Monday, May 17, 2010

"Mommy, Daniel did something inappropriate at school today!"

The bedroom curtains were closed and a hint of sunlight was just peeking in. We were snuggled together under the blankets, our minds still fuzzy from a sound night's sleep. We gazed into eachother's eyes and spoke without saying a word. Then he broke the silence, "Happy Anniversary Honey" he whispered as he kissed me..... his kisses still make me weak in the knees.... even after seventeen years.
And then ....... the bedroom door flew open and a herd of giggling children invaded our space. "Happy Anniversary Mommy & Daddy" they said as they bounced on the bed and shoved eachother out of the way trying to get the "best spot" on top of the pillows. My husband drew closer to me and with a hint of sarcasm in his voice said, "Hey Babe, I have an idea, let's have seven kids!" Then he rolled over and pulled the covers over his head. So much for romance....... Hahahaha. One thing we lack in our home (besides closets) is privacy.
Our day was long and uneventful. My hubby went to the office to work on his sermon for the next day - like I said, lack of privacy...... it's quieter there and he can think without interruption..... Hmmmm, where can I get an office like that? He called me in the afternoon and asked what I was up to? "Oh nothing, just looking over our marriage certificate......." I said. "What? Really?" he asked. So I said "Yes, I was just looking for the expiry date.... but I can't seem to find one." :) Hahahaha, I don't think he was impressed.
For dinner that night we went to our favourite restaurant, Rossini's. We traditionally eat here every anniversary (that's "our table" in the picture.... the one on the left in the corner) .... maybe because it's the ambiance, maybe it's the staff, maybe it's the guy in the corner playing the classic guitar.... dimmed lights, candles on the tables, a dozen pieces of silverware at each place setting......this is a "kid-free zone", you won't hear a baby crying or overhear an embarrased mother scolding her child under her breath, no kicking under the table, no fighting over who has more crayons, no warning about blowing bubbles in the milk through the straw, no wiping up spills or squirting ketchup on fries or wondering where Latoya got that bubble gum from? No kiddlings to be seen. An incredible adult-only dining experience ...... Gosh is it ever quiet in here. I was a little taken aback when we got to our table and there were no flowers??? He ALWAYS has a dozen longstem yellow roses waiting on the table for me...... the look on his face told me he did not forget - he was wondering where they were as well. After we were seated one of the ladies delivered my flowers .... Yes, I AM spoiled (but I'm worth it *wink) We exchanged cards and made small talk over our bruchetta (the BEST ever). I mentioned that seventeen years ago at that very moment, we were enjoying our reception.... "Oh yes, at the Blue Bonnet" he added. We reminisced for a bit remembering the highlights of that celebration...... then I asked a loaded question "Thinking back over the past seventeen years, after all we've been through, knowing what you know now.... would you do it all over again?" As the depth of that question sank in and we both stared at eachother ... remembering.... seventeen years of history. If we were superficial people we might have embraced passionately and said something like "Of course my darling, you know I would endure anything for you!" then the scene would fade and the credits would roll..... but we're not like that. We're "real" and only an honest answer will satisfy THAT kind of question. There's alot of history there. The good times were very good, and the bad times were very bad, what a roller coaster it has been. From infertility and adoption to losing children and all the other little private hells that no one else will ever know about ...... If God took me by the hand and said look what I have in store for you..... BUT look what you're going to encounter along the way ....... *sigh* Would I CHOOSE to experience it all over again? That's a good question :) Sitting at that table in the corner, we both agreed that we're so thankful that God doesn't always show us what's ahead.... sometimes he just keeps us guessing. If we knew what we might have to endure, it might scare us away from ever taking the chance..... Happy Anniversary Babe, there is no one else I'd rather have shared these past seventeen years with......and I look forward to many more adventurous years with you ~  I love you :)
"Mphyyyyyy, Mphyyyyyy," There it is AGAIN! That noise I keep hearing..... What IS that? "Mphyyyyyy, Mphyyyyyyyy!" Then late one night I got it! I KNEW what the haunting sound was...... I knew it was familiar - but in a "different" sort of way. It was the cry of the bunnies......calling me from the crisper drawer in the fridge. And I thought they'd left me alone and stopped torturing me but NO ...... they were there all along .....  I just couldn't hear them.......... cause they had no heads. They are a mangled mess of body parts begging for escape from their coffin-like crisper......they know their fate.... and they intend to go out fighting. The plan: for every ounce of chocolate bunny an unsuspecting person eats, one pound of fat crops up on his or her backside. Sneaky aren't they? Do the math people...... a one pound bunny is sixteen ounces ..... that is  sixteen potential pounds on your caboose .... per bunny! Amazing ... they really do mulitply! And as I sit here and finish up this weeks blog entry.... I am munching on a bunny butt - I need help - I know it - I'm not proud.
Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:
* I got in the way while the boys were doing the dishes. Nicholas bumped into my backside and said in surprise "You're bouncy Mom!" (Darn you bunnies!)
*Something exciting caught her eye, Little Susan shrieked "Mom, Mom! Look (pointing to the window at the side of the house) there's a FUR BEETER on the window (bird feeder).
*Latoya had been watching TV in the livingroom. She came into our room with a strange look on her face and exclaimed "Mommy, my leg is doing this....." (and she puckered and un puckered her lips a few times) - I understood her to mean that her leg had fallen asleep and she was now feeling that pins and needles sensation.
*Our friends the Reltub's were visiting at our place. All the kids were playing quietly upstairs when Hannah announced that Shane (7 years old at the time) had "kissed her on the tongue when they were upstairs and now they are boyfriend and girlfriend." She and Nicholas used to talk about getting married when they grew up but Hannah says "they have now broken up and she likes Shane now."
*Nicholas helped me take all the Christmas "Orbits" off the tree this year. (ornaments) His favourite "Orbit" was the horseshoe one...."It was from the horse "of" right Mom?" (hoof)
*Nicholas:"Mommy, Daniel did something inappropriate at school today."
 Mommy: "Oh? What did he do?" (Daniel's eyes get wide and he squirms in his seat)
Nicholas: "Daniel made a snowman and he put boomies on it."
               (I look at Daniel with eyebrows raised.)
Daniel: "It was a girl."
            (I suggested that next time he make long hair for it or put make up on it to distinguish it from the boy snowmen.)

   I just wanted to remind you that the next Avon order will be placed on Tuesday May 25th. If you need anything - you know how to reach me :)
Have an incredibly blessed week!


  1. Happy anniversary and your kids are hysterical!! You are a blessed family and a blessing.

  2. Thanks Barb :) It's my source of therapy! LOL

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