Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Is that a rockweiler chicken?"

My summer began with a crash...literally. It began as a perfect Sunday afternoon. Family, friends, and fun in the sun. We barbequed and spent time swimming. As the day drew to a close I thought a "hay wagon ride" would be a great grand finale to our day. So I hopped on the ATV and hooked up the trailer and threw in a couple bales of hay to make the ride more comfortable. I loaded up all the nieces and nephews and my own kiddlings of course and off we went..... zipping around the yard, in and out of trees, around the chicken house, behind the barn, down the driveway and onto the road, back toward the house again. Children excitedly screaming as we drove round and round the clothes line poles and along side the pool, then suddenly there was a screeching, squealing, and cracking sort of sound..... and then silence as the ATV came to a quick stop. "What the heck was that?" I thought out loud as the trailer full of children began to gasp and point and talk amongst eachother in hushed tones. I saw the look of horror on everyone's faces so I slowly turned my head toward the apparently offensive sight. "OH MY GOSH!" I squealed. Yup, I crashed into the pool! Actually it wasn't the ATV that hit the pool but the trailer. All the adults came running to assess the damage. The kiddlings all bailed out and ran away to hide. "I didn't do it!", "Me neither." hollered a few of them. "Mom did it.... I saw her." shouted a little one. "Daddy's gonna be maaaaaad." someone warned as he ran out of sight. I was thankful that no one was hurt, and very surprised that the pool wall didn't collapse causing the yard to flood (sweeping those lippy little kids away with the pool noodles and kick boards). But most of all I was thankful that my husband wasn't home to see the mess I'd made. Fortunately he was out at the moment. "Hmmm, maybe I can do something to fix this situation before he gets home...." I thought to myself. My handy dandy Father was visiting and he set out to work immediately, wedging a 2X4 under the edge of the pool to brace it since of course I knocked the support leg right out of there. I unloaded the trailer and put it away (no, not hiding the evidence, just cleaning up .... you can't hide a damaged swimming pool.) just in time to see my husband's jeep pull up the laneway. "He's home, he's home! Hurry Dad, work faster!" shouted my sister from the porch. "I'm outta here!" chuckled my brother-in-law as he slid his chair back to get up from the table and quickly ducked indoors along with my step-mother. In my time of need everyone scattered, preferring to hide indoors and peer out the windows to watch the drama unfold...... everyone except my dad, who was busily turning the screw driver at record speed, trying to keep all the pool parts together and not lose the screws in the grass as the daylight was fading. Besides, he couldn't run away fast enough to hide from what was about to occur.
I quickly ran to greet my husband at the jeep. "Hi Babe, how was your meeting?" I inquired lovingly. "Good, pretty productive..." he replied as he tried to get out of the jeep. "Excuse me..." he said as he tried to squeeze past me. "WAIT!" I said a little to loudly..... "Stay here" I added. as I hugged him and sat him back down in the jeep. "What are you doing? What's going on?" he suspiciously eyed me. "Nothing hon, I just missed you." I said non chalantly. "Where is everyone?" he asked. "Oh they ran.. um, I mean, went into the house" I stammered. "Can you move please I need to get out of the jeep." he pleaded with me, clearly annoyed now. "Wait! I just wanted to talk to you about something" I said coyly. "What is it? I really would like to get out of the jeep - I'm tired and I need a coffee" he responded "Now, don't get upset...." I began. "What?!? Let me out of the jeep, What happened?" he said excitedly. "Honey, please.... I had a bit of an accident, just a tiny one really, well I uh, I was driving the kids around, giving them a hayride and I kindofhitthepoolwiththeATV." as the words gushed out I squinted my eyes and dared not to look at the expression of shock I assumed was on his face. I peeked up at him. Yup, there was that expression. He immediately hopped out of the jeep and tried to get around me to go see the "scene of the accident" for himself - but I blocked him. "Move." he said sternly. "Wait! I pleaded, I want to tell you...." Around me he went. I just wasn't quick enough. I raced after him to the "scene" and waited anxiously with my ears covered. (incase he yelled cried or ?) He and my dad looked at eachother and then at the side of the pool and then at me. "Are you okay? Was anyone hurt?" he asked. "No, just the pool." I confessed as I hung my head in embarrassment. "Well it's not as bad as I expected... I imagined much worse when you told me." he said as he surveyed the damage, shook his head and walked toward the house. The out of the woodwork came the kiddlings. "Daddy, daddy, Mommy ran over the pool with your ATV." tattled one of the kiddlings. "Ya, she crashed us into the pool." tattled another. "I thought we were gonna die!" confessed one drama queen. Well apparently it's all fun and games until someone crashes into the pool with the ATV :) And that's how our summer began.......

 Here's a few funnies from Our House to Yours

* While shopping at Walmart Latoya shrieked "MOM! Can I get a new baby suit (bathing suit)? I want one like that - a zucchini!(pointing to the bikinis on the rack)

* We arrived home from a shopping trip. Little Susan excitedly ran to Daddy to tell him the news. "Daddy, we saw a tail with eyes and it can make stinky stuff....." (road kill skunk)

* The Baby stood in her doorway wearing nothing but a smile. "Where's your clothes?" Grandma Windsor asked her. Little Susan piped up "Ya, put them on so no one can see you "make it" (naked)

* While preparing supper one night, Little Susan asked Grandma Windsor if she could help. "Can I sharpen the cheese for you?" (grate the cheese) she offered innocently.

* While out in the yard playing, Shane asked Dad.... "What kind of bird is that Daddy?" "That's a barn swallow" daddy replied. "Do they swallow barns?" Shane asked (eyes wide in amazement.)

* Nicholas approached his dad in a serious mood. "Dad, I'm ready to go turkey hunting with you now - " he began. "I can sit very still ..... I was sitting so still on the porch and a spider came down and built a spider web on my face cause I was sitting so still."

* My little brother James and I were sitting on the picnic table out back when one of my barred rock hens strutted by. "Is that a rockweiler chicken?" he asked in all seriousness. (rotweiler - like the dog)

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  1. I love you my little Kamikazi atv rider! the blog is great as always!
    Love the hubby!

  2. Just to set the record straight, I'm the step-mother and I did not duck indoors, I hid in the garage.