Wednesday, February 9, 2011

She's "gonna sell it to bald people."

We've started to do some upgrading and renovations to our new place. What better place to start than insulation .... so we had lots and lots of nice warm insulation blown into our walls. I was excited at the prospect of waking up in the morning feeling a little warmer. By mid morning, I had to run out to pick up the Teenager from school ... exam week ya know :)
When I got back home I went to the kitchen to start a pot of chili for supper. "Why in the world is it so dusty in here?" I inquired out loud to nobody in particular. I was mistified at the thick layer of dust covering my microwave, cans of tomatoes and beans, the lid to the crock pot .... "Where had this come from all of a sudden?" I wondered. Then I realized it must be dust from the insulation being blown in - but WOW, that sure is alot of dust. " Funny though, it's just in the kitchen" I thought. My eyes scanned over the dust and then I saw it .... an odd looking pile of "something" sticking up behind the microwave??? "What is THIS?" I said out loud. I pulled the microwave oven out from the corner and was shocked to see a hill of insulation that appeared to have come from behind the cupboards in the corner. Somehow the insulation found it's way indoors through the wall. I couldn't help but laugh. I asked the Teenager to go outside and get one of the guys to come see this. The poor guy looked at it like he didn't know what to do - so he grabbed a vaccum and cleaned it up and back to work he went.
I managed to clean up the rest of the kitchen and got back to work preparing the pot of chili for supper. I flicked onthe light over the sink and it didn't come on. "What's going on NOW?" I grumbled to myself as I flicked the lightswitch off and on (why do we DO that anyway?) I wondered if the guys had somehow messed with some wiring while they were doing the insulation. The a wave of dread washed over me. I grabbed a chair and climbed up onto the counter and pushed up the plastic up to inspect the light .... but the plastic was too heavy to lift..... and there was insulation falling out of it..... the whole cavity above the sink area was filled with insulation that somehow managed to find a hole to blow through. I hollered for the Teenager to "get that guy in here again please!" and when he came in he looked up toward the light and shook his head.... he had never seen this before.... (We ARE a unique family so why shouldn't all our situations be unique?) He carefully vaccumed out the light space and cleaned up the mess.... When he removed the plastic and the insulation started falling down all I could do was laugh. I told him that "I was NOT paying any extra for the insulation they had to vaccum up and take back" :)

In addition to our house renovations and upgrades we are beginning to add a few animals to our Hobby Farm. The first of our additions were a few Bunnies. The Teenager named them TimBit, Fritter, and Muffin (Yes, I think she is a fan of Tim Hortons),  Next came a pot bellied pig named "Pinky" and some chickens. Seven hens and a rooster ... and we have baby chicks coming in March. The children are thrilled with the animals, especially the chickens .... it's like having an Easter egg hunt every day. Speaking of egg hunts, that reminds me of the fun the Teenager and her cousin Lynn had this past weekend.
The girls wanted to have eggs for breakfast but there weren't any in the fridge so they decided to go check the barn and see if the hens had anything for them. They bundled up in their coats and boots but stayed in their PJ's under it all. They were out there for a while and came back empty handed but not defeated. The Teenager was laughing at Lynn because she had been begging the hens for an egg and when that didn't work she began threatening the hens. I guess Lynn got pretty excited at the prospect of an egg when the one hen huddled down in her nest making lots of noise, arched her back and lifted up her hind end .... then pooped. The girls left the barn to warm up inside but not before Lynn threatened to eat the chicken for breakfast if she didn't produce before she came back. When the girls went back out to collect on their promise the hen stood up from her nest and low and behold there was a nice warm egg for Lynn :) The girls were thrilled. They made eggs for breakfast and the chicken got to live another day.
After breakfast we tried and experiment suited for a bitter cold day like today. We boiled some water and tossed it into the frigid air outside and it instantly turned into frosty fog and snow. The younger kiddlings watched from indoors through the livingroom window.


Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:

* Latoya's birthday is coming up. She wants to get her hair cut for her birthday (really she just wants to get it cut in hopes that it will be a little more managable for her... less tangles.) Because her hair is gorgeous and so long, I explained the benefits of donating her cut hair to an organization that makes wigs for children suffering from hairloss due to cancer and other illnesses. She thought this was a wonderful idea and decided that this is what she would like to do. So now when you ask her what she's going to do with her hair she will boldly inform you that she is "gonna sell it to bald people." Hahahaha (we may have to clarify things for her a bit still.)
* We are currently working on potty training the Baby. The other little girls like to encourage her by getting excited about her "going potty." They can often be heard chattering away to the Babe asking her if she is "going on the potty train?"
* Here is a quick snap shot of how our potty training is going so far....
NOTE TO SELF: 1.strip the Baby naked before putting her on the potty ... that way socks don't get used as toilet paper. 2. Never, never, never let the Baby brush her teeth while sitting on the potty...... (Thank God toothbrushes don't flush so easily.)

