Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Can I colour my picture of the naked girl that I got from the church?"

Alrighty..... It's been almost two weeks since I've been able to find time to Blog .... the kiddlings are home for summer what more can I say? This is the first opportunity I've had a moment to sit down and take a minute for myself .... I am actually hiding out in my bedroom right now - they think I am on the phone and need some quiet..... I think it's gonna be a loooong phonecall :)
This is my new fish. He's a black Moore. I haven't named him yet ...  I thought we could have a "Name the Fish" contest! Just leave a comment at the bottom of this blog entry indicating what name you would choose for the happy little swimmer and I will post the name we've chosen in the next blog entry. (Come on, don't wait until later.... do it now! Scroll down to the bottom of this entry, click on "Comment" and leave a comment with your choice of name.... why put it off till later? Be impulsive!) The winner will receive an autographed photo of the little guy (or gal ... don't know how to tell the difference really.) Here are a few suggestions from my herd; Noah, Blackie, Big Pooper (Nicholas' suggestions "cause he poops big"), Black out, Barbie, and Gabrielle. *Please send your suggestions.... I am not really fond of any of these :)

I am feeling a little bit older these days.... my Teenager just celebrated her 14th birthday :) She is such an amazing kiddo - everything I wish I was at her age. Confident and compassionate, obedient and thoughtful, talented and encouraging, considerate and strong, she is funny and beautiful all rolled into one great girl..... I remember how madly in love with her I was when I first laid eyes on her .... a squirming, smiling bundle of baby - if feels like only yesterday.... where have all the years gone so quickly?  I used to wonder what she would be like growing up. What would she like to do? What hobbies would she pursue? Would she be a tomboy or a girlie girl? Would she be pleasant and polite or a bit of a rebel (like her mom {was})  .... I am so thankful for the incredible young woman she is today .... Happy Birthday My Teenager - we are so very proud of you :)

It's no secret that the Teenager loves horses and despite her ongoing knee issues (requiring an upcoming surgery) she continues to take riding lessons and will saddle up at any given moment if she has the opportunity. She was thrilled to receive a new pair of riding boots for her birthday :) She was very excited to go trail riding with her cousin in the evening - the perfect birthday for this Teenage cowgirl. Although the Teenager has just celebrated another birthday and is growing up before my eyes..... maturity takes time to develop. Sometimes irrational fears cause one to act in ways one would not normally act.....

This same brave Teenager who hunts with Daddy, protects her younger siblings, has travelled overseas on an airplane to a foreign country and spoken infront of churches full of strangers ..... who isn't afraid of "anything" has a slight fear of spiders. Can you imagine? Spiders..... little crawling bugs that are harmless and completely helpless against a grown girl...... talk about irrational.
The Teenager went in to have a shower the other day. After only a few short minutes I heard the water shut off - I was SHOCKED! Wow, she must really be catching on as she's getting older.... One of us often has to bang on the bathroom door when she's in there to make sure she's still breathing.... "Are you done YET?" is usually the question posed through the crack in the door. "Save some water for the rest of us", and "Turn the water OFF - you've been in there long enough" can often be heard early in the morning as the Teenager replies "just a minute." So on this particular day I was feeling pretty proud of my girl. She had exercised some self control and restricted her own "shower time" to accommodate others .... but wait a minute..... that wasn't NEARLY enough time to lather up let alone wash her hair .... as I pondered this I heard her call me in a shrill voice "MooOOOoom??? MooOOOoom?? Can you come here PLEASE?" I dropped what I was doing and darted for the door. Obviously she'd cut a main artery shaving or something to cause that much panic. I burst through the bathroom door ready to make a tourniquet out of a tea towel to save my precious daughter from bleeding out only to find ..... her bare bottom sticking out of the shower as she clutched a towel to her chest and was reaching high up into the corner of the shower where the ceiling meets the wall, with the toilet bowl wand (the thing used for grasping a cleaning pad) in her hand. She had wadded up some toilet paper and attached it to the wand and was trying desparately to murder something high up in the corner. Her eyes were wild and she was breathless.... "a spider... there's a spider in the shower..." she huffed and she jammed the toilet wand into the corner again and again. "There, I think I got it." she said satisfied. "Can you flush it for me please?" she asked. I stared at her in disbelief and turned to walk away..... "there's nothing left to flush dear," I said "you've disintegrated him."

Have you ever wondered what it sounds like around here in the morning? (probably not but it sure makes for an interesting sound clip) Here's what all seven kiddlings waiting patiently at the table for their breakfast sounds like....
I wonder if this is the reason why we don't get much company? LOL
Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:

* "Can I colour my picture of the naked girl that I got from the church?" asked Latoya. "WHAT?" I stammered as I grabbed the picture from her hand. It was a picture of Eve in the garden peeking out from behind a bush - they were learning about Adam and Eve.
* My husband was curling weights in the livingroom and the two little girlies sat mesmerized watching him....They were so impressed.  "Daddy is getting stronger" boasted Latoya. "Ya, Daddy is a stronger guy." added Little Susan.
* We were discussing families one day around the dinner table. Curious as to what their response would be, I posed the question "What would you think if we got another baby?" Shane piped up right away... "I don't want another baby - they take too long to grow." "Ya" added Nicholas, "They can't even speak."
* The baby's new word is YODA... the boys think it's cool. But what she's really asking for is Yogurt :)
* "We had weed at the Mars family's house right Mom?" stated Latoya. "No honey, that was wheat. W H E A T. not weed."
* I was looking after my young cousin for the day. At lunch time she refused to sit in the dining room at the table and eat with us. When asked why she said with distain  "Ewww, it smells like sandwiches and boys in there."
* Little Susan came up to me with that "informer" look on her face. "This is my "mean finger" Mom? It was posed as more of a question than a statement. "Who told you THAT?" I asked, stunned that my innocent four year old was flipping me the bird. "Shane said this was my mean finger." She said matter of factly.

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Have a blessed week!


  1. fish name by sarah... shadow
    Fish name by Elijah ... fat albert

    love the fish bowl as always sis you have a wonderful way with drawing your readers in keep it up

  2. How about Otis for the fish's name? That would be my pick.


  3. How about Dark Night? (loved that movie)

  4. Thankyou my dearest, beloved mother for sharing that wonderful story about me with the world. I really apprecitate it. Although I knew, as soon as you walked into the bathroom and I heard you walk out laughing, that this would be your next big blog story! For all of you people out there reading this comment......
    In my defence....
    1. The spider was ALOT bigger than you all think it was.
    2. It caught me off guard!
    3. It was really big!

  5. Well Lucy, I am impressed! Great job on the blog as always. Really babe I think you need to write a book! For those of you that are reading this I had the privilige of seeing that shower spider before the teenager did and really it was quite tiny. I thought I would leave it for her to find and she did MUHAAAHAAAA! Anyway. As far as a name for the fish I would like to suggest BLOGGER! Pretty good huh? I think so. Ok This is the HUSBAND signing off now. by the way everyone.. I LOVE LUCY :-)

  6. i think you should name the fish ERNIE cause the way he was looking in the picture reminded me of the rubber duckie and ERNIE off of the old sesame street t.v. show. By the way i really enjoyed the spider story and sorry to tell you teenage but i think i have to side with lucy on this one because knowing you and your major phobia with insects it probly wasn't that big :D ... keep on writting ...

  7. the grandma said ... is it female or male ... i said you can't tell ... she said well if it were male i'd call it morley

  8. fish name suggestion - shimon :-) if he comes to Canada you can introduce them .. hahaha. kind of looks like him don't you think @

  9. how about Nemo? (Finding Nemo)

    the other Lucy