Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Men are like that sometimes, they don't always notice the obvious."

Just when I think I can fit nothing more into my week things inevitably happen that leave me juggling my time and energy late into the night. My "To Do" list keeps growing and there are less and less items scratched off of it these days. With so much to do in a day I have to jot down even the smallest of details otherwise I risk "forgetting" about it and disappointing one of the little ones. #1. Look up FREE summer programs #2. Get photos printed for the kiddlings albums #3. Update Wills (before heading to India - I know, not a pretty thought but certainly necessary) #4. Update the church website and add new events #6. Set up Daniel's "Funkeys" on the computer (a game he got for his birthday in February - see how behind I am!) #7. get groceries (eating is overated anyway let's just eat out and save on dishes ... we don't have time to do them anyway) .... and the list goes on. All it takes is for one "unplanned event" to occur and it causes chaos in my world. This week was "one of those weeks." I managed to get Buzzy to the groomers (as you can see in the picture) now he's sporting a cool new do and a fancy "Hot Wheels" neck tie, the Teenager to the stables to help with the horses and the exceptional riders program, the little girlies to their dance recital dress rehersal (a real feat after having to get them both dressed in their costumes with hair and makeup done), Latoya to her speech assessment, the Teenager to the hospital to get more xrays and a consult with the surgeon, preparations for year end class field trips, the three boys dressed in costume and off to their dress rehersal for their upcoming dance recital, and as I am headed out the door to bring my sister back home (from helping me herd my little ones around today - thank you Sis, you are a blessing to me) suddenly my world comes to an abrupt stop with one phone call..... it's my husband.... he sounds panicked .... he tells me that as they were all getting out of the jeep to go into the rehersal, Shane closed the jeep door ..... while Nicholas' hand was on the door frame ..... his hand got crushed in the door. I grabbed an icepack and headed out the door to assess my little guy's squashed appendage. The 4 minute drive seemed to take forever.
I found him sitting in the jeep sobbing with a ziplock baggie of ice on his hand. Three fingers were visibly injured and starting to swell. This would warrant a trip to the emergency room for sure.
We got in right away and got xrays taken care of. They placed us in a room, gave Nicholas more ice for his hand and some pain medication and there we waited..... and waited .... and waited ...... and while we waited we played doctor with masks and gloves we found in the room. We made stick men out of tongue depressors and played hide-and-seek with them. We blew up surgical gloves and drew faces on them and made them into turkeys and chickens and bounced them back and forth to each other. Daddy came in and played around with the overhead light pretending to interrogate Nicholas while he lay on the bed giggling. Daddy went back home to bathe the rest of the little ones and get them off to bed. Nicholas and I were just about to cast his foot - just for something to do, when the doctor finally came in (4.5 hours later) and checked him over. It appears that one of the three fingers might be fractured, so they drained his fingers to reduce some of the swelling and wrapped and taped his fingers together and sent us on our way. We should have at least gotten a free bedpan for our time. Nicholas was happy to be out of there but not so thrilled when I told him that "yes he did have to go to school tomorrow." His only consolation was the fact that the bandages were so noticable..... he would be able to "show it off" easily. How could you not notice a hand wrapped up looking like it belonged to a ninja turtle (that's what he said it looked like before I sent him off to school the next day.)
Speaking of "being noticable" ....
The Teenager and I were on our way home from shopping one night this week when I noticed the hair salon was still open. I wanted to get a hair cut so I called home to make sure things were okay with my Hubby and kids and to check and see if I had time to get my hair done. He said "Make sure they take enough off." What he meant (in Dutch) was "make sure they take enough off to be worth the $$$ it was going to cost." Hahaha. I figured since the Teenager was graduating next week she should get her hair cut while we were there. So we both settled in for a shampoo, cut & style. By the time we were done we both looked and felt great. Time to go home and show off our new do's to Daddy. When I walked in the door he looked me over and said my "hair looked great" ..... then told the Teenager it was time to get ready for bed. He never even realized she had just had her hair done as well! She looked at me wide eyed and I gave her that look that means "be quiet - don't say a word." I met up with her in the kitchen and reminded her that "men are like that sometimes, they don't always notice the obvious." I told her to keep quiet about it and see how long it takes him to realize she got her hair cut too. Well... that was three days ago and he hasn't even noticed. Grandma came in lastnight sporting a new do and he noticed that right away. Papa looked at the Teenager with a grin ... he KNEW she was waiting for her Daddy to notice her haircut :) So as my dear Hubby is reading this blog ..... please take a good hard look at your daughter tonight and compliment her on her new hair cut...... she's been waiting for you to notice :)
We FOUND a DOG on Grand Avenue in Chatham, in  the parking lot in front of Manna video and convenience Store on May 31, 2010. If you recognize this dog or know of someone who has lost a dog like him, please contact us to claim your pup. He is quiet, clean, non shedding and house trained and missing his previous owners. Thanks!
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Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:
* Little Susan followed me into the washroom one morning. "Mommy, why is your bum so big?" she asked with wide eyed innocence. "I don't know baby," I replied, "I think it's an allergic reaction to chocolate."
* Little Susan was trying to sneak up on a butterfly. "You have to stand on you TEE PEE TOES" she said. This is especially funny because she is native :)
*After school one day my brother James said, "Dad, Can you talk like someone from British Columbia .... like with a british accent?" Hahahahaha
* Little Susan came out dressed as a princess. "Wow, that's a beautiful crown you have there Susan" I said. "It's holding my BRAINS (bangs) up." She said matter of factly.
* The Baby was playing in the baby pool on the back porch. I removed her diaper because it was so full of water. "So cute! What a fat bum." my sister teased. "Looks just like my wife's butt" says my Hubby ..... Oh boy, are you in trouble man.
* After dinner I fed the Baby a yogurt. "Can I have a yogurt too Mommy." inquired Little Susan. "No honey, the Baby didn't eat as much as you - she's a baby." I reasoned. "Mommy, I'm just yiddow too." replied Susan.
* As Shane was coming off a time out he loudly announced "I'm NOT going to have kids! They'll just run around and break stuff in my house and not listen!" He quickly confided that He wants a Hummer instead :)

Avon Campaign 16 has begun. Check out the curent online brochures and let me know if there's anything I can get for you. The next order will be placed on Tuesday June 22nd. See "My Avon Business" page for the complete listing of current online brochures available.

Have an incredibly blessed week!

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