Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Bad words are in my mouth" says the Baby

Summer flew by so fast! You could imagine the chaos and craziness around here over the past few months with having all seven kiddlings home plus running our Summer Kamp program.... it feels like this is the first time I've had a chance to sit down and catch my breath...wait a minute, it IS. The children have been in school for about a month now and I am still working my way through my "To Do" List that just seems to grow longer each day. Recently one afternoon I decided to tackle the cupboard under the sink. Yes THAT one, the one that holds the garbage bin. In the back of the cupboard I store my flower vases so they're out of reach and won't get broken by clumsy little hands. When I pulled out the tall, oval shaped, burnt orange vase I was shocked and amused to see two tiny field mice in the bottom of it. Upon seeing me they frantically jumped up and down trying to escape. But the edge of the vase was too high to reach. The Baby was colouring at the table at the time and halted her creativity to come over and have a peek. "Awwwww! He's so cute!" She squealed with delight staring at the rodent's big round ears and tiny black eyes. She giggled wildly as she watched them bounce up and down over and over again, trying to find a way out. We were having a problem with mice coming into the house and have set many traps to get the problem under control. I have had to deal with disposing of dead mice caught in the traps but haven't come across this situation yet.... what shall I do with live mice? I couldn't just let them go - they'd be right back in the house in no time, ripping into another box of cereal or bag of rice.  I couldn't stomp on them .... I just couldn't. So I called my husband and asked his advice. "Just dump some water in the vase and set it in the garage - they'll drown and you can get rid of them after that." Okay that sounds quick and easy enough. I apologized profusely to the tiny rodents as I poured a pitcher of water into the vase and set it in the garage. I left immediately, not having the stomach to witness their final few minutes.  The Baby and I worked on a few crafts and did a little more cleaning. About thirty minutes passed by before I remembered the little rodents in the garage. "I'd better dispose of them now, before the kiddlings come home I thought as I headed to the door.

Upon opening the garage door my heart broke. On the counter where the vase was I could see the little mice STILL SWIMMING for their lives! But more terrible than that was another little mouse who apparently had come to their aid, jumping frantically up and down at the side of the glass vase, trying in vain to find a way to rescue the poor mice from their fate. The rescue mouse saw me and quickly scampered away leaving the two mice in their perilous situation. A tear slid down my cheek as I reached for my cell phone and called my husband. I explained the situation to which he replied "Stop it, you're breaking my heart! What are you going to do?" he asked. I told him I had no choice, I had to release the tiny mice from their watery tomb and set them free. You know the old stories about prisoners on death row, how if the execution fails the prisoners are set free. Well I carried the vase out to the back lawn and gingerly poured it out onto the grass. The little mice fell out and lay there breathing rapidly, exhausted with no fight left in them. I carefully picked them up and placed them under the edge of an overhanging garden plant to shade them from the sun. Burning to a crisp while trying to dry out would be an even more terrible death don't you think? I left them to dry and went back to my house work. When I returned a while later they were gone. Hopefully they fled in the opposite direction and won't get caught in a mouse trap of ours. I'm certain I'd be able to recognize them if I ever saw them up close again (dead or alive, in a trap or running free.)
When my husband came home that afternoon he asked me what I did with the little mice. As my eyes filled with tears I told him that I let them go, that I HAD to. He said he understood.... but asked me to please not tell the neighbours about this...... they already think we're weird.

*Here's a few funnies from Our House to Yours *

* "Mom, Can I have a drink?" Shane asks as he hands me his cup. "What's in your cup?" I inquire because I can hear something tumbling about in there. "A cock" he casually replies. "A WHAT?!" I further question. "A cock" he says plainly. "WHAT?!" I demand in a shrill voice as I grab the cup from his hand to see what's inside.... it's a CORK, from a wine bottle. (Shane has a bit of a speech issue and mom has an overactive imagination :))
* Nicholas came home from school and told me all about his day. The highlight of his day was "Making a CHEMICAL ERECTION" in science class. (Chemical reaction)
* The Baby was going for a play date with her friend Ella. "I want to make a name for Ella's grandma." she stated. (which translates to "I want to know her name") "Her name is Mrs. Green" I reveal. "Oh, I LOVE Mrs. Green" says the Baby "And her grandpa (husband) is Mr. Green right Mama?" says Little Susan looking for confirmation. "Yes" I reply. "I love Mr. Green" Little Susan says again. "He's so cute!"
* "Bad words are in my mouth" says the Baby "We should wash them out." I reply teasingly. "With my tooth brush, Ya!" she says excitedly.
* After brushing her teeth one morning the Baby comes to me with her mouth wide open to examine her work. "Look at my teeth Mama, are they dusty?" she inquires.

Subscriber's Stories

Introducing another area of the tank.... Subscribers Stories! Do you have a funny or cute story to share? Want to have it included in the "Subscribers Stories" section of The Fish Bowl? Just email me your story and I'll include it in a future edition of the Fish Bowl. Please include your name and email address with all submissions.

Sunday afternoon Wendy and I were on the swing watching Wayne do some car stuff.  Zion (8) and Haylee (6) were on the swing.  Zion yell's out "Mom Mom Haylee says we gotta get married "  Once we stopped our giggles she asked  "why?"  Zion replied " well she says we touched knee's now we have to get married " (well at least he was smiling) Wendy said "well don't worry it doesn't have to be this week” ....and we both burst out laughing ..
Thanks to Phyllis L from Chatham for that submission

Kendal: "mommy i can see the sun through my eye skin"
Me: "those are called your eye lids"
Kendal:"why are they called eye LIDs?"
Me: "I'm not sure... Why is anything called anything?"
Kendal: "well cows are called cows because they moo"
Hahaha I love her! :-)
Thanks to Amie Stoffyn for that submission

In the words of Abby "Grammie did you know my mommy has a baby in her tummy!!!!!! She growed it with food!"  Thanks to Marissa Smolders for that submission

Me: " Gabby you have been having much better days at school and have done great on your school work. Do u find your meds helping more?" 
Gabby says: "No Mom I`m just doing it for the stickers. The medicine doesn't work at all."

It was fireworks night and I told Gabby she couldn't stay up to watch them because she had school the next day. She had late night the night before and I had to work early the next morning so she says "Your the meanest Mom ever. I have been waiting my whole life to see fireworks." and she proceeded to stomp her way to her room. Must have been rough waiting those 8 whole years. ;)
Thanks to Veronica Anger from Windsor for those submissions

WHO: Arden and Angela 
WHAT: Getting money out of the ATM
WHERE: Crowded Mall
WHEN: This afternoon
WHY: Why you should have your children close their eyes as you type in your bank card pass number
" pressed ****!!! You use that number on ALL your cards...."
Thanks to Angela Pestowka for that submission

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  1. have me ROFL with the mice story! way too funny!
    I would have screamed from the beginning, slammed the cupborad door shut and called for the neighbour! you are brave.
    and then to go backout and let them go! and post their picture. You made my night!
    Keep writing! and seriously, you need to publish these in a book. Try Readers Digest they are always looking for stories!