife!
    Love you much!
    Lucy's Hubby

  2. Oh Liss
    I'm so so sorry about the head scratching! I bet you couldn't believe it! I experienced that last year when my daughter called me at work and said 'guess what your granddauther has' (she had just been here visiting for hte weekend. I went straight home and you know the rest. I think I scratched for a month .. psychosomatic. :-) Dear Daar Lord! you never have a dull moment!! And I thought my life was interesting@ You are amazing and I admire you!
    Hang in 'mommy'!!
    Matthew 7: 24 to 27 Your house is built well:-)

  3. i had that onces head lice when i was lttle girl not picnic isn't lol!..i'm glad daugther is doing well with her nee!