Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"I ran out of toilet paper" he cried "and no one came to help me!"

I know, I know.... it's been a couple weeks since my last post. I've received a few emails asking if I've forgotten to update my Fish Bowl :) I'm still here.... I've just been captured by little demanding people who require an enormous amount of time and attention through out the day. It has gotten a little out of hand ...  my days are just all running into eachother and I am not sure if I'm coming or going ....  I dropped a young un' off at Sylvan Learning Centre the other day and stopped half way to the van and turned around to go get him because I thought it was the wrong day .... but no, I was where I was supposed to be - my brain just hadn't caught up with the rest of me yet. I can run on auto pilot even when no one's home upstairs.
We thought we'd get the kids out of the house for a bit after supper tonight and took them all grocery shopping with us..... I know, I know .... what were we thinking?!?!?! That's what I kept asking myself over and over again as I packed groceries into the van while trying to round up rowdy kiddlings in the parking lot and get them secured into their seat belts before I lost my cool in public. I sat in the driver's seat, hands shaking, breathing quickened, beads of perspiration across my brow .... "THIS is why we leave the kids home when we grocery shop!" I said out loud to no one in particular. None of them were listening to me anyway ... they were too busy playing keep-away with someone's shoe (at least that's what I gathered from the squeals and flailing arms) I look into my rear view mirror and catch my husband's eye as he sits in his jeep in the parking space behind me. "But this is what you WANTED..." I hear his voice remind me sarcastically in my head.
As the fog in my head begins to clear I see the light..... there IS hope ...... school starts in only three weeks! I think am even more excited than they are. Six of the seven little darlings will be attending school this year. I feel almost giddy.We took the children out to get new shoes for school in hopes of hurrying things along :) I was so tired of hearing "Mom can we go school clothes shopping?" (badgers the Teenager) *Sigh* "Give it a rest already! What's the hurry to start Back to School shopping?" I reply. "Mom, if we don't go this week how will I try on clothes on crutches with my leg in a big brace? the Teenager whines. (She is scheduled for knee surgery this week) *Sigh* Where has the time gone? It sounds so cliche' I know, but I can't wrap my head around how quickly the summer is flying by. So many things are still undone and time is running out.... the house is not sold yet - so where ARE the kids going to school next month? Back to school clothes to shop for, school supplies still needed. The Teenager's surgery is coming up, just in time to start high school, (then comes alot of hard work and therapy), Little Susan needs to get her immunizations updated to start school ..... and only three weeks to get it all done.
Lord I know You're never late - You're always on time - but why do You have to cut it so close?
As summer advances toward fall, change is in the air ... and so is uncertainty ... so many things have transpired this summer.....
My mother is no longer employed and is entering into uncharted territory, my cousin had a stroke and is still in hospital with partial paralysis, my Dad has begun a new fitness regime that includes martial arts and he is doing things he never before thought possible, my Teenager is starting highschool and is having knee surgery to repair her knee, very good friends of ours are moving away .... we have an upcoming missions trip to India in the works and I am so excited that my newly married cousin (who lives in Japan) is expecting his first child. We are no longer foster parents, we are a "real family" (as the kids call it.) We are headed in a direction we've never been before .... much anticipation and a sense of newness.... and we're still waiting for this house to sell..... it has been a very full summer.
There's never a dull moment around here ....  We had an all out comedy show going on the other day! The dog must have been eating treats on his doggy bed in the living room.... when Shane went to move the dog bed to sweep the floor he was very surprised to see a bunch of small black ants milling around under the dog bed on the floor. His frantic cries for assistance caused everyone to gather together in the living room to investigate. The little girlies squealed and hid behind couch cushions, the Teenager rolled her eyes, the two younger boys got very excited and hyper and the Baby tried to catch and eat them as they crawled by .... "Quick, vaccum them up!" I hollered. "There goes one!" yelled Latoya. "There goes another!" cried Little Susan. "They're getting away!" Daniel said anxiously. He didn't relax until every last ant was sucked into the vaccum cleaner. It was almost as comical as the Dumb Bunny we came across the other night while driving on a country road late in the evening.