And here are a few funnies from Grandma's Archives:
Watching the children grow, we find ourselves trying to figure out what kind of futures are in store, what possible careers they might choose.
Annette up to now has shown great love for animals, especially cats. We figure she'll either be a veteranarian or open up a store strictly with cat furnishings and probably employ cats to wait on customers as she thinks cats are smarter than humans anyway.
Melissa is most likely to end up in politics. She has all the right answers, knows more than anyone else and usually succeeds in getting her own way no matter what. She is definately NOT a quitter when it comes to winning an arguement, making a point, or making her mind up to do something - get something or go somewhere.
Renee is definately going to be in business. Since she learned to speak her first few words, it's been wheelin' and dealin' all the way. She started out finding pretty stones outside while playing in the driveway. Someone told her the pretty black ones were coal. For almost a year she kept all the black stones to make a fortune for her and Grandpa. She was going to make a coal mine. I don't know how far the coal mine would have gone but the day I decided to clean out the toybox I had wished she had invested in some heavy equipment. She still had alot of other pretty stones and didn't want to see them discarded so she came up with the idea of selling them. Surely other people would consider them just as precious as she did. Uncle Jim came over at lunch time and she managed to sell him one big stone for a quarter. He stayed for a coffee, left for work in a hurry and  forgot his stone. Renee noticed right away - never missing a business opportunity she immediately put the stone back in her collection. He returned that night with his wife and she re-sold him thie same stone for double the price. He reminded her they were cheaper earlier in the day and she realized that what she was doing wasn't quite honest. So she agreed to sell him the same stone again but for a quarter instead of fifty cents.
We had a party for Annette's birthday and had decorated the house with one cent balloons. Renee wanted some of her own so she went to the store and bought ten penny balloons. She blew them up and attached each one to a twig off the tree and proceeded to sell each one to the neighbourhood children for a nickel or a dime. Each time she made money she went back to the store for more balloons to increase her stock.  We finally had to stop her because the tree was looking bare but all the kids on the block were thrilled to have boughten a neat toy so cheaply and Renee was content to have made some money and still had quite a few balloons for herself to play with.
Another one of her trades was selling pet rocks (before we had even heard of them). I had stated we were to have no more pets in the house so she made herself a pet rock complete with a box for a bed and fur lined comforter. She asked if she could keep it because it needed little attention and no food or watering. As soon as I said yes she was making them and selling them.
 She also made strips of cardboard, coloured and decorated them and sold them as book markers for a nickel each. When we moved from that neighbourhood I'm sure the children around missed all her great ideas but I bet they have more money in their pockets!
In the same neighbourhood she went around selling orange juice. She started with a stand out front of the house. Being on a dead-end street it didn't take her long to realize business wasn't picking up. No Problem. She picked up the jug and some cups and went and sold juice door to door and made eighty-five cents. Not bad for one hour work and half a package of Tang to a quart of water. She was saving the other half package for the next days business.
When Kirk was in his own antenna business servicing and installing antennas we had to travel with extra business cards. If we were out shopping or just for a ride, she could spot a broken antenna a block away and wanted us to stop the car so she could deliver a business card to the home. Even after he gave up the business she was still finding jobs for him.
She's got more in her savings account than I do and she's only eight years old. We expect her to be a millionaire by the time she's twenty-eight or at least well on her way!

I just wanted to take a minute to endorse a product I am currently using at home. Shaklee's Cinch weight loss products .....  the results have been very good so far - I'll keep you posted. Shaklee carries many products that are good for you and the environment. If you're interested in any information or just browsing the catalogue click on the link below :) (No, I am not being paid to endorse these products.... but I should be. Haha)

    I also wanted to thank a friend of mine who did an amazing job presenting our church with a financial seminar not too long ago. It was a very informative day and I personally learned alot. Thanks Will, for always being available to answer all our questions and for educating us on how to be good stewards with what we've been entrusted with. Your advice is invaluable and we appreciate you.   If you're interested in talking with Will about any of your financial needs or if you just want to learn how to better manage your money - contact Will at FaithLife Financial!

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