Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Bless this Bird as use to our Bodies....."

A young mourning dove we had been caring for died in the middle of the night. The kiddlings weren't too upset about it as they believed it went to Jesus so He could care for it. They all wanted to examine the body of course and then decided we needed to have a funeral, cause isn't that what you do with dead bodies? Shane, being the oldest and wanting to follow in his daddy's footsteps, wants to become a Pastor when he grows up. He was all to eager to perform the funeral when I asked for a volunteer. We all gathered around a hole in the backyard that my hubby had dug for us and Shane began. "Let's bow our heads ..... Lord we thank you for this bird, he is a good bird, we thank you for him. Please bless this bird as use to our bodies, in Jesus name, Amen."  The teenager looked at me with wide eyes, obviously trying to stiffle laughter, the husband peeked up at me with a sly grin on his face and I bow my head lower trying not to give away the smile that spread across my face. He'll make a fine Pastor some day I thought.
Speaking of dead birds.... I wanted to congratulate my Hubby on a successful Turkey Hunt this week. He shot a huge Tom. Looks delicious doesn't he? Well, he will on Sunday at dinner time when we hold his funeral :) Maybe we'll let Shane pray the blessing.  Earlier in the week my Hubby had taken Shane out for a drive to scout out possible hunting locations. Shane came home pretty excited and told me all about seeing a big "guy turkey" who was walking around with his tail up in the air all fanned out showing off his feathers because was chasing after a "girl turkey" he liked. He said the guy turkey was trying to impress the "chick" to get her to like him. Hahahaha. I'm sure I'll be able to use this story one day when we start talking about "boys & girls" and dating :)  Speaking of dating...... I went on the "Real Man's Ideal Date" this week. My Hubby took me out to a Fundraiser/Dinner Event for Ducks Unlimited the other night. It was a very casual affair. A large room filled with camouflage wearing hunters and their wives. All the men looked the same - typical hunters. Their wives on the other hand were as varied as the game these men hunt. Some were well groomed, well dressed business ladies, some wore tank tops and spandex leggins and too much makeup. There were tired looking house wives, moody middle aged mommies, and fresh young girlfriends. As I scanned the crowd through out the night I wondered where I fit in with these ladies..... these hunter's wives. I used to be able to drink any man under the table like the long haired brunette surrounded by brown beer bottles, and I used to have a vocabulary that could shame a trucker, like the grey haired woman at the next table (I wonder if she scolds her grand children for using potty mouth language?) I use to be loud and outgoing, a true attention seeker, like the young girl serving food, wearing clothing two sizes too small for her perfect Barbie doll figure. I "used to" be and want alot of of things.... but at that moment in that crowded room with the smell of beer and fried perch in the air, what I really would have preferred was a quiet sunrise in a dew covered duck blind cuddled up next to My Hunter waiting with quiet anticipation as the mallards set their wings and make their decent toward the water...... (wait for it, it's all in the timing) and for the finale..... the ear splitting bang of the shotgun, the scent of gun powder in the sweet morning air and the familiar "click-click" as you chamber another round while the spent shell is ejected and falls to the ground. I "used to" be a hunter ....... now I'm the one with her hand up the backside of  a turkey making sure it's clean and fit for consumption. Good golly it never ceases to amaze me how "different" a bird looks when it's been plucked clean with the head removed. I cleaned the turkey on the back porch and brought it into the house to cool it and wash it, Little Susan had been watching cartoons and looked mortified as I carried the carcass through the patio doors. She said breathlessly, almost in a whisper....  "Mommy, what IS that?" Hahahahaha. All Latoya said was "Mmmmmm" and the Baby squealed "deer!"

A thought occured to me this morning as I zipped past my beautiful roses, that my darling Hubby brought me this week, that I often times see myself like that shriveled up yellow rose wilting in the midst of a vibrant bouquet of red blooms. A "used to be" who sometimes forgets how to live in the present.... not just "survive" or "get by" but really live ....  an abundant kind of life. As I drained the vase and refilled it with fresh cool water I knew - the secret to avoid becoming stagnant and withered is to change your water often! So perhaps I'll try a few new things, explore new ideas, attempt a new hobby or two.... at the very least it will enrich me with more adventures to share in my blog each week .....  well with seven little blessings running around here it's not like I'd ever really run out of things to write about anyway.    
Here are a few funnies from our house to yours:
*We watched a video with the older children for our Family Movie Night.  Daniel, who can be hyper-sensitive and emotional sat wide eyed throughout most of the movie. At the most intense parts he would look at us, wipe his hands on his pants and shake his head. We asked what was wrong and he replied, "my hands are wet, they keep getting wet." The poor little guy was so nervous and anxious over the movie that he had sweaty palms!
*The Baby has learned a new word, "Deer." Since Daddy brought home his "Trophy Buck Mount" (not to be confused with a "Thingy" ... which no self respecting wife would ever dare to call her Hubby's most prized trophy.) the Baby points to the deer head and says "deer." Daddy thinks the Baby is sooooo smart. He says "Baby, where's Daddy's deer?" and she turns around and points to the mount and says "deer" in her sweet little innocent voice. And when the helium balloon floats into the livingroom, the Baby points to the balloon and says "deer", and when the ceiling fan turns on and goes around and around the Baby says "deer", and when you ask her where'e Daddy? The Baby looks around and points to the mount and says "deer." You get the picture. So we taught her a new word..... TURKEY. Now everyone's either a "turkey" or a "deer."
*Sitting at the table yesterday Daniel asked, "What is it again when you're sick and you have spots on you? Oh ya.... POPSICLES, that's it." (chicken pox)
*Little Susan came to me and said in that sing song tattle tale voice "Mommy, Daddy is outside with NOT his shoes on." (she was telling on him.)
*Daddy: "I am going turkey hunting."
 Little Susan: Don't go hunting with a turkey Daddy!"
*Aunt Ree giggled as she recounted her morning conversation with Uncle Owl..... She wondered why the street cleaner was cleaning her road. Why in the world would a street cleaner be cleaning a gravel/dirt road?!?! Uncle Owl looked at her with love in his eyes and reminded her that they lived on a paved road - not a gravel road. (Hahahaha. Do you get lost much Aunt Ree?)
*Little Susan and Latoya were playing dolls in their bedroom. They looked out their window and saw Daddy take the "Pixie" (see previous entry about the Pixie - April 12/10) off the license plate of his jeep and attach it to the van. They watched with fascination from their bedroom window and when he was done they excitedly exclaimed, "Daddy likes dollies too!"
*Our Black & Tan Coonhound "Babe" was sleeping then startled and began baying and making a fuss over some noise (unheard by us). Nicholas exclaimed,"Wow, she's so sensitive!"


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Have an abundantly blessed week!

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