He just wouldn't get out of the way and kept hopping back and forth infront of the vehicle. I don't even know what this rabbit was doing but I sure was glad I had my camera with me to capture it on video.  No we didn't kill the little leaping lapin (that's rabbit in french) - but we did have another pet death in the family....
 what a tragedy :(
My fish "Blogger" died recently - yes I know I just got the fish..... but now it's gone. I am such a bad fish-mommy. I tried to save him but all my efforts failed.... and now he's "swimming with Jesus"  little Susan insists. No I am not going to give it another try - I am feeling like a bit of a failure when it comes to keeping pets alive right now.... thank God my children don't have scales or fur- or they might be in danger!
I hosted a Tupperware Party at my place last week - we had a blast ....  those parties are just as much fun as they used to be "back in the day" - maybe even more! My darling Hubby took all the kiddlings out so the ladies could have free reign of the house without all the shorties around getting under foot. Poor man kept calling to see if we were "done yet?" Hahaha, He wanted to know if he could have some sort of "Man party" where all the guys could get together and buy guns and other hunting necessities..... Hmmmm, there may be an entrepreneurial idea brewing here....
The Baby received her very first piece of Tupperware that night.... and she loved it - she refused to give it up at bedtime and slept with it firmly grasped in her pudgy little fist. But by morning time it was under Latoya's pillow and of course she "didn't know HOW it got there."
Just prior to the Tupperware party, my mother called to share something with me. She could hardly speak she as laughing so hard. Once she regained control she told me that she had called my sister's place and spoke to my niece Lynn. She asked Lynn if she was coming to the Tupperware party and she said "Yes, she was looking forward to it" but her little sister Elizabeth was upset that she couldn't come. Lynn informed Elizabeth that Tupperware parties were "just for women" and not little girls. "I AM a woman" insisted Elizabeth. "No you're not" assured Lynn. "Yes I am!" argued Elizabeth. "You're not," stated Lynn "You don't have a period." Lynn replied. "Oh yes I do." boasted Elizabeth. "You do NOT." corrected Lynn. "I do so!" bragged Elizabeth "it's right next to my belly button!" she stated matter of factly. HAHAHAHA (Elizabeth has a tiny freckle next to her belly button - her "period".)
We took the herd to Greenview Aviaries on Friday. What an adventure that was! I am almost positive the animals were laughing at US. Papa and Uncle James accompanied us and it was so nice to have them join us on our excursion ....  I am not sure they'll ever agree to go on a day trip with us again but it was fun while it lasted :) It was hot and muggy and the kiddlings were so excited!!!! I was exhausted after the first fifteen minutes - not from walking or the weather but from having to constantly give directions as we went along..... "Daniel, stop chasing the ducks." "Daniel I SAID stop chasing the ducks!" "Daniel stop crying, ducks don't even have teeth, it's just a pinch." "Boys, put the sticks down.... do NOT poke the goat in the eye!" "Latoya drop the feather! Do NOT put things in your mouth." (Oh my.... go rinse your mouth out - NOW) "Daniel, stop throwing rocks." "Daniel, STOP throwing rocks!" "What the heck happened to your eye? WHAT?!?! You tossed a rock up into the air and it hit you in the face? .... really..... imagine that." "Oh good Lord! give me some hand sanitizer quick! The Baby ripped the wings off a fly and is rubbing it across her lips!" (Hahaha, she loves the feel of soft things on her lips - too gross!)
The kids weren't the only ones having fun.... the adults took turns playing on the trampolines, climbing the playground equipment, sliding down slides and swinging on swings. We teeter-tottered, merry-go-rounded, and had a thrill on the zip lines and watched the kiddos enjoy the splash pad before the day was through. What a day! I love making memoried with my wee ones.
Here are a few more memorable moments from our family to yours:
*A recent phone conversation with my Hubby...
Hubby: "I could really go for something cold."
Me: "Me too - but don't bring home any ice cream."
Hubby: "You don't want any?"
Me: "Oh I want some - but I don't need it. Just don't bring any home please."
Hubby: *Sigh* "Is this some kind of weird girl-code that I'm not getting? Am I going to come home empty handed and have you disappointed that I didn't bring you anything even though you told me not too?" (Hahaha - poor guy - You gotta give him credit for trying to save his hiney.)
*Little Susan asked "Mommy, can you cut my brains? - they're going in my eyes." (she wanted me to cut her "bangs")
* We took the kiddlings to Flap Jacks for breakfast one morning. We were all a little embarrassed when the waitress caught us playing "spin the bottle" with an empty orange juice bottle, when she came to clear our dirty dishes from the table. She just grinned and said we could keep the bottle if we wanted too :)
* My niece Marie slept over for a couple days. In the van as we drove her home my Hubby mentioned that it was "94 degrees out." Marie's eyes grew wide and she excitedly said "94 degrees? That's like almost 100!"
* We had a houseful on a Sunday afternoon. The kiddlings were running in and out of the house. We all seemed to realize at once that we hadn't seen Nicholas in quite some time..... We called his name - no answer. We looked around on the main floor and didn't see him. I sent the kids out back to check the yard for him - still no sign of him. Someone suggested he might have gotten tired and lay down for a nap - But that was out of character for him so I began to search more seriously for him. I ventured upstairs to see if he did in fact lay down for a nap. No Nicholas. Until... I opened the bathroom door upstairs and there he was sitting on the pot. He looked at me and broke down crying. "What's wrong baby?" I asked, full of concern. "I ran out of toilet paper" he cried "and no one came to help me" he sobbed. "You should have hollered for me or banged on the floor" I offered. "I did" he replied "but no one heard me." (The poor kiddo was sitting there - for a long time- not knowing what to do in his difficult dilemma)

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Have a blessed week - Only 20 more days!!!!!



  1. Again Mom, I loved the blog! You did a great job! as always I was almost crying I was laughing so hard. Untill.... I saw the picture of Shane trying to give me a boost up on to the chicken statue! I didn't even know you took that picture. Thanks!

    I cant wait to read your next blog! But next time don't make us wait so long!

  2. Thanks for the laughs Lucy!! I needed that today! And I thought I was the only one running crazy these days! Glad to know I am not alone!